Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Couple's Flash Report! J&S Hit The Oregon Theater in Portland on 1/24/15 (w/PICS!)

Doc here, a man who some say was once the body double for Robert DeNiro in "Jackie Brown", with a terrific first-time Couple's Flash Report from J&S in Portland. 

My good friend Brent in Portland was kind enough to connect J&S with The Good Doctor a couple of days ago in order to publish their first theater report to The Journal after it had been posted in Brent's awesome Yahoo Group. I reached out to J&S, and presto chango, we have their first report PLUS three pics of the lovely "S". 

So kids, please welcome J&S to this thing of ours...


Around a month after our first visit to an adult theater, we found our way back to the Oregon Theater for another visit. We arrived at the theater around 10:40 on a Saturday night. After a quick visit to the ladies room to freshen up after the couple hour drive, we made our way into the main theater.   I found it funny wondering what Jessica thought when she told my wife that they were packed with two couples, three ladies and a chick.   My wife said a chicken.  I knew plenty of guys would be choking the chicken watching the action. 

We stood just inside the doors, letting our eyes adjust then made our way down to the couples section. Inside there was a couple that had watched during our first visit and three ladies watching a man passionately eating a young lady out. She was squirming and bucking with pleasure.   We watched a couple minutes and then went to one of the couches at the front. We were a little nervous down front an around 20+ guys were lining the entire couple couples section. 

We kissed briefly at first then I went down on her to get her wet and ready for some fun. After a couple minutes I took her out to one of the couches outside the ropes. We were swarmed  by around ten or more guys asking if they could touch her. She looked overwhelmed and a nice gentlemen told us we might be more comfortable back in the couples section. 

We went to the couch beside the three ladies where the other lady had been getting eaten out when we arrived.  We sat down and I invited the gentlemen in to fuck her that told us we should probably go back into the couples section. He came in put on a condom and mounted her from behind. He fucked her for around ten minutes then pulled out and jacked himself off until he came moaning loudly. 

We then asked another guy to come in and he put a condom on and then asked her to get on her back. He put her legs over his shoulders and started to fuck her with long hard strokes. I pulled her breast out of her dress and started groping one while he sucked on the other. After a while he asked her to get on her knees and he pumped her until he came.  

The other couple was starting to play with each other and the three ladies were intently my wife getting fucked by multiple men she didn't know.  After that a very nice bald headed gentlemen brought us some bottled water for her to drink. 

I picked another guy who came in and fucked her in many positions again finishing with her doggy style.  

We almost asked the gentleman in that brought her water, but find it hard to tell who wants to play or not. 

We started watching the couple in the couch in front of us that had asked a guy in to fuck her.  They were fucking missionary at first, then doggy, then she stood up and bent over the couch in front of them. He was slapping her ass extremely hard and she was moaning loudly. He then moved her back to the couch and her husband started playing with her also. We watched for around 15 minutes and she was sucking her husband while the other guy was fucking her when we left at midnight 

When we got home her pussy was still soaking wet and looked wore out. We fucked and she had orgasm after orgasm.  

Who would have known when getting turned on reading penthouse letters 30 years ago that one day we would be living out those fantasies ourselves. 

Before we went to the Oregon Theater for the first time we were worried about not being able to control what happened.  It is nice to see that we are in total control of what happens during our visits. We feel it is so much safer and a controlled atmosphere then meeting someone in any other way.  Guys ask before they try something else and have stopped immediately when told no. What more could a couple want.  And she has a sparkle in her eye as she mentions "our next visit to the OT". 


Doc here again... Many thanks to J&S for a great first time report, and credit the assist on this piece to Brent in Portland. We are looking forward to your next reports and pics!