Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Field Report! The Captain on Erotic Zone in Hartford, CT

Doc here, a man who some say led the Sicilian navy into battle against an overwhelming Persian armada, only to find out at the last second Sicily didn't have a navy, with a Field Report from that crusty old sea dog himself, The Captain.

Cappy (a man who puts the "O" in Ovaltine) visited Erotic World in Hartford, CT, flexed his senior reporter muscles, and filed this report. 

Take it away, Cappy!


Ahoy Doc!,

It's been long while but I found myself making port in Hartford CT again. Our trusty engine room Chief Jack Tupp began his work on the thing-a-ma-bobby and I headed into town looking for a fight - what else do sailors do in port? Hint: It starts with an "f" too!

I decided to visit the Erotic Zone, 35 West Service Rd, Hartford CT as they had done some remodeling according to scuttlebutt on board. They made 2 VERY small mini theaters at the end of the rows of booths. Mini isn't a good word to describe them - they are smaller than tiny. Both "theater" areas are the width of 3-4 booths and have a two person leather love seat to view a 60+ inch TV screen. It's very bright and the peanut gallery is literally standing 2 feet behind you if you are on the couch. 

I don't consider this layout to be couples friendly at all, as there is no place to get some privacy without going in to a booth. It's $10 to get - no in/out privileges - if you leave you pay $10 to get through the turnstyle again. When you enter  you go down a long narrow hallway. It was very crowded with single men walking laps around the booth area, no couples present, it felt like a shark tank and the air was stale with sweat. Some of the booths have glory holes - I would only suggest this place to a very hardcore couple who would be looking for a high quantity (yes quantity not necessarily quality)  glory hole experience. 

The Captain


Doc here again... Many thanks to my good friend The Captain for another insightful report. Keep up the fine work, sir.