Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Flash Report! Sadly, The Last Ever Report from the Buford Highway Twin Cinemas in July 2015

Doc here, a man who some say has visited the Quantum Realm more than one, with a terrific yet sad Flash Report from the late great Buford Highway Twin Cinemas. 

It was 10 days ago that the Buford Highway Twin Cinemas closed for good, after fighting the good fight for more than 35 years. Hopefully the owners will find a new home, but in the meantime, all we have are memories.  And this report from H. Houdini is likely to be the last report ever from the BHTC.

I used to enjoy this theater, having visited it back in 2007 and 2008 while in Atlanta for work. Two large auditoriums, couples friendly, and a very nice lobby area. Now all gone.

So kids, savor this report from Harry Houdini, as this is most likely the last one we will ever see about this classic adult theater.

Take it away, sir.


Hey Doc,

My travels last week took me to the great city of Atlanta. My Friday night was free so a visit to the Buford Highway Twin Cinemas was put on the itinerary. I arrived around 9 PM and not knowing what to expect I found a place to park where I could see the folks coming and going.

I had been there maybe 15 minutes when an Asian couple pulls in. Now, this is not something you usually see in this thing of ours so, I gave them a few minutes to get settled in and in I go. 

The Late, Great Buford Highway Twin Cinema
Atlanta/Doraville, GA
I pay the $15 admission and the clerk informs me that I can go outside and back in up to 3 times with the ticket and tells me about the "Couples Only" Section. I look in the first theater, only a couple of guys in it so onto theater two. 

I come in and see them about half way down outside the couple only area and sitting towards the end of the row. I take up my position 1 row in front and about 3 seat down so that I may get a good view should anything take place. After about ten minutes of them sitting like stones watching the movie I decided that 'nada was going to take place here and I would explore the area to get a better feel for the place. 

With my focus zeroed in on the Asian couple, I missed the couple that was back up towards the back row. I noticed now as I was walking by and noticed her making a bobble head motion in her mans lap. She has now attracted the attention of 4 or 5 other guys as well and they were slowly gathering around to watch the show. 

She was on the thick side and had DD tits that were being played with from a guy sitting behind her by the time I circled back around to join watching. Her legs spread wide she had her man now doing his bobble head imitation in her lap. She soon reaches a climax that let the rest of the theater know she was there so, it did not take long for damn near the whole theater to crowd into that area. With all of this crowding around, I decided to take my leave and go outside for a smoke, using up one of my reentries. 

As I am moving my way to the aisle, I see Asian Couple leaving as well, Her looking straight ahead and he watching the action in the seats as they walk by. I continue on outside into the brutal humid night towards my pick-up to get a smoke. As I am sitting there a car parks beside me about three or four spaces down and out comes two girls and a guy in their late 20's. Guy was heavy set with dark hair and a full beard. girl one was Blonde and what could be described as a smaller BBW, wearing cowboy boots with with a black sundress. Girl Two was brunette about 5'7" and had a healthy build with probably C Cups. The way they were acting, I felt like it was as if they were on a dare of some sort to go in so I decided to go down the street and grab a bite to eat. 

I was gone about 30 minutes and upon my return I noticed that the car with the threesome was still there. Using up my first of three reentries I head back into see what has become of the trio. As I entered from the left side of the theater I notice that in the back row is a crowd of men around 2 couples watching the ladies have fun. Being a little too crowded at the moment, I proceed down towards the trio sitting in the couples section. As I suspected they are watching the movie and making the usual newbie comments. However, Blondie is rubbing on the outside the crotch area of Bearded guys pants and C Cups is amusing herself by watching those guy's who had outlined the perimeter of couples area taking matters into their own hands. This goes on for another five minutes or so and then Bearded guy, In the middle of getting a good crotch rub, gets a text and immediately has to look at his phone( New Milleniers). 

I guess you can officially call me old because there is no text in the world going to make me look at my phone n the middle of something like that. Anyway, They compose themselves and depart up the aisle with C Cups looking at every guys lap on her way out. 

Buford Highway Twin Cinema
I meander back up to where the 2 couples were in the back row. The crowd has thinned a little and I watch as both wives start picking out their BBC Companions to take care of their needs. As I am thinking about giving up for the evening and going to another venue I have heard about, she walks in!

This Little Minx was on the arm of her hubby with bleach blonde hair, black pull over top and sweater showing some small but perky boobs, a read and black plaid pleated mini skirt that fell just below her ass and black stilettos that put her up to about 5' 10". They head straight for the Middle of the couples area trying to keep the single fellows at bay. They get themselves comfortable and then after a few minutes they begin the show. 

Little Minx is blowing on him while on her knees in the seat ass up for all to see. Then, as it happens more often than not some Douche Bag strolls right into the couples area to take up a seat directly behind her. Hubby politely but sternly let him know that he was in the wrong area and DB left. 

After a few more minutes of her on her knees in the seat he tells her that they are going to move up to the front row.. They get up and walk to the front, where he promptly takes a seat and kneels her in front of him. She promptly takes up where she left off and the crowd starts to gather. He has to tell a couple of the knuckle heads to back up but pretty much everyone gave them the needed space. 

I think out of the group, only myself and a mid thirties kid about 6'4" did not have our members in hand. He has her tie the sweater over her head as a blindfold then turns her around then sits her down on top of his cock. Hubby looks around and asks mid-thirties guy if he wants his dick sucked?  I thought MT's shorts had Velcro seams they came down so fast. He walked up to LM and rubs his dick across her lips. She immediately takes him into her mouth and starts blowing him in conjunction with her riding up and down on her man. It does not take MT long and he throws his head back unloading into his new found friend's mouth.  Hubby takes LM's blindfold off to reveal who she just had and turns her mouth's attention back to his cock. He looks around again and asks me if I brought a condom? 

Still amazed at this Minx's body all I could do was mutter yes and nod my head. He tells me to come on up and fuck her. I quickly dig the condom out of my pocket and am putting it on when he put  a squirt of lube they had brought onto her pussy and gets her ready for me. She turned back facing him and bent over to resume sucking him. I enter her from behind and I am here to tell you, that was one of the tightest pussies in my almost 50 years on this planet! It was so noteworthy that I told him so. 

I wanted to make this last so I slowly and rhythmically pumped in and out of her. I could tell she was enjoying it as she was pushing back into me whenever I got all the way in. She started moaning and pushing back harder every stroke and then her knees buckled as she climaxed. Hubby started pumping his dick down her throat to the point that she started gagging. Every time she gagged, her pussy got tighter than I could take and I was filling the reservoir of the condom buried as deep as I could get it in. As I was getting myself back together Hubby had sat her back on top of him and was letting go of his load as I finished. 

Doc, I know this is getting long so I will just finish up with, " I Love Atlanta!" 

H. Houdini


Doc here again... I am glad that this last report about the Buford Highway Twin Cinema was filled with action and fun, as it's a great way to say good-bye to an old friend.  And licky for us, H. Houdini was there reporting for us.

Bravo, sir!