Wednesday, July 22, 2015

A Journal Editorial: "Curious Ladies? Let Me Put You at Ease" by Flogbound

Doc here, a man who some say has mastered the artosculari pulcre, with a new feature here at The Journal: The Journal Editorial.
The Journal Editorial will be points of view expressed by readers of The Journal on topics germane to this thing of ours. 
I am leading off this new feature with an excellent piece written by my friend Flogbound, who is the girlfriend of Art Cinema ambassador SirJack2u (and also an Art Cinema ambassador).
This piece is written to females who may be thinking of making their first trip to The Art Cinema in Hartford, but it's advice can be taken globally as well.  Plus, it's right on point!
So let's give this new feature a test drive, shall we?  Please welcome Flogbound to The Journal with her editorial!
Curious Ladies? Let Me Put You at Ease
My boyfriend and I have reached out to invite a number of people to the ART Cinema. Invariably, most of the men respond with a resounding yes, while the women are more tentative. Let me put you at ease, ladies: You are safer at the ART than a at a local bar. If any man is rude to you, does not take “No” for an answer the first time you say it, or even approaches the “couples only” rows or balcony, security will handle them, first with a warning, and then, if necessary, by removing them (rarely needed).
Can you go to the ART and still be a “good girl”? If that’s what you want to do, of course you can! Perhaps you and your partner just want to cuddle while watching the film and the people around you. Go for it. It’s fun. If another couple approaches you, chat with them, ask questions, or, if you just want to be left alone say, “No thank you.” That’s it. However, do expect to be approached--you’re at a party after all.

Now, if you want to take a walk on the naughty side for a night, you’ll be at the right place. As long as you are being safe and sane, feel free to enjoy any or all of the treats the ART offers. For those ladies who have wondered about other women.......the ART is a safe place to explore those ideas. Where else can you go to ask strangers intimate questions and get honest answers?

“Wait! But what about those stories I’ve heard about women being swarmed by lecherous men?” you may ask. Yes. That does happen, but NOT without consent. Usually when you see these scenarios the woman/women participating have planned it or sent out invitations ahead of time. You see, what the ART does best is provide a safe place to explore your fantasies and sexuality in a friendly, discrete atmosphere. Granted, the ART is not for everyone, but if you enjoy adult conversation, friendship, adventure and adult films, you’ll love it here.

Since we have been frequenting the ART, we have met some truly wonderful people among the clients as well as the staff. I always enjoy being at such an open, friendly place where I can express my more adventurous side without being judged. Curious?

Feel free to post questions to my inbox directly on Fetlife. My handle is Flogbound.

Thank you.