Friday, May 5, 2017

Flash Report! Henry Chinaski's "An Afternoon of Bliss, Part 2" at the Bliss Adult Theater in Dallas, TX

Doc here, a man who some say has the ability to call certain farm animals by name, and they respond in kind. It's magic. 

New contributor Henry Chinaski is back with Part 2 of "An Afternoon of Bliss". When we last left our hero, he was just on the business end of a top-shelf handie, and was heading back to work...or was he?

Take it away, sir!


So I exit into the beautiful Texas sun on a lovely Friday. I've just been expertly drained by the hand of the nicest body I have experienced in the theater game, and I still have time to finish those TPS reports that are cluttering my desk. As the poetry-mobile roars to life I decide I should head back to work right? But . . . I mean I am over here in thew epicenter of Dallas' dirty deeds depository. Its a good 35 minutes from my work and an hour from home. I mean it wouldn't hurt to go see what else was cooking would it. Determined to be as bad an employee as possible I head my vehicle to the other members in good standing of the theater community. 
Xposed Adult Theater
Dallas, TX
Within 5 minutes I am pulling into the parking lot of the Xposed Adult Theater and Megastore. I described the theater a little in part one. The parking lot was nearly empty (never a good sign) and filled with 5-6 African-american transvestites that have taken up an odd residency here. Again, nothing wrong with that and god bless you if that's what moves your needle, it's just not for me. The most passable of the group, in fact she may have actually been female smiled and waved me over. While I was optimistic for the day I was not for my chances here. I politely declined and left without entering the theater. I say this not to bash Xposed. I have had some good times there and hope to again. In fact its lay out is probably my favorite of all three, but one must be wise with one's theater budget so it was au revoir Xposed.
New Fine Arts ABS
Dallas, TX
Continuing my commitment to let my little friend have as much fun as possible, I took a detour to New Fine Arts Adult Bookstore. Now this is not a theater per se. Its a chain of adult bookstores in Dallas. There are 3 locations and they are very clean, very safe and very well kept up. These are the stores the buttoned up head of the PTA goes when she wants to spice up her marriage with some toys and clothes that show off her T & A. This location does have a series of viewing rooms though. Now I have never even heard tales of a single guy stumbling into any play here without a pre-arranged partner, but it was close and hope springs eternal and all that jazz. 

Three traffic lights and 5 minutes later I am entering the parking lot and lo and behold I see the unicorn of all unicorn. An attractive single woman leaving the store with a bag in her hand. Late 30s early 40s short blond hair, pretty face. A milfy girl next door with nice large breasts and well proportioned hips. She was dressed nicely in a colorful dress and low heels and was probably one of those PTA types referenced above. However, the dress was tight enough and low cut enough to make you think. I nodded and said hi as I walked past her on her way to her car. She smiled back and said hi. I hoped she would reverse course and follow me in but it was not to be. 

The Mockingbird location of New Fine Arts open with the viewing rooms directly to your left upon entry and the elevated desk with the cash register to the right. There is a large room filled with toys and lingerie. To the right is a room filled with DVD and off of that room a room with all the BDSM fixins. Behind that is a huge part of the store dedicated to the gay community.

Inside the well lit store I spy a Hispanic couple and she was either a pro or they were there to play. She is early to mid 20s, very petite and attractive with straight black hair. She is poured into a red pleather dress that is laced up the back corset style. It is short, very very short. It is tight, very very tight. She is small chested which matches her frame and in 5-6 inches of the most come fuck me heels you can imagine. I realize that even in these heels she is only my size (a manly, tough 5'7" but I play taller than my height) so she is a little thing. 

She is holding onto her mate or date. He is a fireplug built 20 something Hispanic man in jeans a t-shirt and a baseball cap (I guess he didn't get the memo about dress for the job you want). They are looking at the various sundries and wears, picking up dildos and anal beads and giggling like kids trying to screw up the courage to go back to the booths and screw (which is what they were). I walked around pretending to look at the toys with the hopes of catching one of their eyes. Perhaps they wanted company. After 5 or so minutes it becomes clear that they are only speaking Spanish and while I am a life long Texan, I can only politely order a beer or ask for directions to the library in Spanish. Seeing as how neither was likely to help me and that the couple did not seem to be looking for friend I took my leave.
The Lido Theater
Dallas, TX
One more stop. The Lido, discussed in Part 1, is only 3 minutes away and while its my least favorite of the theaters I just had a feeling. Three minutes later I arrive in the almost completely full parking lot with my hopes high. For the uninitiated, you enter and turn left to find the cash register. There are two theaters. The one downstairs shows gay fare and the one upstairs shows the other porn (I was going to say straight but that's not accurate as a lot of MFF and lesbian porn has rolled over that screen through the years). You pay your $11 dollar fee. Its good for as long as you want so long as you don't leave the front door (except on Fridays and Saturdays when it is couples only. I hear single guys can rent a viewing room for $100 bucks or more and stand in the door hoping to attract couple but I have never done it). 

Up the stairs and you are buzzed into a dark room. Directly in front of you is a TV playing news and a sitting area with a couple of couches. To your right an alcove with 2 or 3 really large viewing rooms equipped with pleather futons, a TV for pay as you go porn, and a paper towel dispenser. To your left is a long hall with 7 or 8 viewing rooms smaller but equipped the same. The rooms have locks on the doors and when porn is playing a red light indicates occupied above the door frame. An unlocked door in an occupied room means come in and see whats happening. 

