Monday, July 27, 2015

Flash Report! The Black Hat & The Weary Traveler at 15th Ave. Adult Theater on 6/30/15

Doc here, a man who some say isn't that guy, but who knows a guy for that thing, with a terrific Flash Report from senior Journal scribe, The Black Hat.

The Black Hat, along with fellow Journal scribe The Weary Traveler, visited 15th Ave. Adult Theater at the same time, on June 30th, and TBH has submitted this report to the news desk here at The Journal.

In this report, you'll hear how veterans of this thing of ours game plan and approach the scene, and also you hear how one asshat almost screwed the scene up for everyone. 

The title of this report is awesome, as is the report!...Thanks for the shout out, sir!

Without further ado, here is the Black Hat and his top shelf report.  


The Black Hat and The Weary Traveler Meet while Spreading the Gospel According to Dr. Emilio Lizardo

Dear Doc and friends, 

I once again found myself in the Chicago area on business on short notice and decided to roll the dice on a Tuesday (6/30/15) evening visit to 15th Ave.  Readers may recall my last visit to 15th Ave this past February, also on a Tuesday night, found me enjoying time with Vickie (the Vixen) and Victor.   And while my new friends from that February visit were absent (and missed), there was plenty to see and do on this cool June evening.

First, I made the acquaintance of fellow Journal scribe The Weary Traveler.  I was hanging in the booth area, comfortably seated and was listening to TWT regale myself and some other patrons with his recent experiences at 15th Ave and elsewhere around the country.  He and I share some common territory and the subject of the Journal came up and we both explained our contributions.  It is always nice to meet others from the Journal who enjoy this passion and are on the same wavelength when it comes to behavior and approach in an adult theater.
What followed can only be explained as an unplanned symposium or TED talk on this thing of ours led by TWT, a few other patrons and yours truly.  TWT explained how he discovered this hobby after sampling massage parlors for a time, while I ended my discussion revealing my first couples experience at 19 years old in an adult bookstore, but that’s a tale for another report.

TWT was also monitoring Craigslist and reported that a very attractive African-American girl was due in around 10:30PM, it was barely 7:00PM so we had some time to kill.  15th Ave was pretty well populated for a Tuesday evening with about 12 guys looping the establishment.  TWT reported that I had just missed a very attractive couple who spent time in the sauna during the late afternoon and early evening.  She was providing service to her partner only and enjoying watching guys jerk in her vicinity.  TWT reported that she was “smoking hot”.  Sigh.

While we waited, an African American couple did show up but not the girl from Craigslist.  Some of the guys recognized them and classified them as non-players.  While this turned out to be true, it did not stop any of us from trying to get involved with them as they sat in the theater doing nothing.  

Nearing 9:30PM a second couple arrived.  A white couple, he was early 40’s dressed in business attire and she was a knockout middle aged woman, late 30’s/early 40’s wearing tight jeans and a black top, bleach blonde hair, a fresh tan, a perfect tight ass and voluptuous tits that I would estimate were double “D”’s.  I will now refer to her as “Queen of the Prom” or QOTP as she had everyone’s attention and had the face and build to win that title even in middle age.

They got a tour from a patron, stowed some gear in the spa and headed to the theater. Now the sharks were circling, positioning and imagining the possibilities.  After a few in and out trips back to the spa, the couple made a definitive move to the spa to play.  TWT, I and most of the other guys, hung back.  One fit guy about 32 made his way back to the spa.  Still we waited.  A short older man with glasses made an overly excited b-line for the spa while some of us advised, “hang back, let them get settled”, he was not heeding that advice and continued to the spa (more on my opinion of him later).

The African American couple slipped into a backroom at this time and stayed there for the night.  We think they took a nap as there was absolutely no sound emanating from their room for the duration of their stay.

