Thursday, December 1, 2016

Field Report! The Beard Sweeps Through the Mid-Atlantic for 3 Visits (BNA, Annabelle's, CVE)

Doc here, a man who some say once devoured 14 water ices in one setting, triggering a brain freeze some argue he never recovered from. 

The Good Doctor thinks you'll enjoy this report from first-time Journal scribe "The Beard".  The Beard hit a few of the Mid-Atlantic's most notable adult theaters, and has submitted this report to the news desk here at The Journal, deep in The Valley near the small women's liberal arts college. His beard has also been known to hypnotize women. Fact.

The Beard visited some of The Good Doctor's favorite places in the late Spring: BNA in Berlin, NJ, Annabelle's in Winston-Salem, NC, and CVE in Gastonia, NC. 

Please welcome to The Journal, The Beard.



Here is my report from the week of traveling down south earlier this year. This may be old news, but might be of help to some people as they hit these locations.  

Friday - Berlin News Agency 

Arrived about 9:30pm a little later than I like (damned Turnpike traffic),  and seemed to had just missed a couple. No big deal since I have almost never left BNA on a Friday or Saturday night unhappy. 

Berlin News Agency
Berlin, NJ
Taking a lay of the land the theater to the left was empty and the first cubicle in the front had a well dressed younger lady and her guy hanging out. The next two were occupied buy other guys and the fourth to the right had a group with a lady not to my liking. They are regulars as I have seen then before and only get down every few months. 

A little while later an older couple comes in and walks around for a bit and finally settles into the 2nd cubicle. They have some fun with a few guys, with a large group surrounding them and I'm blocked out and resigned to watch. They have their fun and must have left while I was in the next cubicle. 

While that is going on another couple comes in and joins couple in the 1st cubicle and after awhile the female half of the couple decides to play, as she takes off her top and starts to orally pleasure some of the gathered masses, me included. She was doing a fine job and the lady from couple # 1 gets up and starts playing as well. By this time I had let another guy enjoy what I had and moved on to her friend who by this time was taking on guys from both ends. I patiently waited my turn and was rewarded by an awesome BJ and then suited up, moved around behind her and hit her doggie. When I completed, I thanked her and retreated outside for a smoke and to regain myself. 

Went back in and it had emptied out a little, as the two couples were still there hanging out at this point chatting, and the 4th cubicle had the group still there. Hung out for awhile longer but as midnight approached nothing was going on and I had to be on the road early so that ended that night.

Saturday - Annabelle's, Winston Salem, NC

Winston Salem, NC
After doing what I needed Saturday morning, I continued south down I-81 towards W-S, NC. I have never been here before and the layout was a pretty straight forward: Large main theater open floor plan with couches/chairs, to the left was the gay theater. In between the two are private rooms accessible from both sides. To the left of both were the booths, some of which were not operational. 

Got there after 10:00 and seemed to miss the action. There was an older couple who was going into the Private Rooms with select guys, and a threesome who would eventually put on a good show. Had a nice chat with an older gentleman about the place while in the convenient smoking area, which he said has seen some action in the past. He was helpful in the who, what, and whens of the theater. But that was it in the short time until closing. 

Monday - Annabelle's, Winston Salem, NC

Returned and this time got there earlier and was rewarded buy a little gloryhole fun with a younger 20ish woman. But besides long story short pretty much the same.

Wednesday - CVE, Gastonia, NC 

CVE, Gastonia, NC
Couples Night (?), at least according to the website. There was 3 couples who stayed to themselves while there. Did run into one while theater hopping and got to talking and eventually got their number. They were not impressed and nor was I. There were more than a few guys with ants in their pants who just scooted between the rooms. Left there grabbed a few beverages and enjoyed some time back at my room with the couple I met there.

On Friday 3-19-16, Went east to Raleigh to try out a couple of their theaters in the afternoon but got side tracked with a friend with a long lunch. Next time I am down will budget a night as there is 3 within easy driving distance of each other.

So my new potential home state seems to be a huge hit or miss situation for this thing of ours. But, The Beard will make the most of it.


Doc here again... Many thanks to The Beard for an outstanding debut report, covering a lot of ground (and miles) in this thing of ours.  Rumor has it The Beard will be visiting The Art Cinema in Hartford this weekend for Naughty or Nice, the Art Cinema's HUGE holiday party which I am hosting. So if you see a guy hypnotizing hot women with his beard, you just might know who it is...