Thursday, July 21, 2011

Flash Report: Art Cinema in Hartford on 7/13 by The Captain

Doc here with report #2 on the crazy evening at Hartford's Art Cinema last Wednesday from The Captain.  This was a "Coming Attractions" visit, and it apparently lived up to all expectations. Report #1 from Tomkat (story HERE) was terrific, so what surprises does that crafty old seadog have for us?

Here is The Captain, dropping trou anchor at The Art Cinema.


What's up Doc?

The Captain has been hard at work battling some rough seas and is a little late in getting this report in. A true reporter always likes to have facts independently confirmed and I offer this report to back up TomKat's recent report on the 7/13 Coming Attraction event at Hartford's Art Cinema, at 255 Franklin Street.

Having recently been to the Art and hauled in an empty net, I was thrilled to see the preview of coming attractions coincided with another trip back out to sea. I left my berth in Upstate NY that afternoon and headed to Hartford early to avoid some of the dredging delays I'd been experiencing on the Connecticut River lately.

I arrived at The Art a few minutes before 7 and as TomKat stated, the entertainment for the night came in about 7:05. I usually expect couples to be an hour or more late and when they show up on time, I know they mean business when it comes to playtime!

Everything happened just as TomKat stated, blow by blow - I didn't realize cats had photographic, or in TomKat's case, video-graphic memory! I felt like I was back in the theater as I read his report.
The Real
Beau Garrett

The guy that stripped naked must have been a track and field Olympian the way he leaped over the rows to get near the couple when they came downstairs. They had a short time playing in the aisle but went back upstairs as I later found out because one of the patrons had a strong case of BO - having not showered in a while. (showing up and smelling clean gets you 90% of they way home when you participate in this thing of ours, the other 10% is ladies choice.) After they came back downstairs, she got more aggressive with the group. I was one of the lucky ones that got to sample her oral talents. She had a small mouth but took my good size cock expertly. Her tongue felt like velvet on my cock. I quickly spilled my load on her chest, as requested by her male companion, adding to gooey mess. She seemed pretty willing to do what he told her to. Whoever it was that unloaded on her right shoulder must have been saving that up for two weeks because he painted her Peter North style!

I've been racking my brain, and a few issues of US Weekly, to figure out who the woman reminded me of and it finally hit me... Beau Garrett from the TRON movie remake, but with a bob style haircut.

Hopefully the next Wed the 13th will be as eventful at the Art.

The Captain

PS - There was another couple there on Tue the 12th and one on Fri the 15th, so there might be some budding field reporters out there waiting to file their story? I heard neither played with the gen pop, but Tuesday was a young 20's couple that put on a show?!?!?


Doc here again... Thanks again to The Captain for is usual yeoman's effort in bringing this thing of ours into your living rooms, offices, bedrooms, or that corner of the basement with the oily rags.  The Art Cinema is the go-to adult theater in the New England states, and is still on The Good Doctor's bucket list.

I still need reports. Flash Reports and Blasts From The Past are needed to quench the thirst of the thousands of readers visiting The Journal each week.  It's time to step up and be counted.  Just e-mail Up With People The Good Doctor at with your report, and I will edit, format, and doll-up your report.  You get the glory and the girl.