Sunday, May 7, 2017

Flash Report! Henry Chinaski's "An Afternoon of Bliss, Part 3 - The Finale" at the Bliss Adult Theater in Dallas, TX

Doc here, a man who some say once 'rassled a grizzly bear at a local country fair, taking him out with a "Superfly Splash" and a quick 1-2-3. 

Good readers of The Journal, some, if not most of you have had an extraordinary day/night at your adult theater of choice. I've had more than I can count.  But this Henry Chinaski character... Holy cannoli, what a day he had at Bliss in Dallas, TX!

Do yourself a favor, and re-read Part 2 before starting Part 3.  Then, pop open a Fresca (Hi Gemini!) and get ready for the happy ending grand finale!

Here we go...Take it away, Mr. Chinaski!



So I have stumbled onto one of those rare blessed days for a single man in the adult theater world. First there was the erotically charged group handjob with a nice finish on the body. Next up, a fun and spirited game of genital tag with a sexy facial finish on Face. Oh Bliss, what gifts you have bestowed on me today? 

The poetry-mobile sat outside waiting to return me to a suburban hum drum existence of mortgages and weekend yard work. So . . . one more round through the theater seemed a wise plan. (I honestly don't know what I was expecting to find. I mean its not like I am 23 any more and two Yahtzees in around 4 hours was likely all I could physically expect at this point. Maybe I just wanted to delay a return to the real world, maybe I have a problem, maybe I sensed something more amazing was yet to come). 
Bliss Theater
Dallas, TX
As my eyes adjusted to the theater I noticed something odd. Not the tiny girl on the screen in a school girl outfit getting reamed by two improbably large black cocks (that's normal here), but the lounge area was empty. Normally, on a Friday an hour before the single men are ushered out the theater is kind of packed with those hoping for a last minute roll in the hay. I heard voices coming from the theater area. Remember, the actual theater is simply a large L shaped heavy curtain that runs from ceiling to floor. Could it be? Might a couple have entered during my hour or so rendezvous with Face? Only one way to know. I turn the corner into the theater and . . . 

Oh my God! The gods of debauchery are shining down on Henry today... 

There seated on a couch with a man was none other than Milfy Nextdoor. It was some sort of kinky kismet. First at New Fine Arts and then here earlier today. Let me try to set the scene. I described her briefly in Part 2 of this saga. She is around 5'3" and probably weighs in at 120-125. Short blond hair, pretty inquisitive eyes and she reminds me of Markee Post from the old Must See NBC show Night Court. 
TV's Markee Post
She has nice natural C cups with long eraser nipples that get very hard (more on this in the following paragraphs), a nice curvy ass with no cellulite and no droop to it. I call her Milfy Nextdoor but if she is your next door neighbor, you live in one hell of a neighborhood. Her man he was average build, 5'8" 165, in his 50s and looked a little like Richard Dreyfuss near the end of Mr. Holland's Opus. He had a smile on his face befitting of a man who was as lucky as he was. 

They were sitting on a small love seat in the middle row of seats. They were surrounded by a circle of the remaining brigade which were giving them space. She clearly wanted the attention but for the 3rd time today I could see how too much aggressiveness could really scare a lady off. Gents be polite, move slowly, give plenty of space, don't smell like a foot, respect stated boundaries, ask before you touch and realize no means no, don't keep attempting to engage if they have said no (what am I missing Doc?). (ed. note: You have it nailed, sir.)
Bliss Theater
Anyway Milfy's brightly colored dress was pushed up around her hips. She was sitting with her legs open with no panties on. Dear readers it was a beautiful sight. Mr. Holland was playing with her and she was using her right hand to gently rub and tuck on Mr. Holland's clarinet. She was looking around the room smiling with that kind of glazed over lust drunk look we have all seen. Mr. Holland was smiling like a guy going through his exact situation should. 

