Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Flash Report! Mr. C Hits Playtime Boutique in New Hampton, NY on 8/31/15 and Conducts a Little R&D

Doc here, a man who some say never got sand kicked in his face at the beach, with an outstanding Flash Report from new contributor to The Journal, Mr. C

Mr. C hit Playtime Boutique in New Hampton, NY (address and info in the database) yesterday, 8/31/15, and has submitted this report.  The report highlights the Golden Rule of adult theaters, and one I have been preaching since launching this blog in 2009:

Be patient in an adult theater. Being patient will eventually yield the experience that you want, and well as the people you interact with.

This rule is one that I have to remind myself of once in awhile when ready to call it a short night (or afternoon). And you know what?  It works... 

You know that feeling as you drive away from an adult theater? The feeling that 15 minutes after you left a hot couple or single female walked into your favorite adult theater? Exercise the Golden Rule and you might be there to catch the scene.

Mr. C did.

Without further ado, please welcome to The Journal, Mr. C!


Hi Doc,

After seeing you enjoyed the pictures I had sent, I began to think about checking on the Playtime Boutique in New Hampton, NY that you graciously put into the database!

I was in the area yesterday and as such decided to pay a visit. Now, it was only around 12 noon or so and a weekday so my hopes of finding a couple there weren't really high, but, ya never know. I walked in (clerk is extremely friendly), paid my fee and asked if there were any single ladies or couples in the booth area. He said no not yet, but, sometimes we know this can be a waiting game. 

Playtime Boutique
New Hampton, NY
I went into the back, and as usual for that time of day there were mainly gay and/or Bi men. Now, as they said in "Seinfeld" , "not that there's anything wrong with that" lol, it's simply not my thing. I hung around for about 20 minutes and watched a few videos during that time. So, feeling unlucky I decided to come back another time. 

As I left the back through the curtains hung there, I walked into a couple who were obviously looking for such a place but were unsure as to whether to venture forward. The guy was a fairly big guy and the lady was a very curvaceous woman. I'll call them R&D.

They were asking the clerk if they could just go in, have him give them a quick tour which he was unable to as he was a bit busy with toy customers. Sooo, being the gentlemen I am, I politely walked up and chatted with them about the place and what they could expect. I also offered to take them on the tour, if it was OK with the clerk, which it was. Well, the tour went well and although the lady seemed a bit nervous, I assured them that it's a pretty polite place and that especially with the size of R, no one was going to bum rush them and such. We then (as they hadn't paid yet) went back to the main floor to discuss any questions. 

As it would happen, being polite, friendly and helpful showed itself to be the best policy again. We had a few chuckles and smiles and D whispered in R's ear and a second later I was offered to come play with them if I liked! The clerk thanked me, we all settled up (I bought a few extra tokens for sure!) and proceeded to a private, large and secure booth. I let them pick the video's and asked if kissing was OK. R assured me it was and a very passionate make out session with D began. 

I let her hands do the first roaming and soon enough clothes came off and I was vigorously sucking on one nipple while R entertained the other. Unfortunately there are no lounge chairs there (wish they'd fix that!), so I leaned D up against the large leather stool and went down on a very aroused, wet and delicious pussy. R kept sucking her nipples while she began to shake and eventually have a huge climax. R then asked me to fuck his wife, which of course I was delighted to do! 

D went down on me for extra hardness and soon I was inside a very tight pussy. R was leaning back on the stool while I worked on D doggy style. I asked if she liked to be spanked and after R gave the nod it was all out doggy, hair pulling and ass smacking and all. D later told me she came quite a few times which brought a smile to my face as I always value the ladies pleasure before my own. Soon, it was all too much and I asked (I was bareback) where they'd like me to come. R pointed at her ass and soon enough I came enough to drown Cleveland onto it. R then came really hard into D's luscious mouth and we all took a minute to catch our breaths. 

Now, I know most guys don't think of this, but politeness afterwards goes a long way to ensure another encounter. So, using my undershorts, as we had forgotten to get towels, I wiped my cum off of D so she could get dressed without all that on her. We all then went our very, very exhausted ways but they exchanged numbers and such with me and I received a text last night that they are looking forward to another encounter soon.
So, from disappointment to excitement! Now again, Friday nights and Saturday are usually best for this place for couples to show, but again this proves that in "this thing of ours" you can never tell! lol

P.S. It also proved yet again that being fun, friendly and a gentlemen go a loooong way when meeting couples!

Hope you enjoyed!

Mr. C


Doc here again...Many thanks to Mr. C for a terrific first time report from Playtime Boutique.  Sometimes when things seem bleak, a ray of couples sunshine hits you in the lap, and a mid-day excursion turns into something a lot more satisfying.  

Well done, sir.