The QOTP couple selected fit guy 32 to accompany them to a private room.  While we were not able to observe, the sounds coming from that room and the smile on fit guys face when he exited, pretty much painted a picture of QOTP getting fucked wildly for about 20 minutes.  At which time they exited, showered quickly and selected another younger guy, 30’s who I believe was being referred to as “Dxxxxx". Apparently "D" is hung like a mule.  He spent some quality time with them making the QOTP very vocal again and upon completion, made quick retreat for the showers and an exit.  That’s  2 for the QOTP for those of you keeping score.

Now during this time there were a group of about 6 of us hanging in the corridor.  This group included TWT and a few regulars.  It has been my experience that the behavior of patrons at 15th is, for the most part, very respectful of both the talent and each other.  In fact, some were telling stories about “hooking others up and yielding to others.”  A good rule in this thing of ours, do unto others as you would have done unto you.  However, the short older man with glasses needed to take a fucking Valium.  He was muscling up to the front of the line and sprinting back and forth whenever there was couple movement like it was his last day on earth.  Hey buddy, at your age, you need to develop a better game plan. 

Given the talent and her choices that night, there was no question in my mind who she was hooking up with, and to think anything else is pretty much fantasy.  A few fit, hung guys who were respectful were selected and good for them.  A few of us older average guys would not really have had a shot on a night like this, so no need to push and shove, enjoy the show and just let it happen. Be a good ambassador, make it a cool vibe and everyone has a good time and the couples come back.

The QOTP couple that was playing was now in the showers again, most of the corridor crowd had stripped down and assembled in the sauna anticipating an appearance by the couple.  They entered after a few minutes and took position in the high corner bench on the left.  A few of us were fluffing in anticipation of possible opportunity when the escort of QOTP selected a young regular patron to partake of her pussy.  (I actually encouraged this guy to speed it up and get in the sauna because I saw the escort sizing him up earlier; I thought he would have a shot). 

He dove in with gusto sending QOTP in to an eyes rolling (back) ecstasy that was punctuated by her squirting her lovely nectar.  Her guy dipped a few fingers in her pussy exclaiming, “it’s so fucking sweet, it tastes like cotton candy!”  QOTP then returned the favor by sucking young guy until he was about to bust and then told him to spray her tits with hot cum.  A few guys were permitted to stroke her leg and feel her tits while this was going on.  And again, old guy with the glasses up front like a begging dog blocking the view.  Dude, relax! QOTP Score 3.

While this was going on, a short African American guy, maybe 30 had joined the group.  I didn’t see his cock until later but I guess it was obvious to the escort who QOTP would be spending time with next.  They retreated to the private room and within minutes you could hear QOTP’s cries of lust and the hard, sweet, balls-slapping-ass sounds of a man hell bent on bottoming out balls-deep in a perfect “10” middle-aged package.  It was a beautiful thing to hear.  QOTP Final Score 4.

I would be remiss if I did not mention that our old friend Roy was present and accounted for and making comments to the penis gallery and continuing his fine role as an ambassador for 15th Ave.  A second African American couple showed up around this time and entered the spa  but only hung around a little bit and retreated to the theater where she sat stroking him in the couples section.  That was about it for them.

The young African American guy exited the QOTP couples room followed a short time later by the couple themselves who showered and returned to the room to dress.  They exited at about the same time as the other African American couple who had woken up from their nap.  QOTP exclaimed, “sorry I didn’t have time to do more of you, I’ll be back, have a great night.”  Now that is a woman to love!

The Craigslist girl never materialized and TWT and I both did a few more laps and hung in there till about 1AM and said our goodbyes.  It was time to accept that our role this evening was only to watch and spread the gospel of Dr. Emilio Lizardo and his Journal of Adult Theaters.  Keep banging them pleasure machines people and be cool. 

I remain…..The Black Hat.


Doc here again... We have reached the end of this Mass. I hope this sermon by The Black Hat (Book of Hat 3:16) gave you something to think about, and something to reflect on.

If you need me I will be in the Confessional, and it may be awhile.  There are sins from Hartford I still to confess to.