Soon Milfy's eyes locked on mine. She smiled and gave me a look that equally innocent and coquettish, I will never forget that look. She nodded at me and then leaned over to Mr. Holland and whispered in his ear. He looked at me and while I couldn't hear he seemed to ask her if that is what she wanted. She nodded and he asked me "Would you like to join us?" Now I had no idea if Li'l Hank could rally for a third time in 4 hours and if he did I was pretty sure he would be spitting dust but I thought of my Papa and his three rules for life. 1. Never get in a knife fight with a guy named Lucky 2. Never play pool for money with anyone named after a state 3. NEVER EVER EVER pass up an opportunity to sit next to a pretty lady. 

Now let me interject something important here, this should not be happening to me. No one has ever confused me (with insert hot actor here). I am 5'7" and the proud owner of a dad body. I am cute enough but this is ridiculous. I pondered on why me for quite a while decided it was because I had been polite but had engaged Milfy twice already that day, in a way I was a stranger but I wasn't. Second, I was confident without being cocky and I was polite in my previous interactions and I always made eye contact with Milfy. She liked that. I could tell from our first brief meeting. Third, my work requires professional dress so I was dressed nicely, nice suit, nice shoes and crisp blue button down shirt. Finally, probably some dumb luck. A lot of women in this thing of ours are looking for something in particular in their adventures. Sure some are down for a no holds barred everybody get in line times but sometimes they are looking for the muscular BBC thug type or the long haired bad boy tattooed type. I think she was looking for the professional suit and tie type that day.

I responded "happily" and moved to sit down but a funny thing happened, the love seat was not big enough for all three of us to sit with our legs spread and her legs being spread were mandatory. We moved over to another larger couch and made proper introductions. I shook Mr. Holland's hand and we exchanged names. Milfy pulled up her dress again and I began to play with a truly beautiful, fully shaved, and very wet (to call it a pussy does it a disservice it was so much nicer than that I think to honor Mr. Bukowski I will go Victorian) maidenhead

I pulled out Li'l Hank and Milfy began to do her best Alpine skiing impersonation using Mr. Holland and I as her ski poles. I soon had her breasts out and was leaning down pinching, caressing and gently sucking them. They were beautiful and natural, no signs of wear or gravity, nice full teardrop shape and the nipples, oh my the nipples. The nipple of her left breast hardened in my mouth. It was at least an inch long, pencil eraser shaped, and rock-cutting hard. In short, perfect. I continued switching between breasts and maidenhead with my hands. Kisses to the neck and ear were met with slight sighs of appreciation and gentle moans when I found her clit with my fingers. 

Now I was bound and determined not to mess this up and the proceedings so far had been slow and very sensual. I was asking if she liked what we were doing and she murmured yes very seductively, As I said earlier, I am very orally inclined. Nothing I do not love about it (so long as the lady takes care of herself), the taste, the smell the heat, the wetness. Nothing I love more than making a woman orgasm by going down on her and I could and have done it for hours. I know we all like different things etc., but I am pretty good at it. 

So being the gentleman I am I whisper into her ear "May I please taste you?" She releases Li'l Hank smiles and says "God yes." I take my spot on my knees (I am glad Bliss is clean), Milfy moves her hip forward a bit and I begin my approach. After a slow start I pull Milfy 's hips just a little further down the chair so I have full access and I begin in earnest. I am not sure how long I was down there but it was magnificent. She was clean, tasted wonderful, was receptive and appreciative, moaning and letting me know she liked my work. I introduce fingers and massage her G-spot. She made a noise of surprise as my fingers curled up while my mouth was attached to her clit. I stopped and asked if I was hurting her. She grabbed my head and pushed it down saying no she loved the way that felt. I feel like with time and if she was on her back I could have gotten her to squirt I have no idea how long I enjoyed my meal. One memory I will never forget is opening my eyes and looking up to see Milfy's head rolled back eyes half closed in pleasure still attending to Mr. Holland with her hand. Another member of the brigade was standing behind her massaging both breasts while others gently stroked her thighs and stomach and face. That image resolved any doubts I had about Li'l Hank roaring all the way back to life.

