Thursday, April 14, 2016

Couple's Flash Report! A Wiki-Leaked Letter from JP's Slut Toy at 15th Ave. Adult Theater on Friday 4/8/16 with PICS

Doc here, a man who some say believes in the freedom of information and power of the people. He also believes that meatballs are one of the 7 natural wonders of the modern world. 

This report has been long overdue. The incredible JP's Slut Toy ( AKA to government agencies as @fitlilslut ) filed a confidential memo to her personal server located in a restroom on Chicago's west side, and a hacker group discovered this dossier from this past Friday night at 15th Ave. Adult Theater.

Needless to say, it is a scandalous document filled with tawdry details, copious amounts of lady juice, harsh language, and an insanely hot blonde.

The investigative arm of The Journal, The I-Team, has the moral responsibility to publish this document and photos to empower the people...

...and also possibly get squirted on.

Here is this confidential memo from the awesome JP's Slut Toy...


Dear [Redacted]

Thanks for reaching out. I wish you gals had planned girl’s night for Saturday night, I would have totally been in!! How was [Redacted] for dinner? Did you wear the slutty open cup bra under your top? Did any guys say anything? I know Master is talking to [redacted] about another meet up at the dungeon. Don’t be surprised if you think you are heading for the movies and wind up tied up and blindfolded at the dungeon while you listen to them force orgasms from me till I pass out.

 In my case I needed cock on Friday. Master had been away for a few days and I was desperately horny. I picked him up from the airport totally naked under a long coat and I had every intention to suck him dry by the side of the road next to O’Hare.

Master of course had a different plan. He tossed his bags in the trunk, took the keys, and made me sit in the passenger seat with the coat open as we drove to an adult novelty store in the western suburbs. More than a few trucks saw me and a state of IL truck gave me a nice loud horn blast.

The store itself had quite a selection of clothing which Master made me try on and parade through the store. I tried on some dresses, some heels, some skirts, etc before Master settled on a pair of booty shorts, a body stocking underneath it, and a draped top. He pulled also pulled a collar, nipple clamps, and a leash from his bag so he was planning this before he left.

Do you remember at the dungeon when I was tied up and made to tell you two about a fucking 3 guys plus master at an adult theater? That theater is a 15th avenue in Melrose Park. I realized when we stayed in the suburbs that we were going to end up there.

It made sense. As the administrator of the 15th avenue group on fetlife I should drop by every now and then. It had been a few months since our last visit and Friday night is always busy owing to the open life style party hosted by Shannon Spears of TGurlNightClub.

After stopping at the liquor store to get a bottle of wine (the party is BYOB) we got to the theater. It was packed. There was ONE parking spot which luckily was the closest one. I like making a big entrance and walking the whole length of the parking lot as I enter but it was snowing and I was basically naked so I just wanted to get in fast. Unlike most trips, we didn’t have our wheeled box of BDSM equipment so we just walked into the party room and paid our cover at the door.

I’m told in the course of the night they had 15 couples, 14 TGurls, and around 45 guys. We got there a little late so we didn’t see those many couples but we spotted maybe 5 Male-Female couples, one tgurl-female couple, a dozen tgurls, and around 20 guys.

We actually didn't do much at the party. We socialized a little, polished off that bottle of wine, and my outfit got a LOT of looks from the guys.

Initially we were checking out the female-tgurl couple on the stage. They were dancing and playing and stripping while people watched. It was not a bad show but Master’s eyes were drawn to the crowd around one of the hook up rooms so we went there. Inside was a couple playing and he was spanking her. He wasn't doing it well so Master took me off the leash and had me hand the guy a slapper. I don’t think the crowd of guys really were prepared for a nearly naked woman to squeeze past them. As I did I am sure most of them were hoping I was going to join the couple.

That couple went for a few minutes and then came out. They were checking us out but before they could talk to us another couple started talking to them. The other couple was a black guy and a blonde. Before you know it BOTH couples are in the room and they are spanking the blond while both women are rubbing on each other and there was some squirting. It was kind of chaotic

That went till close of the party but luckily the theater itself was open for another hour so we moved over there.

When we walked in two or three couples were already in the couple’s section and a bunch of guys were watching. The couples were just getting settled in so Master took me to the first row of the theater instead. During parties the whole left side is for couples and a post is next to the first row so they can rope it off. Master tied the leash to that post, handed me a bottle of water, turned me to face the audience and he told me masturbate using the cold bottle of water. THEN HE LEFT!

Within 30 seconds a dozen guys and two couples had moved up to watch as I ran the bottle over Master’s slave nipples and over Master’s slave clit. Master often uses ice and has me Masturbate with it so this was not new or particularly harsh. What was new was being alone and doing it in front of these guys. That said they were respectful. Nobody crowded me or spoke to me. They just got close to watch.

