Saturday, March 5, 2016

Flash Report! The Oral Reporter at Past Time Video in Stuebenville, OH on 3/4/16

Doc here, a man who some say believes his place is on a whaling boat, living on the high sea. However, his dislike of sea water and large fish made this life unbearable.

It's always great to get reports on newer adult theaters, and this excellent piece by The Oral Reporter is a testament to that. Things are hopping at Past Time Video in Steubenville, OH, and The Oral Reporter was on the ground there to report on the scene. 

Take it away, The Oral Reporter!


Hi Doc,

I struck the jackpot last night at Past Time Video in Steubenville, Ohio. (3-4-16)

Even though I had been there several times earlier, and found nothing to really write home about, last night was a really great night especially for me.
Past Time Video
Steubenville, OH

There were 5 couples last night from about 7 PM til 11PM. Couple #1 came in and she was a young beautiful long haired slender lady and her guy who was a little older. 
Things looked very promising for me, as they sat on the same couch as I was sitting on. It only took a couple of minutes for her to lose most of her clothes, and her body was fantastic. 

Her guy was sucking on her tits, then she started giving him a great blow job only a about 2 feet away from me. Then he started licking her pussy and getting her very hot and bothered. I offered to eat her pussy for her, but he said no, so I just sat back and watched. She then she got onto an ottoman in front of the couch and he ate her pussy again. She then gave him a great blow job until he shot in her mouth. It was apparent  that she was not a swallower, since she used a tissue to spit it out in. 

Very shortly after that they got up and left. From what Jake told me at the counter later on, they are regulars. They will be back and maybe she will get her way and play longer next time.

Then Couple #2 came in. I had been e-mailing with her prior to her arrival and told her I wanted to lick her pussy when she came in. As they entered the theater, I recognized her and called to her saying her first name (K) she came over with her guy (A) and sat down next to me. At the same time couple #3 came in, I thought they were together, but I later found out they just arrived at the same time.
Large Theater - Past Time Video

Couple #2 (K) immediately removed all of her clothes except her socks. I of course waited until she was naked and I then asked her if it was OK to touch, even though we had e-mailed each other and I was sure it would be OK. She said yes and so I began playing with her tits. I then went down on her, licking her pussy. She had laid down on the couch so it was more comfortable to both of us. I licked her pussy for probably 20 minutes at least and she had several orgasms. She then wanted some attention from other guys who had gathered around. 

At that time I got up and Couple #3 who were on the couch behind me were watching (K) and I, she commented that I was eating her pussy, so I asked her if she would like to have my tongue give her pleasure. She said yes so I moved around in front of her, removed her boot from one foot, then got her jeans off of that leg so I could spread her legs and get my tongue in her pussy. I licked her for probably another 20 minutes at least, she came several times also. She asked me to lick slower so I did and she came again. My fingers were also busy in her pussy.

I needed to catch a breath so I got up and gave room to the other guys. I didn't catch her name, but I do hope to lick her again at Past Time Video on a future night. She started giving a few guys blow jobs and she seemed to be very talented. I look forward to getting some great head from her next time I see her.

Couple #2 left earlier than couple #3 did. Couple #3 ended up closing the night out by her giving her guy a fantastic blow job with him standing in front of her.

Then Couple # 4 came in and they are regulars that I had met there before in the lobby, not in the theater. I knew them and knew she was a regular in the theater that enjoyed playing with the choir boys in the theater. (D) was her name, and I told her husband that if D wanted her pussy licked I would love to eat her. He said he would ask her, she came back in and sat next to me dropped her top and of course I did the correct thing, I asked her if it was OK to touch. She said yes so I played with her tits then she moved over on the couch and spread her legs so I could get down there and lick her pussy.  

She came several times and I thought she was going to squirt but didn't. After she had gotten a good licking and had cum several times, I started using my fingers on her juicy pussy. He said she liked being fisted, so he gave me some lube and I slid my whole hand into her pussy all the way up to my wrist watch. I fucked her with my fist for a long time, making her cum several times while he was pinching her nipples. 

This action attracted the attention of a couple of the choir boys who came over and started jacking off around her, one guy watching me fist her pussy couldn't wait and he shot off before he could get to her face. The other guy moved over and she stated sucking his cock until he was ready to cum and asked her where she wanted his cum. She said any where he wanted to put it. He put it in her mouth and shot off in her mouth. I was still fisting her at that time.

Couple #5 was in the theater, but sitting in the corner near the door, and not doing any playing even with themselves. They were new to this thing of ours, and it was their first time in a theater atmosphere. Maybe next time she will open up a little and at least play with her guy, then maybe play with the choir boys. Speaking of the choir boys, they were all well mannered and no one got to aggressive with the couples.

This theater is very couples friendly and the choir boys are not aggressive or pushy.
So Doc I hope to get there next week on a Friday and Saturday night, as Saturday night is usually the most active with couples, sometimes 7 or 8 couples and most of them playing either in the theater or in the booths.

The Oral Reporter


Doc here again... Many thanks to The Oral Reporting for another great report. Good to hear Past Time Video is on the map and making waves!