Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Couple's Flash Report! Central MA Fun Couple at The Art Cinema on Friday 7/17 (w/2 New Pics!)

Doc here, a man who some say worked the regional carnival circuit, giving impromptu mustache rides to members of the Ladies Auxillary, with a great Couple's Flash Report from regular contributors Central MA Fun Couple.

John & Brenda (the CMFC) visited the mighty Art Cinema Friday night 7/17, the evening before the Beach Blanket Bango Party.  That evening was a busy one, as The Good Doctor was busy working in the lobby of The Art making up the swag bags for the next night's festivities. And by the sounds of this report, it was a hot and wet night for them!

Please welcome back to The Journal, the Central MA Fun Couple!



Last Saturday night there was a Beach Party theme at the Art Theater in Hartford. Brenda and I wanted to share in the group get-together but we already had previous plans and couldn’t attend. We decided to go on Friday night so at least we could have some fun of our own.

When we arrived we headed far into the seating area and took our seats to let our eyes get adjusted to the darkness. Very quickly we could see that there was a large group of men in a circle around someone in the very front of the theater near the movie screen. Although we couldn’t see clearly what was going on, it was obvious based on our previous visits to the theater that more than likely a woman was the center of their attention and taking turns making each of them happy.

The Art Cinema
-Main Auditorium-
Not too much later another couple entered the theater and sat in the row in front of us. They were in the front row of the seating area, behind the wide aisle that separated that section from the next one closer to the movie screen. Soon several men moved toward them. A couple of them sat next to them and a couple more stood in front of them. There was a brief conversation between the men and the husband and then they all started playing with her. 

We were wondering why nobody sat next to us, but that question was quickly answered after one of them men entered our row and stood behind the other couple. One of the staff members told the man that the men were not allowed to sit or stand behind a couple. Without realizing it, once the other couple sat one row in front of us, that automatically prevented anybody from sitting next to us. Well, that wouldn’t work so we got up and sat in the same row as the other couple, just a couple seats away from them.
Central MA Fun Couple

It didn’t take long for several men to sit alongside Brenda and stand in front of her as well. The man sitting next to her asked if he could play with her tits and Brenda said okay. That was the cue for a couple other men to play with her as they reached in and caresses her boobs through her fishnet outfit. 

A couple men had their dicks out and were playing with themselves as they stood in front of her. Brenda beckoned the one closest to her to get even closer. She took hold of his dick and told him that she would suck him, but he she told him that he couldn’t cum in her mouth. He agreed and she started to suck his cock with horny enthusiasm. 

A couple of the men standing close to her reached for her legs and spread them. I told the men that they could rub her ass and pussy on the outside, but they couldn’t stick their fingers inside of her. They nodded in agreement. Eventually one of the men slid the straps of her outfit off her shoulders to pull the top of her outfit down to her waist. That exposed her breasts and the man sitting beside her bent over to start sucking on the nipple closest to him. Another man caressed her other breast and tweaked her nipple until it stood hard and firm. Then he leaned forward to suck on it. It was quite erotic to see her sucking a stiff cock while two men were sucking on her tits.

After a few minutes she pulled that cock out of her mouth and asked one of the other men if he wanted a turn. With a big smile on his face he quickly got in front of Brenda and she slid his cock into her mouth until her nose was buried in the open fly of his pants. As she slid his cock in and out of her mouth, the saliva she used to lubricate his cock glistened in the darkness of the theater from the light of the movie that nobody was watching anymore J With a couple of fingers of one hand on the base of his cock and the other hand on his ass to pull him closer with each stroke, she moaned when she heard him moan and arched his head back in response to the pleasure racing through his body.
Central MA Fun Couple
One by one Brenda took turns sucking each of the cocks presented to her willing mouth. For the next 30 minutes the slurping sounds next to me were the only sounds I heard that night. When she leaned back in her chair from to catch her breath after sucking each cock before moving on to the next one, one or two of the other men kneeled or bent over to play with her tits and suck on her nipples. 

Then Brenda asked the men if any of them were ready to cum. Two of them said yes so she said that they could cum on her tits. The first man spread her legs wide apart so he could stand between them and get close to her tits. His had moved in rapid motions as he beat his cock faster and faster until he let out a quiet moan and lunged forward shooting 3 or 4 small spurts of cum on her tits. He thanked her and backed away to let the second man take his place.

The second man was beating off so quickly that his hand was such a blur with his rapid motions. Eventually he let out a loud groan, aimed his cock at her tits, leaned his head back, and closed his eyes. He changed his pace when he came, stroking it and then pausing as he pulled his hand tight to his body, pulling the skin on his cock tight and shooting his first shot of cum. It was a large glob of thick, white cum and it landed right in the middle of Brenda’s 38D tits. Then he stroked his cock quickly again, then paused to pull his cock tight again and moaned once more as the next spurt shot out of his cock and hit her tits. He must have been saving his load for a long time, because he repeated that “beat off and pause” sequence several times, and each spurt that came out of his cock and shot onto her tits was just as large as the previous spurt. Finally, when he moaned the sixth time, only a small bubble of cum appeared at the tip of his dick. He opened his eyes and leaned forward and rubbed his cock all around the mess on Brenda’s tits to massage his cum into her nipples and tits. He bent over to give her a quick kiss on her cheek and thanked her for letting him finish like that.

The crowd around us had thinned out and Brenda asked the remaining men if they would also like to cum on her tits. They politely declined. That was our signal that we were done for the night. I gave Brenda a facecloth to clean herself before leaving the seating area. She went upstairs to the ladies room to do a better job while I talked to the staff until she was done. When she reappeared, we thanked Ernie for another good evening and told him we’d see him again in a couple of months.



Doc here again...Many thanks goes out to the Central MA Fun Couple, AKA Brenda & John. It sounds like they had a great time on Friday night, and if I didn't have my hands deep inside 50 swag bags, I might have had them someplace else.

Keep up the great reports and pics guys!  Cannot wait until the next ones!