Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Flash Report! The Black Hat at Waverly Adult Bookstore in Waverly, VA on 1/23/15

Doc here, a man who some say was never a lineman for the county, with the return of senior reporter The Black Hat

TBH visited the Waverly Adult Bookstore in Waverly, VA this past Friday night, and drove one out of the park to deep center. He also notes some improvements and changes (for the good) at this location.

Here we go...



Wandered off of I-95 in Virginia this past Friday night to visit the Waverly Adult Bookstore in Waverly, Virginia (aka as "the country bookstore).  My last stop anywhere was a rare uneventful visit to Berlin News Agency in NJ back in December so I was particularly hopeful that something would develop that I could get into.

It’s a about a 45 minute drive off of 95, East of Petersburg, Virginia out Rt. 460.  The speed limit changes out there folks so watch your step.  I arrived, paid the $20 single fee (allows access to both theater and booths without feeding money), I immediately noticed that the store had been painted.  Wanting to get my bearings I ventured into the theater which is a small room with a large HD TV, maybe 70”. 

I noticed a new addition, two doors at the rear of the theater with windows and shades.  I asked a guy what that was about and he said they were the new private rooms ($5), with TVs and couches, said couples sometimes frequent and open the shade to be watched and sometimes invite in others.  Hmm.

I did a couple of laps and was resigning myself to an uneventful night when a  late 20’s couple entered.  Both attractive, he with a shaved head and she with curves in the right places and some very large tits.  They settled in on the couch and she began to make a few comments about the on screen talent to the laughter of all present.  The on camera talent was very vocal and very much over the top, we all made a few more jokes and I announced I was leaving to get a valium as the film was stressing me out.  Everyone laughed. 

I made my return and parked on the couch next to the young lady and began to observe and consider what might be possible.  She got up and left the theater to speak to the manager whom she asked to change the film.  After showing him her tits he did just that and returned and explained how she got the movie changed.  A guy replied that we wanted to see her tits too, so she willingly pulled them out for a bit and settled back onto the couch.

They began to get into it with him working her pussy with his hand.  This went on for about ten minutes when she repositioned facing forward on the couch rather sideways.  She was getting worked up and as I was sitting forward and watching, I leaned in and asked if they needed any help sucking those titties.  The answer was an emphatic yes.  I turned my black ball cap around and got to work.  After a few minutes I ran a hand down her thigh and got the signal from her man that it was ok to probe.  I began working her pussy and in no time discovered I was engaged with a squirter.  I’m 20 plus years into this thing of ours and this was a first for me, sure I had seen some squirting, but had never had a hand in it before (lol).  This gal was in heaven and came at least 3 times with heavy puddles.  I thoroughly enjoyed it and tapped out to take a breather.

After stretching my legs and freshening up, I returned to find her bent over blowing an older gentleman and a small gallery nearby with cocks at that ready.  I was rock hard and unzipped to join the gallery.  Old guy came and our gal then mounted her guy face to face and their fucking began.  Hard, loud and wet, so fucking hot.  A second guy moved in and she reached out and  grabbed his cock, I made a move in as well and she grabbed mine with her free hand.  The four of us were now in a rhythm as she was being fucked with such force that she was naturally jerking our cocks from the momentum of her partner’s thrusts.  They switched to reverse cowgirl and then to just plain dogie style, at which point she began sucking the other guys cock.  He came after a couple of minutes and I was up next.  I was not looking to make it last.  I was ready to bust and asked if I could cum on her massive tits.  The answer was yes and I unloaded and unloaded and unloaded.  I’m getting older, but if I remain chaste for a about a week I can really let it fly.  I got a few compliments on that load.  I said thank you, made my exit and headed South.  

You meet the nicest people in the country.   

So be cool and until next time, I remain The Black Hat.


Doc here again... many thanks to The Black Hat for another great report from the front lines of this thing of ours. Keep them coming, sir!