Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Final Results! The 2016 Journal of Adult Theaters NCAA Brackets Tourney

Doc here, a man who some say has climbed the ladder a few times after a hard fought game, and has cut the fishnets off a hot blonde... 

It took a last second buzzer-beating 3 pointer to determine the top team in the tourney.  And in the end, it was Villanova who is the top team in the land. 

Here are the final results in The Journal's NCAA Brackets Tourney:

Congrats to Everett Fairfax for winning the whole damn thing.  E-mail me directly and we will set up your delivery of the very rare Lizardo Journal premium coffee mug and a pic of the ol' Doc himself.

Congrats to all that played...And I am still shocked that I actually placed above The Wet Beavers.  That girl is a handicapping machine. 

Trust me...I'm a Doctor.