Monday, November 28, 2016

Flash Report! The Organist's Mid-Summer Visit to the Mighty Art Cinema in Hartford

Doc here, a man who some say has hair so aerodynamic, NASA has committed to a study of it to determine it's use it high altitude test flights.

File this report under "Better Late than Never", and it's all The Good Doctor's fault. Newly anointed senior reporter The Organist filed this report with me in the late summer, and it dropped under my radar for editing. Not good. 

The Organist (who I finally had a chance to meet at the HUGE Halloween Party with his awesome girl at The Art Cinema in October) who could not be a nicer guy, does a great job painting the picture of a fun evening at the mighty Art Cinema in Hartford. 

Tickle those ivories, sir!


Hey Doc! The Organist here. 

This past weekend had a definitely busy Saturday night at the Art! Many couples played on the main floor. I heard that there where ten couples on the main floor, and I only counted about seven. 30+ couples overall and a couple of single ladies. There was so much energy going on it almost set off a bit of sensory overload.  LOL! 

The Art Cinema - Balcony
For most of the night I planted myself in the bullpen. After while two couples sat next to me and start playing with each other. A third couple entered the bullpen with a male friend. The woman started paying attention to the male friend while playing with her man. Her man started enjoyed her from behind while the male friend was pleasured. 

During this time other couples started to trickle down to the main floor. One of the couples entered the bullpen, the lady stands totally naked in the bullpen, leans over the chairs and an amazing flogging show begins. Upon hearing the sounds of leather hitting skin, most of the theater stopped for a good while to watch! Later he took his girl to the middle isle for himself. 

Later on, one couple came down to the back of the theater. The guys gathered round and helped by touching her all over and playing with her while she was engaging her man. 

Directly across the middle isle there were two couples engaged, and a single woman all by herself who was making friends left and right. I had a chance to talk to her and she let me know that she was a first timer. Of course being by myself in the theater I suggested we go upstairs to the couples balcony to which she declined. 

There was a couple that was very interested in her. She seemed to like the attention she was getting from the couple, so I immediately suggested she go to the balcony with them to experience all the Art has to offer. The couple said "yeah we can do that!" and off they went! Im sure they had fun! You're welcome! LMAO! 

There was so much going on around me that I couldn't keep up! Certainly a fun night at the Art.


Doc here again... Many thanks to The Organist for another great report here at The Journal. The Art Cinema can have crazy evenings outside of the huge parties, and this is a shining example of one. 

Keep up the great work sir, and hope to see you and your tasty girl at Naughty or Nice this coming Saturday!