A few minutes after this, while still dining I manage to pull a condom out of my pocket (good thing I bought two for Face) and asked "should I put this on." She hesitated and said "not yet." Mr. Holland jumped in and said "want to go get some more space?" She agreed and we were happily on our way to the third cubicle from the end. Its not as big as the one Body used earlier, but it gave us plenty of space. We all get naked and Mr. Holland pulls out a bottle of lube. I almost said something because having just left the area, it was already saturated. Milfy took the lube and rubbed it in her hands. She was on her knees, me to her left and Mr. Holland to her right. She began a slow delicate wonderful lube aided handjob. Did everything just right and it felt wonderful. She leaned in kissed my ear and asked "does that feel good?" I could only manage an "ughhhghhghgh" in response. 

 Again I don't know how long this pleasure lasted. At some point she leaned over and spread her legs giving me access to heaven once again. I continued to finger and caress this beautiful woman and I could tell it was building in her. She was thrusting back on my finger. I asked her "what do you want right now?" She looked back at me and said "I want you to put on that condom and fuck me hard." Not exactly one of Papa's rules but I could always sponsor an amendment and add it later. Never Ever Ever say no when a woman tells you she wants you to put on that condom and fuck her hard. On it goes, she assume a doggy-style position and and I position myself and I enter.

Oh My Deity of your choice, it was amazing. First her body, her back was smooth and you could tell she worked out, Shoulders and biceps had some definition but still womanly. Her waist draws in from her side before it flares out in to her perfect round but firm a JLO sized ass. The feeling inside you ask? She was tight, so wet and almost a furnace in heat. I began slowly but with in minutes worked up to a pretty good rhythm. She was blowing Mr. Holland who was watching her proudly. This couple was not a cuckhold type deal. He just liked watching his wife enjoy herself. Left to my own devices I like rough sex. Spanking, hair pulling, rough pounding but I wasn't sure how she felt so I held back. She would occasionally tell me harder so harder I'd go. She'd moan happily when I would spank her. She loved having her hair pulled hard and when I put both hands around her neck and gave a gentle squeeze she grunted her approval. She wanted harder she got harder. 

I was thrusting with all my might as the rapid and hard thwap thawp sound grew. I heard a member of the brigade say "Damn he is fucking her." I had forgotten they were there I was in a different place. I have heard of sub space, the feeling of almost drugged out bliss a submissive gets when pushed. I was in something similar. There was no crowd in a porn theater. I was not in Dallas, Texas. I wasn't even in this plane of existence. It was us the three of us in place with no space and time. Recreating the time line later I probably went on this way for 10 minutes or so but I couldn't tell at the time. I felt her maidenhead spasm across Lil Hank and she moaned and yelled yes. Proud that she had cum I felt a familiar rising. I didn't think it was possible but I was going to cum again. I wanted the release but I did not want this to end. But the end was inevitable. 

In another couple of minutes of frantic fucking I told Milfy I was about to cum. I didn't know if she had a preference. She thrust back into me hard and shortly it was Yahtzee three for the day. It was a powerful explosion in your head and sound is being filtered through water orgasm. One of the 10 best of my life. We all collapsed. I was sweating, my hair was a mess, I was short of breath I was ecstatic. I got up to clean up and walked with shaky baby doe legs to get warm towels from the dispenser for me and Milfy.

Milfy was taking a break from the action. It was unclear if she planned to continue to play or if that was it for the day. For the polite members of the Brigade, I hoped she was staying. Mr. Holland came over and asked if they could have my number for future get get togethers. I happily complied. It turns out they are from San Antonio but travel a lot. I thanked Mr. Holland for sharing his Opus with me and let him know I would be honored to help out any time and in any way when they were around. I told him he was a lucky man and he said "Don't I know it." I went and gave Milfy a kiss on the cheek and to thank her. 

And then I was out the door towards the poetry-mobile and the real world. Now dear readers I know some of you may say bullshit but I swear on Bliss Theater it happened. One of those magical days that can happen if you keep your wits about you.

Doc thanks for the help telling my story. Look forward to sharing more adventures.



Doc here again... A big round of applause for Henry Chinaski for a) having quite the day, and b) a terrific series of 3 reports on a day for the ages (for him).  I just hope he bought a Superball ticket on the way back home from his own Superball lottery at Bliss Theater in Dallas. 

We look forward to your future reports sir!  Welcome to the Rogue's Gallery of Journal Reporters.