Sunday, September 20, 2015

Box Score! A Record Setting Evening at The Art Cinema Back to School Party! With Pic!

Doc here, a man who some say gets further with a kind word and a cannoli, than with just a kind word, with news of a record setting event at the mighty Art Cinema's Back to School Party Saturday night, 9/19/15.

When all 50 Art Cinema Swag Bags were gone by 7:55pm (we started the event at 7pm) they knew this evening was going to be big.

It was an incredible night, with a terrific vibe inside the entire theater, from the main floor right up to the last row in the couple's VIP balcony.

(Journal Reporter Incognito's Date for
Back to School)
The naughty schoolgirl outfits worn by our female guests were hands down the best ones I have seen at any Back to School party I have hosted.  Thank you for the great effort you put into making them so awesome!

Big kudos to the entire team @ The Art Cinema. From security, to the adviser team, all the way up to the man in charge, Ernie, everyone did a great job with this record setting crowd.  

Here we go...Just how big a record did we set tonight?

Box Score: Back to School Party

Couples: 111
Single Females: 2

Stay tuned for reports on this crazy evening coming soon to The Journal!