Monday, July 27, 2015

Flash Report! H. Houdini at Fritz the Cat in Dallas Pike, WV

Doc here, a man who some say was pulled over by a West Virginia State Trooper for having good dental work, with a dynamite Flash Report from senior Journal scribe, H. Houdini.

H. hit one of the most elusive adult theaters in the country, Fritz the Cat in Dallas Pike, WV. Reports are very few and far between on this place, so getting one from none other a trained magician was a treat.

So sit back and enjoy the song stylings of H. Houdini and his visit to Fritz the Cat.



As I stated in my previous email, I have recalled the 1st Marine Division from the search and rescue mission dubbed operation "Where's Lizardo?" and am back on the road working and looking for field reports for you.

Monday this week took me through the "Wild and Wooly" State of West "BY GOD" Virginia. Although it was early afternoon, what trip across I70 would be complete without a stop off at the Dallas Pike Exit and Fritz the Cat Bookstore(?) if nothing more than a reconnoiter mission for the database. 

Fritz the Cat
Dallas Pike, WV
First off, you really can't call it much of a bookstore anymore. It is more of a head shop with an adult theater and video booths attached to it.  

I didn't expect much and ended up just hanging out talking to the clerk and sitting in my pick-up for a couple of hours. The store was clean and tidy compared to the last time I had darkened their doors some 10 years ago or more.  

I jump into the pick-up and getting my seat belt on when wouldn't you know, a couple pulls into the spot next to me! Music thumping, she's wearing a short sundress with no bra and as they exit the car she looks at me smiles and says "Hi!" (on a side note: I don't know what kinda air freshener they had, but it had the smell of a skunk that pissed on a Christmas Tree).

My intuition was that they were there for the "Tobacco Accessories", but what the Hell, I'm already here so back in I go.  Back inside, I do not see them in the store proper, so I head to the "Man Cave". This what they have called the video booth section. Danada! That leaves one place, the theater. 

The Clerk buzzed me in, and I see that they are on the front row in the middle row of seats already watching the movie with an older gentleman seated behind and to their left. I take my position to their right with the aisle between us. They were getting to know each other a little better with him rubbing her leg and slowly getting what was already a short dress higher on her thigh. After a bit of rubbing her and getting the top half of her dress down, she was now exposing small but nice breasts. He then had her get up and preform an impromptu lap dance for I am assuming was for all of our benefit.

Fritz the Cat
Dallas Pike, WV
After a short dance she then dropped to her knees in front of him, cooing at his growing state of arousal. In the blink of an eye, his hard cock disappeared. I am now fixated on her talented mouth bobbing up and down and hoping that she has other things in mind. I move to the front of the room to get a better vantage point. At this point he stops her and backs her away as he stands up. He looks at me and tells me this will be a show only, but she wants to watch me cum. Taking what's given in this thing of ours is always the best course of action, so I stand up and move a little closer so that she may see me as she resumed sucking on him. 

She is now sucking him and her eyes are locked on me stroking myself. It is just a few moments before he starts making the unmistakable sounds of getting closer to climax. At this point she withdraws him from her mouth and starts stroking him matching my pace. He then asked me if I wanted to cum on her? "If that is what the lady wants", I replied. A few more strokes was all it took for him to release his load all over her face. I then stepped up closer to take aim at my target. I then unloaded a couple of thick ropes onto her face with the third landing slightly off target onto her right shoulder. I then stepped back and trying to be chivalrous, I went to get her a paper towel to wipe off with.

When I stepped back over to hand them to her. She politely refused saying that she would wear it for a while! 

We all gather ourselves up and I exit the building with them still in the theater. Back in my vehicle, I am collecting my thoughts and preparing to leave when they come out of the building and start walking back to their car. I watch as she gets closer and see that she is in fact still wearing our collective come on her face. With a smile and wave she gets into the car. 

Next stop..... Only Houdini knows. 


Doc here again, and reporting for duty... Many thanks to H. Houdini for another great report!  Also, kudos for taking first place the chick decorating contest that afternoon.

Keep up the fine work sir!  Keep the cards and letters coming!