Monday, February 29, 2016

Special Report! The Gemini Chronicles: A Boat Meeting with "S"

Doc here, a man who some say is a major stockholder in the Fresca Corporation, here with the return of one of my all-time favorites in this thing of ours: My good friend Gemini! (Hi Fresca!)

Gemini has been kind enough to take us on a past adventure, a chronicle if you will.  And my friends, you are in for a treat.

Here we go!


The sexual tension with my husband was at an all-time high. We found each other in unusual spaces and times, craving more with each encounter. With adrenaline running through us, we set out on an adventure to see where the night would bring us. 

The Real Gemini
 It was a weekday evening so we weren’t sure what to expect. The first stop was a place we’d never been. It was full of cowboys too polite to take notice of my subtle glances since I came in with another man. This wasn’t the place for us.

We headed over to a more familiar haunt. A large bar on the industrial side of town with an enclosed patio. This time J sent me in alone to take stock of the potential testosterone. The place was fairly empty, but I immediately zoned in on a stocky guy at the bar who filled out his jeans nicely. He looked in his 40s and I hoped the do-rag indicated a bad boy side.

I told J I had a good feeling about this, and we went in together for a drink. We sat at a table just behind the man as he watched the flat screen and ordered another beer. Soon there was an easy conversation between the three of us. But this guy didn’t miss my glances or intentional cleavage. Once I knew I had his attention, I excused myself to the ladies room so direct conversation could be had between the men.
I returned to find both men smiling and told them I was going to the patio for a cigarette. S joined me while J stayed inside. Once outside and alone, S began an awkward conversation trying very hard not to stare at my heaving cleavage. The raw sexual chemistry between us was so thick, I had a hard time focusing on his words. I could feel my breathing change and my head swam with desire. I finally cut to the chase as he could no longer tear his eyes away. “You like what you see?” I smiled. “Lady, those look amazing. I don’t think I’ve seen real ones that big before.” I took the bait. 

“Alright, well let’s not deny you any longer,” I teased. And with that I began to lift them out of my red bra. He went right for them - his touch sending electricity through me. The force of him backed me into a table and I didn’t care. I didn’t care if I got bruises. I didn’t care if anyone came out and saw. I didn’t care if the owners were watching us on the cameras. I just wanted more.

We broke away from each other to catch our breath just as someone came outside. S crossed over to a chair on the other side of the patio and waited for them to leave. I pulled up a chair and sat across from him. As he leaned back, I could see the swelling in his jeans. This time it was me who couldn’t pull my eyes away. The visitor left, and the tables were turned. “So I’m not the only one who likes what he sees,” he said mockingly. “You sure your husband is ok with this, though?” “Absolutely,” I replied, “it turns him on.” I drank down the rest of my drink and went to my knees. I put my open mouth over his closed jeans to tease us both and get a feel for what was to come. I looked up with wide eyes. “Oh!” I exclaimed. “Yeah baby, it ain’t small and you got me horny as hell!” He unzipped and unleashed his beautiful member.

There was no more hesitation. The world melted away as my mouth melted over his cock. I sucked that man’s cock like there was no tomorrow. It was so delicious! I licked and pumped until it throbbed even larger and exploded in my mouth. I swallowed it down, and sat back grinning like the Cheshire cat. I remember thinking I did a good job catching it all since we had to go back inside. It wouldn’t be good to have that on his jeans.

As we headed back inside it only took a moment to realize I hadn’t done such a great job. As he stood ordering another beer, I noticed the bartender staring at his crotch. Turns out I was wearing dark red lipstick when I put my mouth over his closed jeans. We were caught….and it turned me on. She eyed us curiously, but never said a word.

We joined J at the table and talked about other things, but my mind was still only on one thing. More, more, more. I was so charged, and within minutes I could see through his jeans that I was not alone. It was nearing midnight and I had to be at work early the next day. But I didn’t care. This chemistry was too intense and rare. We all wanted this to happen, and J definitely wanted to watch, so we paid our tab and made our way to S’s boat in the nearby marina.

We climbed down to the living area where S moved clutter from his bachelor’s bed. J sat across the small divide on the couch. S and I drew together like magnets, kissing passionately while we furiously worked to remove each other’s clothing. He wanted to 69, and I obliged him for a moment, but then let him know it wasn’t my favorite position. It’s too hard for me to focus on what I’m doing if someone is pleasuring me. And when I am down on a cock, I am ALL in…. I worship it like it deserves….like its sole purpose is to be pleased by me.

He laid me back and went downtown, exploring with his tongue and fingers. The feeling was very good, but it wasn’t making me orgasm. He sat up kneeling between my legs and knew what I wanted. Not a word needed to be said. He grabbed a condom and slid it on. I shut my eyes with anticipation. He worked his way in slowly, as we savored the stretch his unusually large cock gave me. He progressively increased his speed, panting alongside my moans. Waves of orgasms flooded my body. With a raspy voice he ordered me to get on all fours. I looked at J who nodded and had that look of “do what your told” so I did and got even more wet. I heard J say “grab her hair” and with that S was riding me fast and hard. The slamming of his extra-large cock was almost too much, but these two men were so turned on, so I relaxed my muscles to where it hurt so good. And I orgasmed again. Finally I heard S begin a moan that only meant one thing as he climaxed with intense fervor.

We collapsed in a sweaty mess and I thought we were done. But he must have had an orgasm goal in mind for me as he told me to lie on my back. I looked at J who nodded again. S thrust his fingers in me and this time the angle must have been different because my eyes rolled into my head. “Finger your clit,” I heard J order me. Again I obeyed. The wetness completely covered my fingers as I rubbed my clit in the perfect spot. My back arched, and my body convulsed into a mind blowing orgasm. We didn’t break rhythm as I continued to cum again and again. When I could finally take no more, I rolled to my side. I was gonna sleep like a baby tonight….right after I worshiped J...



Doc here again... Wow, where to start on Gemini's report?  Gemini's raw sexual energy cannot be overstated, and I speak from first hand experience. I loved this report, as it gave me a glimpse of of her I never knew about beforehand.  And I for one cannot wait for Part 2!

Thank you again, Gemini!