Sunday, April 10, 2016

Reminder! A Quick Note from The Good Doctor: Access to the Adult Theater Database

Doc here with a public service announcement for you, the good readers of The Journal.

Lately I am getting killed in requests for editing access to my Adult Theater Database. This morning alone I have received three.

The database is designed and published as a read-only document. This gives me 100% control of the validity of it's content, and frankly keeps rogue knuckleheads from fucking it up. It took years to compile, and I update it as soon as I get intel from the field.  

If you see information on the dB that needs updating, or there is a new location that deserves listing, e-mail me that info directly to .  

Be specific in your information:
  • Exact name of the location.
  • Address (including state)
  • Hours
  • Couples friendly?
  • Is it a theater, ABS, combo, etc.?
So pretty please, with sugar on top. Please knock off the Google Sheets requests. Send me the intel directly.