Monday, January 5, 2015

Couple's Flash Report! Cat's First Time at an Adult Theater: Buford Highway Twin Cinema in Atlanta Sunday 1/4/14

Doc here with a terrific first time report from a first time adult theater go-er, Cat

Cat and her escort for the afternoon hit The Buford Highway Cinema the afternoon of January 4th, 2015, and for her initial visit to an adult theater, it was a home run!

Please welcome to The Journal, first timer Cat!


Hi Doc! 

I'm 'Cat'. I had my first adult theater adventure today at the Buford Twin Cinema and thought you might like to hear about it from the female perspective. 

I went with someone who has been many times and knows the routine, so I felt very safe. We arrived and got in free, then the manager had to unlock the women's room door so I could change. I put on a very short black skirt, heels, and a tight white wifebeater. Entering the theater, I noticed about 6-8 men in the seats. It was Sunday afternoon, and I was hoping for a 'slow day' for my first time.

We headed down into the couples section and took our seats. My date immediately began rubbing my breasts and playing with my pussy. At this point we had been followed down front by at least six men who, for the most part, stayed out of the marked section. One guy in particular followed us right into that section and basically wagged his hard cock in my face. We ignored him until it was his turn.

I stood up and bent over the seats in front of us, legs spread. I reached back and spread my ass cheeks and pussy apart to show everyone and heard an appreciative murmur from the crowd. My date finger fucked me (he's particularly good at that) and I came hard twice.

My date turned me around and had me suck his cock for a while. He made sure to exclaim out loud how good I was with my mouth. He then had me sit up and he stood in front of me, fucking my face, while I reached back and took a cock in each hand. While I've always taken pride in my multitasking abilities, it turns out they don't extend to sex: I am better at focusing on one cock at a time.
Buford Highway Twin Cinema
Doraville, GA
After a few minutes of that, he had me turn around to face the back. I sucked off two of the men behind me, although only one of them came. The other one was very sweet and later got me a couple of cups of water when I started to get dehydrated. Stay hydrated, sluts!

We moved to the back. As I stood up to go back, one of the men told me I was very pretty, which is ALWAYS a nice thing to hear. That man followed us to the back and sat two seats to my left. Once again my date lifted my shirt and this time, other men were allowed to touch--and they did! Again, they were very appreciative. When I was facing the back, an older man tried twice to kiss me (NOT allowed) but he finally took the hint.

The man who brought me water got his dick sucked again, then another man who had been watching approached my date. His dick was already hard and of course, I was offered up to help. While sucking him, I was clearly instructed by my escort to swallow every drop and clean his cock and balls afterward. Which I did. Because I'm obedient and helpful that way. It didn't take look and when he was done, he thanked us both and kissed my forehead, which was a nice touch.

I was really ready to get fucked at this point, but we didn't have condoms with us. DAMNIT!! I decided that I was almost ready to go home, but the man next to us hadn't come yet. My date told him to come closer if he wanted his dick sucked, but the man seemed very shy. I spread my legs and told him he could touch me if he wanted. He enjoyed that and I informed him that I liked to take cock in ALL my holes. He fingered me for a while but still seemed very shy, so I asked him if he'd like to come on my tits. He seemed surprised but said yes, so I made sure my shirt was up and bent over. He finished jacking off all over me and thanked me effusively. I have the feeling he wasn't expecting anything like that when he woke up Sunday morning.

It had been an hour and I was ready to leave, so I went back to the ladies room, got changed, and walked out feeling amazing. My hands were shaking and now, six hours later, I'm still processing all the thoughts and emotions. I definitely think I will be going back!


Doc here again... What a great job job by Cat on this first time visit!  Thank you for a amazing report, and we will be patiently awaiting your next one!