Friday, December 12, 2014

Field Report! Hobbeze Inc. in Lebanon, PA (w/PICS)

Doc here with a follow-up Field Report on the new Hobbeze Theater / ABS in Lebanon, PA (address in the dB).

As a result of a conversation I had with Hobbeze yesterday, they sent along a brief blub about the business, as well as some pics of the facility.  Thank you!

So here we go... More about Hobbeze!


Central PA’s Premier Adult Entertainment Venue featuring:
Exotic, Erotic, Intimate Live Dancers
Upscale, Private, Adult Film Lounge
Exclusive Sunbathing Deck
& Extensive Novelty Shop

The adult movie theater features comfortable sofas, chairs, subdued lighting, and intimate surroundings allow you to relax and enjoy the best in today’s adult entertainment. There are three large flat screen TVs for your viewing pleasure. Step into this private theater and you’ll never want to leave!!!

Pics of Hobbeze