Monday, January 19, 2015

Box Score! The Winter Carnival Event at 15th Ave. Adult Theater on 1/17/15 in Chicago

Doc here with the Box Score on the HUGE Winter Carnival Event at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago this past Saturday evening, 1/17/15.

Well kids, the planets aligned perfectly Saturday evening, as the typically miserable mid-January weather was nowhere in sight, with 40 degrees and no rain. This meant easy travel to Chicago's western burbs and to the event. 

I am sure there will be reports on the way from the event (including one of my own), but in the meantime, just how busy and crazy was this event? Well, just a new record-setting evening for any event at 15th Ave!

Box Score - The Winter Carnival Event

Male/Female Couples:  85
Single Females:       10
T-Gurls:              10
Single Guys:          Dozens upon Dozens

Many thanks to everyone who attended the event!  It was a crazy night, and the reports will tell you just HOW crazy it really was inside The Party Room and theater. 

Lastly, to the members of SLS who made their first trip to 15th Ave. for the event, THANK YOU! The Good Doctor personally gave a ton of tours Saturday night to first-timers, and hopefully everyone had an incredible evening.