Thursday, July 9, 2015

Flash Report! The Oral Report Meets Loving Wife and Loving Husband at Xposed Adult Theater in Dallas on 7/3/15

Doc here, a man who some say only wears a unitard on the weekends (and only on Saturday), with a terrific Flash Report from senior reporter The Oral Reporter.

TOR visited Xposed in Dallas once again, and this time met up with fellow Journal reporters Loving Wife & Loving Husband for a little hanky panky. It was wild and wet, but I will let The Oral Reporter tell you all about that.

Take it away, sir...


Hi Doc,

Well it seems like my luck has been getting better, with my new favorite theater being the Xposed XXX Theater on Mockingbird Lane in Dallas, TX. Not far from Love Field. If any of your readers has ever flown into Dallas on Southwest Airlines, the you have been to Love Field.

This episode was on Friday night, the 3rd of July. I had a date with the same lady Jennifer as I had on my previous visit to Xposed. I used the wrong name for her last time and called her Robin. We have become real fuck buddies so I now know her real name. 

I flew in to Dallas from Midland, TX that afternoon. I got my rental car and drove to my hotel (across from the airport) the Doubletree. Being one of their best customers (nationwide) I was up-graded to a very nice suite. I had made an offer to a couple I had been chatting with by E-Mail. They just sent in a report about their first trip to Xposed, in fact it was their first trip to any XXX theater. (Loving Husband LH, and Loving Wife Love) to share my room with them so they didn't have to drive home in the wee hours of the morning, but they ended up getting a room on their own for the night.

Back to the story...I drove out to pick up Jennifer and we then stopped to get a bite to eat. We then went back to my room, where we wasted no time stripping down and getting on the bed. I had brought some Lube with me and wanted to try it out on her. She started by giving me a wonderful blow job, but then isn't every blow job from a woman's soft lips a wonderful thing?

This lasted for about 15 minutes and the we assumed the 69 position so I could start licking her pussy while she continued sucking my cock. After another 10 or 15 minutes we stopped to get a drink of water and catch our breath. I decided I was going to try out the lube, I lubed up my fingers and started inserting them in her pussy. I had all 4 fingers and my thumb in her pussy up to my knuckles. I thought I would be able to actually fist fuck her pussy, but even with the lube there just wasn't enough stretch in her pussy. Maybe next time!!!
Xposed Adult Theater
Dallas, TX

I withdrew all but two fingers and applied some lube to her asshole, I knew she liked having a finger or two in her ass while I was fingering her pussy and licked her pussy (all at the same time). Jen is a bit of a 3 hole cum slut if you couldn't guess. 

I kept on licking her and fingering her holes for at least another 20 minutes, she had several orgasms. She finally could not take any more. But before getting off of this nice big king sized bed, she decided to finish what she had started about an hour ago. She started sucking my cock and licking my balls. While she worked on my balls I started jacking off and when I was ready to cum, I told her to suck the cum out of my cock. She did just that, and swallowed every drop.

We then showered and headed to the Xposed Theater. We arrived about 7 pm and paid the 20 dollar fee for the two of us. We were way too early and only found one guy in the theaters almost asleep on one of the couches. So we watched the movie for awhile, as the janitor was in there getting the place nice and clean for the expected couples later. (Friday and Saturday are Couples Nights). 

Xposed Adult Theater
Large Theater
After sitting on one of the couches for awhile, a guy came in and asked if we would like to join him in one of the private rooms. Jen was ready for a good fucking, so we said yes and went into a room. He unzipped his pants and let his dick out for Jen to play with. Jen stroked it and sucked it a little but she wanted it in her pussy. She told him he had to use a condom, he didn't have one so I told him to get one at the counter in the ABS portion of the store. He left and as soon as he left the room, there was a knock on the door. It was another guy, we told him he needed a condom, so he left to go and get one. We waited about 15 minutes and neither of the guys came back. Too cheap to buy a condom I guess. 

Sad when you are guaranteed to fuck some nice pussy and maybe be able to fuck her ass as well. With the two of them she could have done DP. She had to be back home by 10pm, so we headed out of the theater so I could get her home.

I knew I was coming back to the theater and made arrangements to meet the Loving Wife and Loving Husband there. I arrived before they did, so in the meantime I started chatting with a single white female (AlleyCat), yes a real Unicorn, they do actually exist. She was probably in her mid to late 20s real cute, and was dressed to play. She even started showing me XXX rated pictures of herself on her phone. I thought this is promising. She was there to meet a girl that she had never met before. I gave her space while waiting on her girl. 

My mind started thinking about either getting with both of them, or at least watching the two of them. Several other guys were trying to get her attention also. At that time I was waiting on the couple, and she was waiting on the girl. My couple arrived then arrived...

Loving Wife told me what she would be wearing so I recognized her right away. I told AlleyCat that my couple was there and I was going to spend time with them. I also invited her to join us.

The couple and I sat on one of the couches, watched the movie and the other couples for a little while and then headed back to one of the private rooms. Loving Wife had told me she was a squirter, and I told her that was great. I enjoy eating pussy and being squirted on at the same time, and she liked her ass played with.

I started licking her nicely shaved pussy, and then slowly inserted one finger in her wet pussy, then inserted one finger in her ass, all the time still licking her pussy. Not long after she was having an orgasm and squirting on my face. I think she thought I was going to quit when the waterworks started. No way, I just kept fingering her holes and licking her we pussy. They had brought a hotel towel to put under her. After about 10 to 15 minutes I told them they should have brought two towels as this one was getting soaked in her pussy juices. Her husband wondered who was going to say Uncle first and call a halt to this long pussy licking and fingering session. I told him it wasn't going to be me, I was enjoying it too much. Loving Wife finally said she had all she could handle and needed some water to replenish what she had squirted on me.
Xposed Adult Theater
Small Theater

I got up and used a towel I had brought with me to dry off my face. We got dressed and went out to the bar. There is a BYOB bar where they serve mixes and water. Loving wife drank down 2 bottles of water to get hydrated again. I saw AlleyCat walking towards me and told her to ask Loving Wife if I was a good pussy licker and if I minded being squirt on. (AlleyCat is a squirter also). Loving Wife was still composing herself but told AlleyCat I was a great pussy licker. I was ready to dive right in and lick Alley Cat if she was ready but she acted like she wasn't interested. Maybe it was the age difference.  
We didn't hook up that night, but there is always next time. 

Loving Wife was worn out and totally satisfied for the night, she had cum there to fuck a few guys, but my tongue was all she needed to be totally satisfied.

We will try and meet up at Xposed another time, and I'm going to let her start on me first next time, as she says she loves giving blow jobs. So we still have uncharted territory to explore next time.

My next stop will be Friday night in Memphis. I'll let you know if I have any fun there.

Oral Reporter signing off!!!


Doc here again...Many thanks to The Oral Reporter for another great and detail filled report from Xposed Adult Theater.  It sounds like TOR had quite the night, as well as Loving Wife and Loving Husband.  Well done, guys!