Thursday, January 22, 2015

Couple's Flash Report! The Amazing Gemini at The Paris Theatre and Mr. Peeps in Portland on 1/17/15

Doc here, a man who some say was never a Human Cannonball, even though a gentleman in the UK who was looked just like The Good Doctor was one, with a special Couple's Flash Report

My very good friend Gemini and her hubby J made a visit to not only  The Paris Theatre in Portland, OR, but to Mr. Peeps as well.  In this very hot report, find out what her mission was, who helped her on that mission, and what exactly happened in that parking lot afterwards...

So kids, sit down, relax, and grab yourself a Peach Fresca as you enjoy the word stylings of the very hot and very naughty Gemini.


After a very busy and stressful holiday season, my hubby and I were ready to go out and relax. We headed to one of our favorite dive bars and settled in for a drink and karaoke. 

A couple hours in, I became bored and restless. I turned to him and said, “You know what I’d like to do? I'd love to stop by the Paris and find one guy and give a blow job.” Being that it was Saturday night and he doesn’t like the typical large crowds there on the weekends, I thought he would object. But the next thing I knew, the tab was being paid and we were on our way. As he dropped me at the door to find parking, we agreed again…. One. One guy only. I walked in not knowing what to expect on a Saturday night. After a quick freshening up in the ladies room, I entered the theater to be immediately greeted by a familiar face – the Mechanic. He was standing in the corner of the Annex watching two couples in the Oasis. I joined him and took in the scene. 

 The crowd was much lighter than I’d expected, but that was probably better for me so I could scan for a potential gentleman. There were three younger guys in the front row taking turns to look behind them at any newcomers and potential action. Hmmm. I liked the look of them, but if I started with one right there on the Arena table, I knew I would end up with all three and break my promise.

The two couples were now starting to interact with each other, so I hopped up on the exam table near the Annex rail to enjoy being a voyeur for a change. One of the men undid his jeans and the woman began to caress and stroke him. He then got up to stand and face her while she sucked him as onlookers gathered at the rail to enjoy the show. The other couple took the queue and began to fondle themselves and each other.

At this point a man (I’ll call “M”) came through the door and slowly walked down the aisle with eyes like a deer in headlights. He stopped and asked me, “So what happens in here?” I smiled but didn’t know where to start. “Well many things can happen here, depending on the circumstances. Is this your first time in?” He explained that he had just moved to the country a couple weeks ago and had never experienced any place like this. I took it upon myself to play tour guide and pointed out all the areas inside the theater and the basic rules. The Mechanic added in to conversation as we tried to help our new guest feel comfortable.

My husband came in and joined us in the Annex and sat next to the Mechanic. M was looking a bit uncomfortable in the aisle, so I invited him to sit next to me in the Annex. As we continued our conversation, I took glances over my shoulder to watch the couples enjoying themselves. They finished up, and both left the theater.

M’s personality was a juxtaposition of curious shyness and gentlemanly confidence. It turned me on. I wondered if he would be ready to be my “one” on his first visit. The talk turned to the subject of breasts, and I knew I had my in. I stood in front of him unbuttoning my blouse and put his hand in my cleavage. I wasn’t sure if he was going to bolt from sensory overload, but I could tell by the change in his breathing that he was enjoying it. I made a bold move and pulled his head in. When his mouth and tongue reacted, I knew he would be ok.

I slinked down to my knees and ran my open mouth over his jeans along his thick, hard cock. He was at the point of no return.

The crowd started to gather behind him, so we took my husband’s suggestion and moved to the empty Oasis. I spread a sheet on the deep bench and as he sat down he explained that he doesn’t like to be watched. I offered to stop if he was uncomfortable, but he replied that he would just close his eyes and keep his head back.

I couldn’t wait to taste this beautiful man and would have loved to ravage him, but instead I took it gentle and slow…savoring each touch. We got his jeans off one leg and placed a pillow down for my knees. Finally. The tip of my tongue reached the tip of his cock and we both shuddered. I held on to his legs with both hands, letting my tongue explore what it could reach. I wrapped my left hand around his shaft and held it straight as I lowered my wet mouth around his head. My saliva dripped over him as I began to stroke and suck him slowly. I piled my long hair on top of my head and told him to hold it for me. My pace increased, and I licked my hand for extra wetness. He moaned as I continued the rhythm, slurping and gasping for air.

I could feel his body tense and I thought he would climax, but instead he stopped and asked if we could do more. But my husband and I had an agreement so I kept to that. I took the moment to re-lube his cock with my saliva, using my hand to run his throbbing head around my wet lips and then plunging him deep into my mouth. I steadied the pace until he exploded, sending his cum all over my tongue.

I took a drink of water and settled back as I tried to control my breathing. The adrenaline was firing through me and I could have kept going, but I was thankful for the “one” on a Saturday night.

We said our goodbyes and headed to the van. Jordan knew I wasn’t done….

As we climbed into the van, I prepared the floor between our seats with blankets for my knees. We circled around downtown Portland, looking for a man to flash my breasts to, or better yet, a guy in a car we could pace while I went down on Jordan.

We had no luck, and headed for Mr. Peeps. As we pulled into the parking lot, we parked between two empty cars. Jordan reclined his seat and I went to work getting my head into his lap. The guy from the car next to me walked up, but apparently did not notice us and drove away. Damn. I love to be watched. However another man pulled in quickly and as he got out of his new van, stopped at my window to observe.

He looked decent so Jordan told me to show him my breasts. I did and he was immediately ready for more, pulling out a large stiff cock. Jordan rolled down my window. I wasn’t expecting this. “Go ahead and touch him,” Jordan urged. I obediently responded, reaching my hand out the window and stroking him. I turned back to Jordan, not knowing what to do next. The man slid open his side door and beckoned me to join him. A stranger’s van? Really? But it looked showroom clean and Jordan promised to keep me safe. 

I climbed out of our van and into his as he slid his jeans to his ankles and asked me to suck his cock. I knew Jordan could see everything, so again I obediently responded. I love sucking cock, so it didn’t take long to get over the jitters. Within moments he began to climax. Pulling out of my mouth, he stroked his cock, spraying cum all over my breasts. He thanked me and I got back to my van.

I cleaned off and went back to enjoying my husband’s cock. The excitement of this stranger had his senses heightened and I was soon swallowing every drop of his offering.

Wow. This turned out to be a great night. But I knew I still wasn’t done. There is always tomorrow.


Doc here again... Many thanks to the amazing Gemini and her re-telling of her Saturday night at The Paris and the little dogging adventure at Mr. Peeps in Portland.   Trust me kids... If you ever have the good fortune to run into Gemini while in Portland, and you get picked from the crowd, be ready.  You will be in for a wild, wet ride!

More to come soon from Gemini...