Master returned 30 seconds later with a towel and asked me what I like to see at the theater. As we discussed before, he is working on my language and making me talk dirty. It’s a work in progress because initially I responded quietly when I said "cocks". He took the slapper to his slave ass and asked me again and I said it quite loudly.

It’s always a shock to profess what a slut I am in public, that loudly to a strange group of men. It never gets easy but it is always a rush when you hear a chorus of zippers open for you. I felt Master’s cunt get quite soaked and his slave nipples got really hard. He took my shorts off, found the wet spot and put them in my mouth to suck on as I played with myself.

A few minutes later he took the shorts out of my mouth and asked me what my favorite thing to do at the theater is. Obviously the answer is feeling Master cum in me but what he wanted to hear was “Squirting on guys."

Right away a couple of hands went up and the blond woman ran to the front of the room and tried to lick nipples. I was shocked! We are both prepared for guys to invade our space but to see a woman do it is unusual. Regardless Master doesn't let guys do that so he told her to stop too.

Suffice to say she really wanted to be squirted on.

The problem was that it wasn't going to work in the theater.

She was quite tall so it would mean basically Lying on the floor or getting on all fours to get some. She was game to it and dropped to her knees right away whereupon Master made me put my leg on the chair and start to play with myself. That lasted for about 30 seconds before Master made me stop. He told me later that the idea of making a woman kneel on the bare floor at the theater was making him feel bad so he decided to move to “our office”.

Our office is a cinder block room behind the screen. It used to only have one light and a chain hung from the ceiling with a low table in the center. It looked like a dungeon. They have since gotten rid of the chain (which still bums me out) and added a little more light but the room is still gritty and serious.

Master threw the towel on the table and the blonde jumped on it. Guys started touching her and she seemed open to it. Meanwhile I stood over top of her and started playing. I love the office. I can stand over everyone , I can see them all crowded in to see me, I can see lots of cocks, and I was aware of her waiting for me to squirt. I don’t know how long it took but in less than a minute I was asking permission to cum. Usually master waits but he just said OK and then I squirted on this woman. Meanwhile two guys were slapping the blond's tits with their cocks and she seemed in heaven.

Squirt volunteer #2 was a guy who jumped on the table and table shirtless. This time Master fingered his slave cunt stopping occasionally to make me taste myself. It didn't take long for me to erupt. This guy’s hair, glasses , and upper torso were soaked.

Meanwhile a third couple was at the end of the table. She was giving him head and the blond was joining in. After that guy got off the table I was put all fours and Master fucked my mouth. Other than stopping for a second to reposition me so the guys could watch he basically just used me. The black guy with the blonde made her bend over and look at my cunt as he started to fucked her. For this reason Master started fingering me. I realized that with my back arched that guys were starring hard at me and jerking off which made me really wet. Sure enough a second later a third (projectile) squirt occurred that hit the blond in the face. Finally Master me turned around and fucked me as I watched the blond getting fucked and dozens of guys surrounded us furiously tugging on their own cocks.

Note the squirt all over the bench)

That went for a while but the theater was closing so we started to go. As we left we saw the female half of the third couple giving a guy a hand job. That is what I usually do at the theater (albeit with rubber gloves on) so master sent me over to have a closer look. The guy was just staring at me and I think just the visual of me shoving past guys to check out his cock made him erupt.

At that point our work was done. Master retrieved some pants I left in the car as I chatted up some guys by the drink machine. Sure enough at the end of the night there are 2 or 3 guys who emerge and say they wish they had asked to be squirted on and ask if I’ll come back. It kills me because these guys don’t seem to get that this was their shot. I really hope they are masturbating to the memory of me walking away saying “Carpe Diem”

It was a LONG night by the time we got home. I went to take off my make up and by the time I got to bed Master was asleep. I took his cock in my mouth, got him Hard, woke him up enough that he started tugging on his slave nipples, and then he exploded in my mouth. He had put in a long day so kept sucking till I knew every drop was done and he fell back to sleep. I curled up next to him and felt how wet I was so I kept the collar on. Sure enough he woke me a few hours later by driving his cock into me.

Anyways that was my Friday night.

Saturday I hit [Redacted] to try the new spin class at 11AM. Have you seen the instructor? I did the class with BenWaBalls in me and I came 3 times .

We got to figure out a night that you and [redacted] can join us at the theater. For exhibitionistic sex toys like you and I it is the high temple of lust.



Doc here again... many thanks to JP's Slut Toy for the memo and the Wiki People for squirting leaking this document for the masses.  I cannot wait until the next document leak...