Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Flash Report! The Weary Traveler at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago 12/19 and 12/20/14

Doc here, a man who some say has an unnatural appreciation of produce, with a first time Flash Report from new contributor The Weary Traveler. 

TWT hit 15th Ave. Adult Theater this past Friday and Saturday evenings, and has filed this report.

If you read Meathead's report from Sunday, he broke down all the crazy action. The Weary Traveler's first visits to 15th Ave. were this past weekend, so his timing could not have been better. 

Please welcome to The Journal, The Weary Traveler...


I've been in Chicago on business for the better part of a month, my first time here. I've been to the casino, a Bears game (my condolences), and sampled a lot of the food this fine city has to offer.
15th Ave. Adult Theater
Historically, I've been more of a massage parlor guy. A good rub and tug was my release after a hard week of work. That is, until I stumbled across your blog and decided to check out this 15th Ave place. Now, I've never been to an adult theater. I'm a young professional with a moderately public job so I've been leery about visiting the types of establishments where I could potentially be recognized.

I went to 15th Ave on Friday night on a whim...

What the Hell,  I'd do it for the experience. What I found when I got there was the most glorious thing a man could ask for. There was a young couple sharing in the exhibition room. Fully sharing. I thought, this must be an anomaly, this can't happen all the time, I must have picked the right night! Well, immediately after that encounter (remember, I thought I had just hit the jackpot) I went back to my hotel and retired, satisfied. I didn't check out the spa on my first trip, remember, I'm a beginner.

The next day I droned around the city by myself Xmas shopping, gift for the wife, gift for the gumar, gifts for the family... after a while of this I checked my GPS, to my delight I found I was within reasonable driving distance to 15th Ave. 

Again, with a "what the Hell" gesture, I set the GPS and off I went. Friday night was great, but Saturday night made me feel like I had just captured a unicorn. Meathead's post was amazingly accurate and I don't think I need to repeat it. Right then I knew, whenever business brings me this way, at some point, I will be at 15th Ave.

So, I am spoiled. I know it. My first trip to a place like this and it was the best in the country?!? I don't think I'll be seeking anything like this out while I'm at home or anywhere else for that matter. I have a feeling it simply won't live up to what I've already experienced. I'll let 15th Ave. be a little secret between me and the city of Chicago........ 

Wait, what? JP's Slut Toy is going to be at 15th Ave. in an hour? Sorry Doc,  I have to run.

Weary Traveler


Doc here again... Many thanks to The Weary Traveler for a solid first time report. Keep the cards and letters coming, sir.  Well done.