Thursday, May 25, 2017

Flash Report! A Sunday Special at Berlin News Agency in NJ by Anaconda on 5/21/17

Doc here, 1996's Tiger Beat Dream Date for August, with a brand new Flash Report from one of my favorite adult emporiums: The Berlin News Agency in Berlin, NJ.  Reporting is senior Journal scribe Anaconda.

On top of the great report, there are details on a new weekend promo BNA is running that sounds pretty awesome.

Here we go...


Hey Doc! 

Your old pal Anaconda again with a new report, this time from Berlin News Agency (BNA) in Berlin, NJ. 

So, after what seemed like an unbreakable cold spell, things seem to be heating up for this field reporter. My time in Vegas was a blast as I have already reported to you and your readers. I only wish that work obligations were not so heavy that I could have made a return trip to Adult World, or checked out one of the other sinful spots in Sin City. Regardless, I knew I had something else potentially in store upon my return. 

On this particular trip, I was flying round trip from NYC, thus there was a driving leg of my trip as well. While NYC airports aren't necessarily right next door to southern Jersey, it's close enough that I wasn't going to pass up the chance to hit one of the top spots and roll the dice on catching some action. BNA does communicate the presence of couples and single gals in real time to those of us in the know, and from this we know that couples traffic can be heavy on any given day, at any given time, Sunday afternoon/evening not excluded. 
Berlin News Agency
Berlin, NJ
So, after landing on Sunday afternoon, I made a run for it!! Traffic was unusually heavy, so sadly I didn't arrive until about 6:30PM. I saw that 2 couples had arrived about an hour earlier and was hoping that at least one of them might still be there. This was indeed the case, but they were just finishing up. When I walked in, it was clear something was up as there was a small crowd gathered around the far "cubicle" on the entry side (this makes sense to those of us that have been there and know the layout). 

A male half of the couple was sitting on the padded round table in the middle of the space, and his better half was laying on the table as well with her head buried in his lap giving him a healthy ball bath with her tongue while he stroked himself. There were about 1/2 a dozen guys observing, and only one actively engaged as he was rubbing her legs as she lay on the table pleasing her man, which progressed to finger fucking and g-spot rubbing which she was clearly enjoying. 

Being the newcomer to the crowd, and the seasoned theater vet, I let the couple and the crowd indicate the pace and waited for some indication that they wanted more involvement from the men. I watched this scene for about 5-10 minutes before the couple called it a day. Oh well, I just had a feeling that the action was not done for the day. 

Before I get to the REALLY good part, let me take one step back... upon entering the store, I chatted with Paul briefly and inquired as to why all the doors were wide open. Was it because its a bit warmer and trying to keep it cool? No, much better than that, it was a Sunday promotion they've been running: pay one price ($10) and get free access to all areas. This is great since normally it's $10 for the theater and $5 for the booth area and since they are both on bill feeders, every time you go out and want back in to either area, you need to pay again. 

I took full advantage and would wander a bit while nothing was happening to check it all out, and at times, to keep the blood flowing. Frankly, I wish they would just raise the admission to $15-20, and do this every single day. 

PSA: They are also celebrating Memorial Day weekend by running the same special ALL WEEKEND (Friday - Monday), so I hope this one makes it past the editor's desk quickly so we can share the knowledge. 

Ok, back on track...About 7:30 a Hispanic couple walks into the theater. I am in the main theater and I see them walk by towards the cubicles. I get up and peek out to see where they are going to settle. After a trip to the bathroom, they sit together in the far cubicle on the bathroom side. One man enters and sits across from them, but just watches the movie. Others gather around the cubicle wall, occasionally peeking over to see if any action is percolating. All they do is whisper a bit and leave after about 5 minutes. DAMN!! 

BUT....about 10 minutes later they return. They engage Paul in some conversation and questions about what happens, what it's like, when people come, etc, etc. So, it is clear to me they are first timers and just a bit of the jitters were there. Well, they apparently overcame that initial nervousness, and the desire to sample something new and naughty took over. 

They walked around to the most secluded booth they could find and shut the door and began to play. Luckily, or perhaps, by the couple's design, this booth had 2 glory holes. 1 guy went into the adjoining booth and through a series of manual and verbal inquiries discovered this young lady was ready for a cock through the hole. Another guy squeezed by him and hit the 2nd hole. I peeked over the door to the couples booth and could observe (generally, not a full on view) the guy fucking his lady from behind while she worked the cocks at the wall. I took my spot in line and waited. 

It was a bit frustrating since the guys at the holes said she was alternating, therefor not getting either of them to the finish line quickly. At first I thought they were being rude by holding out too long, but they were clearly also frustrated that they weren't getting there. Eventually, both guys finished. The guy in front of me stepped in and I decided to not join in hopes that things would actually move faster if she wasn't splitting her attention. I must have gotten something right because that guy finished pretty quickly and I stepped up and put my dick through and waited for her to begin. 

I didn't have to wait long as she coerced me from half mast to full with her hand before putting that warm wet mouth around me. This particular set-up was also very nice because there are eye-level peep-holes so you can peek through at what's going on. I obviously couldn't see her sucking my cock due to the angle, but I could see her man pumping away from behind her as I felt her wet lips and tongue work their magic. 

I had no reason to hold out and wanted to make sure as many guys got a turn as possible, so after only about 2-3 minutes, I signaled the end had come and blasted a 3 day load into the back of her throat. She gagged a little and pulled away, but finished milking the last drops out with her hand. I thanked her and excused myself to clean up as another guy stepped in to fill my spot. 

I hung around for a few minutes to see if I might get lucky with another couple coming in or the GH couple deciding to switch venues and try the theater. My Lizardo-sense told me the night had given me all there was to offer, it was 8:30pm and I still had a 3+ hour drive home. I left satisfied, and knowing that more adventures lay ahead in the very near future, of which, of course, reports will be coming across your desk in a timely manner.



Doc here again... Many thanks to Anaconda for another terrific Flash Report!  As a matter of fact, many more from Anaconda are in the pipline... Stay tuned!