Sunday, December 21, 2014

Flash Report! A Crazy Evening at 15th Ave. Adult Theater on Saturday in Chicago 12/20/14 by Meathead

Doc here, a man who some say apparently picked the wrong night to stay home, wrap Christmas presents, and drink 7 Bloody Marys when just up the giant mega-lane expressway, a crazy night was unfolding at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago.   

The Good Doctor first met Meathead and his partner in crime, Nawtnurse, a few weeks ago at a medical conference (and by "medical conference", I mean swing party) hosted by the international man of mystery Charlie (of Charlie's Angles fame).  Meathead is a great guy, and was very considerate at the medical conference.

Meathead is a great guy, and as it turns out, is a long time reader of The Journal. And as far as Nawtnurse is concerned, she is smoking hot! Please check out the epilogue of this report with something juicy coming up regarding her. 

Please welcome long time reader and first time contributor, Meathead to The Journal family...


Hello Doc,

Meathead here, back up in the wonderful city of Chicago on business from Tampa and as the hipsters would say, 15th Ave was off the hook, off the chain etc this Saturday, so hot it should be renamed OMG!  The amazing thing was, and this is no exaggeration, virtually all the women were 10's--and in their late 20's, 30's to early 40's. These women could have been working at strip clubs, they were so hot, but they and their guys were truly just into "this thing of ours."

Let me give a quick roster--and everyone of these ladies/couples played....A LOT!!

Vicky and her guy (we will call him Mr. Vicky)
Mr and Mrs Slaneesh
The Taboo Girl
The Tall Amazing "Head" Mistres
The Tall Amazing Head Mistresses Doppelganger
Barbie (and Ken) 
The Tall Black Girl

I got to 15th Ave. with a buddy at 8 and first thing I noticed was guys changing out of their clothes in the locker area to go into the steam room--always a good sign. I quickly dropped trou, showered and went into the steam room. This was actually funny. It was so jammed in there it looked like a seminar was being given with the people jammed onto the risers of the steam room, and in truth one fellow Mr. Vicky was enjoying regaling the room with stories of tattoos from Tahiti etc...

Mrs. Slaneesh

In the steam room was Mr. and Mrs. Slaneesh and the Vicky's....Mrs. Slaneesh has dreamy breasts, the kind you just HAVE to touch, suck, kiss, carress, nibble, and knead.....A beautiful girl next door sweetly "innocent" face, great body, tasty looking ass and pussy, and also happen to be very nice people as I found out chatting with them later in the locker room area. 

At some point after plenty of Mr. Vicky led banter, Mrs. Slaneesh began to give some delicious looking head to Mr. Slaneesh....There was a young guy (23 he said) doing the shower in the steam room and Mrs. Slaneesh liked his look, so she invited him to sit beside her on the upper riser, and did what is so hot to see, leaned down and began to give this "stranger" head while her guy looked on approvingly and got stroked all the while. That lead to a lot of touching of her, kissing her breasts, fondling her etc. but she stuck to giving the young guy head and then her guy got up and fucked her while she continued to give him head.....The Vicky's adjourned that area and did not play at that time, but oh, how they played later.

After the Slaneesh's stopped and in typically comical manner the steam room emptied out en masse and proceeded to the shower! Like the Pied Piper leading the charge...As I dressed I saw my buddy--he had looked in the steam room and seeing no room in the Inn, decided to try the theater. It was also a good move as Barbie- (so named because she was wearing a top that said Barbie on it) had been receptive to my buddies charm and rewarded him with head and pussy! If ever there is a true "dynamic duo" that is it!    

Vicky the Vixen

So I proceeded to the theater where the former steam room occupants had moved to the couples section of the theater where in between much comedic chatter led by Mr. Vicky-Vickie was giving him head and then he began eating her pussy to rapturous sounds, and then Vicky had him stop, and he said I was just about to get to the clit ring, or something like that...and so Mrs. Slaneesh asked him to come back and do her, and he did. So sexy to see her in the seat, legs up n the air being thoroughly tasted.....

