Sunday, April 10, 2016

A Grand Finale Flash Report! The Oral Reporter Sails Off into the Sunset with a Visit to Past Time Video in Steubenville, OH on 3/24 and 3/25/16!

Doc here, a man who some say hates saying farewell, with the swan song report from senior Journal scribe and my good friend, The Oral Reporter.

In his last lap around the adult theater racetrack, The Oral Reporter hit Past Time Video in Steubenville, Ohio for a two-night visit and has filed this, his final report.

In the annals of The Journal's rich collection of contributors, no one has contributed more reports than The Oral Reporter. His travel schedule rivals The Good Doctor's, and I was lucky enough to run into him on a few occasions at one of our dens of carnal delights. He is a great guy with an excellent approach towards couples and singles alike in this thing of ours.

If I gave out ambassadorships for The Journal, he would the first one in line to get one.

Without further ado, please welcome back for the last time, the silver tongued scribe known as The Oral Reporter.


Hi Doc,

This is kind of a follow up report from the previous visit on the 17th of March. 
This report deals with the two nights of the 24th and 25th of March at Past Time Video in Steubenville, Ohio.

Thursday night as I have previously reported is Couples Free night. This Thursday it was a great night at Past Time Video, a total of 8 couples came in.

Past Time Video
Steubenville, OH
I arrived after the first 3 couples had arrived and had left. I was told by Jake when I walked in that the first two couples that had arrived there were no single guys in the theater to play with. This is two Thursdays that couples came in early and didn't have guys to play with. Guys watch the announcements being sent out by Past Time Video when a couple comes in, get out there and make yourself available to the couples.

I arrived about 5:30 PM and in very short order, couple #4 arrived at just after 6PM this couple was a very nice couple, they did not play in the theater right away, but went to the Booths with the glory holes.

I was the second one in the booth and was played with for awhile until they went back into the theater. The booth play warmed them up enough to get them started in the theater. This was a newbie couple and a new item the newbie couples are offered at Past Time Video is an illuminated wrist band that is Green in color. This tells the other people in the theater that they are new and should be given some space. 

The Choir Boys at Past Time Theater are not the typical group of vultures and naturally give the couples space and time. this couple was sitting on one of the couches and finally started playing with the guys in the theater. He was fucking his wife, while she was giving blow jobs, he told the guys not to cum in her mouth, so her tits ended up with a lot of loads of cum, mine included.
Past Time Video
Booth Area

This couple continued to play for a few hours until she was worn out and I would bet they will be back for more play, especially on Thursdays (couples are free night). They had posted that they would be in around 6ish, so they were on time.

Couple number 5 came in about 45 minutes later, This couple played with each other and put on a good show. They did not stay very long but it was fun watching them.

Couple number 6 came in after 7PM and it was one of my favorites, I had previously reported on "D" in a previous report she loves me licking her pussy, while she is giving blow jobs After I have licked her through several orgasms, I lube up my left hand and start fisting her, this is a real turn on for her and she cums many times, again while continuing to suck the guys around her to completion. Her husband is there to watch and to be her security guard. 

At this theater, security is not needed. After the intensive fisting she went to the rest room and here husband came back and said I had they were heading home and that I had worn her out again (that is always a good thing for a senior citizen to hear and will put a smile on my face every time).

Couple number 7 came in about an hour later they were new to the theater scene but seemed to enjoy the show (me licking and fisting "D") they played with each other and didn't seem to mind the singles who were left in the theater watching them from a very close distance. I was lucky enough and patient enough to still be around and ended up getting a nice blow job from this lady.

Couple number 8 came in and they are sort of regulars, their problem is they seem to start fighting very early in their visits, this couple was only in the theater for a matter of minutes until they walked out.

So for the night in general I had a very good time, a total of 8 couples were there, and I played with 3 of them. If I was a baseball player, that would be a great batting average. And for the typical adult theater that is a very good average of playing with the total number of couples.

Friday the 25th was a pretty good night, except for one loud and obnoxious guy sitting in the far corner of the Theater. I tried to step around him and he got all bent out of shape and started threatening me, and 
this drove out 3 of the 4 couples and several of the single guys. These patrons came back after Jacob at the counter came back and escorted him out, I think he is banned. Not sure if he was drunk or on drugs, or just had a lousy day.

A total of 4 couples had come into the theater that night, I played with one couple who I talked to for awhile, and found out they were from the Pittsburgh area and were members of a swinger club in that area. this was their first trip to Past Time Video and I am sure they will be back. this lady was not shy and was giving blow jobs to anyone who wanted one, and was also fucking several guys. This couple stayed almost to closing time and actually worked their way through all of the Choir Boys in attendance. The other couples didn't play with any of the single guys, and I think two of them actually left with each other for some play else were.

As usual I always ask if the couples have read the Dr. Emilio Lizardo Journal of Adult Theaters blog, and some have and some have not, so I always give them the web address. Most say they are interested and will get on and read the reports. I told them to watch for the comments about themselves, I don't use names and I have forgotten most of the initials of the couples, but they know who they are.

Doc this is it seems my last report since retirement is getting very close and where I will be sailing for the next few years (the Islands) there are no adult theaters. I may get back into this thing of ours when I get back from sailing, but by then I will be a older senior citizen so I may just sit back and read the reports on your blog. I have enjoyed this thing of ours, and for the last number of years I have had a great time reporting on it through your blog. Being one of your scribes has been a fun hobby and I hate to have it come to an end. I have met a lot of people in these adult theaters and several of them have read my reports and a few even say they came to the theaters because of them. I do hope I have had a small part in breaking down the boundary that some couples have about going to an adult theater to explore their wild side (ed. note: You have, sir.  Well done!)

In closing I hope that all of the theaters continue to improve their establishments to attract more couples and the single ladies (unicorns) and make them places where will couples will feel free and safe.

My advice to the single guys: Be patient and don't act like a group of vultures. Give the couples space until they are ready for company. Some couples and single ladies may not ever be ready to play, but be patient and in most cases you will be rewarded with their attention. Also bathe and brush your teeth on a regular basis. No one wants to have a street bum trying to play with them. If you are a smoker and they are not, then they are going to notice the bad smell of your smoke on you. That is a real turn off to non smokers. Be courteous and always ask before you touch. Just because they are there doesn't mean they are there to play with you. (ed. note: All excellent points sir. Single guys, take note of these words.  I have preached them for years.)

Doc I will always read the reports in your blog as long as I have an internet connection, and you can always contact me either through my e-mail address or put a note in your blog and I will see it sooner or later.

Oral Reporter signing off.


Doc here again... It is always with a bit of melancholy that I publish a last report from a tried and true contributor like The Oral Reporter. He has done a great job over the years covering dozens of adult theaters with detail rich reports.  His contributions and field intel will be missed greatly, both by me and the ten of thousands of readers of The Journal.  There will be a big void by your retirement, and hopefully someone will step up to fill this void in terms of quality and quantity. 

To The Oral Reporter... Thank you for your service, and enjoy the high seas.