Saturday, January 17, 2015

UPDATED 1/17/14 at 10:00am: TONIGHT!!! The Winter Carnival at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago on 1/17/15 at 8pm

UPDATED SATURDAY 1/17 @ 10am: Doc here...The big day has arrived, and the weather in Chicago could not be better. Mid-40's and sunny in mid January?  An outrage!

The stage is set kids... We have 79 confirms from alone, and it keeps growing by the hour. The games are prepped, the outfits the ladies will be wearing are hot and ready, and The Good Doctor is having a good hair day. 

First time guests: After you pay at the front counter at 15th Ave. Adult Theater, I will be happy to take you on a nickle tour of the facility and Party Room. 

I will also be signing people up for Mega-Twister and Spin the Bottle, and the games will start promptly at 9pm. And as stated in yesterday's update, the winner of the Mega-Twister contest will win a very cool prize with a $45 retail value.

Please remember that 15th Ave. Swag Bags will be given out to the first 40 male/female couples with their paid admission, starting at 8pm. Each bag has a $50 retail value of fun things for all your senses. 

Oh...Remember that 79 commits for the Winter Carnival from  It's up to 81 now. 

Please introduce yourselves to The Good Doctor this evening if I don't get a chance to first. As always, I love meeting readers and fans of The Journal. 

See you tonight!



UPDATED 1/16/15 at 10:30am: Doc here once again with an update on the big Winter Carnival at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago TOMORROW NIGHT starting at 8pm. 

The buzz is very high for the event...And the weather will be great (for January).  There is no excuse for missing Chicagoland's best value in a lifestyle event. For a fraction of the cost for other lifestyle parties, you get run of the house with your admission. Plus, let's not forget the 15th Ave. Swag Bags for the first 40 male/female couples in the door, starting at 8pm (with their paid admission). 

Now, let us discuss the games for Saturday night, shall we?

The games take place starting at 9pm, starting with...

Mega-Twister! On our super-sized Twister mat, ladies will match up against each other on all 4 corners. Last lady standing goes to the next round. The 1st place winner gets a very kinky prize valued at $45 courtesy of Bob at 15th Ave. 

Rules: The only article of clothing you are REQUIRED to take off is your shoes. The rest? Optional.  When you fall, you are ruled out.  Winner jumps to the next round.

Ladies, please sign-up with Doc  when you arrive if you want to play. The Good Doctor will start calling ladies to the Twister mat at 9pm, and MC the contest. 

Kinky Spin the Bottle!  A table will be set up with the game. 2-3 Couples at a time can play. Spin the 15th Ave. Bottle, and the person draws from the pile of Kinky Cards. Hilarity ensues.  This game will start after Mega-Twister wraps up. 

Thanks kids, and stay tuned for the last update tomorrow on The Winter Carnival at 15th Ave. Adult Theater.



Updated 1/15/15 AT 8:30AM: Doc here with the next update to the big Winter Carnival Party at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago in just two days, Saturday January 17th at 8pm.

The commits through SLS are very strong... As of this morning we have 68 commits from both couples and singles. And that is just the SLS universe! If you plan on attending, and are members of SLS, click on the "Attending" button off of the events calendar on the SLS website. Thanks!

Not to sound like a broken record, but couples, I encourage you to come early so you do not miss out on the 15th Ave. Swag Bags for the first 40 male/female couples in the door (with your paid admission). Each bag contains some very cool things for all your senses, and carries a $50 retail value. 



UPDATED 1/14/15 @ 1pm: Doc here with your countdown to the big Winter Carnival at 15th Ave. Adult Theater  in Chicago. We are 3 days away from the first big party in 2015, and it's shaping up to be a doozy!

On Monday evening, the Good Doctor, along with Bob & Natalie from 15th Ave. put together the very cool swag bags for the first 40 male/female couples in the door starting at 8pm on Saturday (with their paid admission). Here is the pic I Tweeted out as we finished the project:

Inside the swag bags are $50 retail worth of goodies for all your senses senses, including (among other things) a XXX DVD, and a FREE Couples Admission Coupon for your next non-event visit to 15th Ave. Adult Theater

The count down in on... Join us THIS SATURDAY, January 17th for the Winter Carnival at 15th Ave. Adult Theater, nestled in Chicago's western burbs. 


UPDATED 1/12/15 @ 12 Noon:  Doc here... We are 5 days away from the big Winter Carnival at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago. This evening, The Good Doctor along with two trusted members of the 15th Ave. Team will be assembling the awesome swag bags for the first 40 male/female couples (with their paid admission), starting at 8pm. And as usual, I will Tweet out a pic of them when we are finished. My Twitter handle is @LizardoJournal

Do not miss out on these amazing swag bags, which have a $50 retail value. In the swag bags you will find things for all your senses... and maybe even a XXX DVD. But only if you are one of the first 40 couples...



UPDATED 1/10/15 at 5pm:  Doc here...One week from tonight, we will take off our long johns and muffs, and the girls will put on their sexy white outfits for The Winter Carnival at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago's western burbs.  

The games are ready to go for the event! Supersized TWISTER and a special edition of 15th Ave. Adult Theater SPIN THE BOTTLE. Your humble narrator will be the host for these games, starting at 9pm in The Party Room.

Couples, make sure you get to the Winter Carnival early (like right at 8pm early), so you don't miss out on the very cool 15th Ave. Swag Bags.  The first 40 couples in the door (starting at 8pm) get one (with your paid admission).  

There will be more updates as we get closer to next Saturday night... Be sure to keep checking back. 



Doc here with the first update on the HUGE Winter Carnival Party at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago's western burbs. 

We are a little over 8 days away from the first big couples and singles party at 15th Ave. Adult Theater, and it is shaping up to be another big one!  This party's theme is a Winter Carnival, and for the first time we will be playing two different games between 9pm and 10pm. They are:

  • Supersized TWISTER! On our double sized game mat, a game of naked (or semi naked) Twister will take place in The Party Room. Your humble host, The Good Doctor will MC this event. 
  • A special 15th Ave. Adult Theater version of Spin the Bottle will also be played in the Party Room.  This won't be the usual version you played as a teenager...This one has some "twists" in the game play. 
SLS Members: Our last party saw 22 brand new couples from SLS attend the Winter Ball, and we'd love to see you on Saturday the 17th. The party is located in the calendar section of the SLS homepage under "The Winter Carnival", and if you plan on attending please click on the "I'm Attending" button.  I will also be giving tours to new attendees, starting at 8pm. Thanks!

Dress code: Girls - Sexy in white.  Guys: Dress to impress.

As always, The Good Doctor will be on hand to co-host the party & dispense questionable advice on the adult theater scene. Please remember your insurance cards. 

More updates as we get closer to the party a week from Saturday, January 17th at 8pm.