Eventually those 4 went into the room behind the screen and it was ON! Cocks for Vicky, in her mouth, in her pussy and taking on all cummers, and the Slaneesh's sharing with the Vicky's and them going back and forth, with the ladies doing some delicious kissing, and breast sucking! mmmmm

After being in there for quite awhile and enjoying myself also, I left the room behind the screen and the first thing I see is a GORGEOUS tall, mid 30's smoking hottie with an ass to absolutely die for (I will call her the tall "head" mistress for reasons you can probably already figure out but I will be happy to describe)! She had not an ounce of fat on her, (not that that lessens any woman's sexiness who enjoys this kind of fun)  and beautiful medium breasts giving her guy rough head, continually shoving his cock so far down her throat she continued to gag. It was athletic and raw and HOT!! She was sensual and animalistic, all wrapped up in a models body. 

Eventually her guy said, anyone who is ready to cum, can cum on her tits, well that was working for virtually every cock there --probably 15-20 or so, and as each guy would cum on her tits, she would look at her guy, and she would wrap those lips around the cocks that had just shot their loving loads on her all over her beautiful tits!.

After another shower break to clean up, I went back to the room behind the screen, and now Vicky was giving head to a guy and being fucked from behind, and Mr. Vicky was alternating between Mrs. Slaneesh and Vickie and a new also smoking hot blond I will call the Taboo Girl for the simple reason she was wearing a little top that said Taboo Taboo. She looked amazing as her gorgeous blond hair laid out so sexy on the massage table that was the center of all the activity. Her face was beautiful and body was great, medium breasted and a GREAT ass. Again any hard cock was received with warm appreciative lips and any wrapped up cock was rewarded with hot pussy! 

On and on it went, with occasional breaks for a breather. Then the Taboo Girl decided she wanted to taste some pussy, and she went down on Mrs. Slaneesh and that was unbelievable all this while she was giving her guy head. Then numerous guys worked on the Taboo Girl and made her squirt and orgasm so many times I lost count. 

Needing a breather I stepped back and noticed a new large breasted Tall Black Girl who was giving a guy a hand job while he was playing with her tits, well by the time I got to her, her guy came and got her and they left, but that sure looked hot too...

It was then a tall girl who resembled the head mistress--hence the name head mistress doppelganger--came into the room behind the screen to watch the action. She was gorgeous also and I was literally confused by how close she looked to the other lady to ask her (not a fake come on) was she the lady who had been in the front row before. She said no, and then I heard her guy ask her what I had asked, she told him, and he said, yea there is a similarity there, and by the way they are back in the spa....Exit stage left for Meathead!!

There she is in the spa completely nude, wow!!! her guy head, now there was only 2 other guys in there with her, and now I made 3, and then she got up and bent over, OMG was she lithe, jutting that perfect ass so high up in to the air, her guy pounded while she braced herself against the one wall, and orgasmed time after time. OMG was she HOT!!! Eventually I came on her  again it was as before well received...

Back to the theater, her equally gorgeous double was bent over a chair on the front row getting pounded by one of the guys with her guy by her head. She loved it and at the end said, thank you, that was quite a pounding, and yes it was...

Well, my cock was tired, sore, raw and out of energy, as I left and chatted with another guy walking out. I said Elle MacPherson or Kim Kardashian could walk in and I dont think I could do anything about it, we both agreed it was one helluva night!!!

Meathead out. 


Doc here again... Wow, what a night for the ages at 15th Ave. in Chicago last night. Many, many thanks to Meathead for a top-shelf report while he was deeply embedded in the front lines at 15th Ave. last night. Kudos, sir. 

Now, about Nawtnurse... TONIGHT at 6pm ET at Fantasyland 1 in Tampa, FL, Nawtnurse will be visiting along with a couple of friends.  Word has it one should check out the pool room at Fantasyland 1 as a starting point. 

If you venture to Fantasyland 1 this evening at 6pm and see Nawtnurse, please tell her "Doc sent me".