Past the hallway is another seating area with a TV, two bathrooms and couches. Past this is the theater. Entering the theater it is extremely dark. It is the biggest theater in town with 5-6 rows of chairs that probably seat 30 or 40. Lots of action behind the back row where men will line up and those so inclined will service them. P.S. if you are homophobic this is not the place for you. A large screen on the far wall provides the only light. It takes several minutes for your eyes to adjust to the dark.

Anyway, the vibe was off as soon as I entered. One sure fire way to tell if there is a woman or couple playing is if men are gathered around a closed and locked door in an occupied room. That means a woman playing. No such luck today. As I made my way to the theater I passed several open doors with men standing in the door frame, not an unusual occurrence, but what was unusual was the aggressive way they solicited me. One stepping out in front of me to ask if I wanted to do something that is still technically illegal in Texas and another actually grabbing my arm to stop me and make a similar offer. This was off putting. 

I entered the theater and there were no women. I sat to watch the film for a while to wait it out. There was a lot of guy on guy activity in the back room and something about the place just had a desperate feel to it. After about 10 minutes Mr. Graberson comes in and sits in a row behind me and begins to loudly and with commentary polish his bishop. Comments were directed at me. Now don't get me wrong fellow readers while I think I am cute as a button I am not attractive enough to warrant this kind of attention. It was all just a little to creepy for me so I decided to get the hell out.

Out into the afternoon air. Well I've had my fun, I thought, time to head back to work. Its nearly 3:30 now, but I will pass Bliss on my way. You guys remember Bliss? This is a story about Bliss. So 3-4 minutes later I am back in the parking lot for my second visit of the day. 

I walk into the store and show my receipt to the young man behind the counter. I turn to the theater and who do I see? Lo and behold its Milfy Nextdoor from New Fine Arts standing at the theater entrance talking to a clerk. The clerk is explaining the rules. I assume he took her for a little tour and he is now selling his club. He says something along the lines of it being the newest and being clean with lots of couple traffic on Fridays. I interject before I enter and say. "Hello again, This is the nicest and cleanest club in town. " She said "thank you that's good to know. I hope to go one day." 

I opened the door and said "why not now?" with as much sweetness and southern charm as I could muster. She said "I can't now but thanks." Back into the breach I go as the door swings open. It is much quieter this time around, with just a few guys sitting and watching the movie. I walk out to go to the bathroom. 

When I return there is an older African-american gentleman with his arm around a young 20 Hispanic girl. The girl is in a t-shirt and jeans. She has a pretty face with huge round deep brown eyes. She has huge tits but that is probably related to the fact that she is on the smaller end of the BBW scale with a little round belly and huge ass and hips, but oh that face. The African-american gentleman says "I don't have 20 bucks" and the clerk says "then you can't go to the preview rooms. You need a $20 deposit." The guy asks Face if she would like to go to the theater with him. She says no and the gentleman leaves. I am just standing there observing when Face turns to me and says "how about you? Want to go watch a movie with me? Luckily I had a fresh $20, she picked a gangbang movie and in a few minutes we are in a private viewing room with a leather couch, a TV and a St. Christopher's cross. Face is a real nice lady and the conversation is easy. We introduce each other and have a good initial chemistry. Jokes like "whats a good girl like you doing in a dump like this" are met with a rapid response of "Oh I am just a slut I guess." I am thinking to myself Henry, old boy, your day is looking up.

I lean in to kiss Face and she pulls away saying "kissing is not my thing." Naturally I ask "what is your thing, then?" She looks me in the eyes and says "I get off making guys cum really hard." Two Yahtzees in one day. Wow! 

We start to undress and she says "do you have condoms?" I did not so off to the counter because I always play safe. I instruct my new toy to be naked and masturbating when I return. I pick up two condoms and am back in the room in two shakes of my erect dick. Face is splayed open playing with herself, rubbing her clit and vigorously plunging 2 fingers in her very hairy slot. Her breasts are huge with giant saucer areolas. Now I am normally an oral guy but the amount of hair there was kind of a turn off. 

After sucking on those massive breasts and fingering her awhile, I instruct her to get on her knees where she began a very nice blow job with tongue attention to the boys and the taint. After a few minutes I lifted her to her feet and had her bend at the waist resting on the couch. I began to finger one of the tightest pussies I have experienced since college. She was wet and ready and after adjusting my angle I am in. She is tight. I go fast and slow. Giving the requisite spanks to her large round ass. She begins to dirty talk. "Give me that cum." etc etc. "I want your cum" you know the stuff you expect a woman you met 15 minutes ago to be saying. (ed. note: !

As tight as it was I wanted to see that Face. After 5 or so minutes I turn her over and hold her legs open at the ankles and I began a proper assault on that hole. She is getting filthier and filthier in her speech. Grunts moans and lots of begging for cum on her face and tits. I feel the familiar rising after a few more really hard thrusts and I pull out and take of the condom and deliver right to her chin and tits. She scraped up my offering, put it in her mouth and said "um good I can go home now and have some dinner." As we dressed we talked. She really was just a slut. You got off making guys cum and was good at it. When she got the urge this place was on her way home so she would stop in. A perfect cum slut princess, what a dream find. We exchanged peck on the cheek told each other we hoped to see each other again and she was gone.

Now I have arrived twice, that's more success than any one theater junky can expect. Time to head home. After a quick trip to the restroom I am about to head out the door but, I mean the theater is right there and re-entry is free can't hurt now can it?

(Part 3 cumming coming soon!)



Doc here again...Many thanks to Henry Chinaski for delivering on the middle part of his 3-part opus, and for now installing "Yahtzee!" as the battle cry for a load drop.  

Bravo sir... CB would be proud!  Can't wait for Part 3!