Saturday, December 17, 2016

International Flash Report! The Traveler Hits Kino Labyrinth in Vienna, Austria in August 2016 w/PICS

Doc here, a man who some say embraces the wiener-schnitzel life, with another GREAT International Flash Report from regular Journal scribe The Traveler.

The Traveler has filed his second Vienna, Austria report, this time featuring a cool as fuck on-premises club called Kino Layrinth.  And good God, this place looks awesome!  I have inserted several pics from Kino Labrinth's website for reference in this report. 

Once again, soak in this report's details...A Fresca (Hi Gemini!) and some spicy tacos (Hi K!) are suggested for this reading. 

Take it away, The Traveler!


Hi Doctor,

Today's report is on Kino Labyrinth in Vienna, Austria.

It was a beautiful Tuesday evening in Vienna and I was looking forward to a new adventure. I had tried a few of the lifestyle clubs and found that during the week they were not very busy, so I decided to try a kino (porn theater) and the one I choose was not your usual porno kino. 

Kino Labrinth
Vienna, Austria
Before I arrived in Vienna and I had done some internet research on this club and was intrigued with its unusual style and appearance. It didn’t seem to fit neatly into any of the usual categories of porn theater, lifestyle club or sauna club so I had to check it out.
I was on a train headed for Favoritenstra├če 164 and after a short trip I arrived at my station. From there I had a short walk thru a typical Vienna neighborhood of small shops and older apartment buildings to get to my destination. Kino Labyrinth was brightly lit and not difficult to find. Once you reach the building you walk down a flight of stairs and enter a very small porn shop with very few items on display. Behind the counter was a friendly woman who gladly took my 14 euros and buzzed open a door that lead me into the club.

I entered into a small bar and lounge area where several men were sitting and enjoying beverages. The woman who greeted me was at the bar and offer to serve me the complimentary beverage that comes with your ticket purchase. I declined wanting to check out the club before I settled into the lounge.

The club was designed to give you the feeling you are in a dimly lit underground cave on a path that twists and winds through a maze of play areas. I left the lounge and started down the winding path and almost immediately I came to a group of about six men standing around what looked to be the shell of a car

Kino Labyrinth
On the inside of the car on a large mattress was a naked couple in their early 50’s. At each window was one or two men with their hard cocks pushed as far into the car as possible. The thin shapely brunette inside the car was moving from cock to cock sucking each for a few minutes and then moving on. She also kept her hands busy stroking cocks that were within her reach. 

There was no room for me to step up to an open window so I moved to a spot where I could watch the older attractive woman suck on cock after cock while her husband lay next to her. One of the men must have cum in her mouth by the sounds of his groans and the way he was pushing his cock as far into her mouth as he could. When he finished a man behind him took his place.

I was looking for an opportunity to move to an open window when the husband spoke to his wife and they began to pick up their clothes and towels. The men moved away and the couple left. I hoped they would come back but I never saw them the rest of the evening. Had I been a few minutes earlier in arriving maybe I would have been at one of the windows. Oh well, it was still early so I continued my exploration of the labyrinth.

The club was larger than I expected, as I walked down the path it started to curve its way towards the back of the club. I passed a room with bars for walls that contained a Saint Andrews cross and several other play areas that were unoccupied. Eventually the path came to an end at the shower/locker area where I also found a large group play area. I turned around and retraced my steps. 

Kino Labyrinth
On my return trip I saw a well concealed second path off to the right. I followed it and found several additional play areas. I followed the second path and as it lead back to the lounge area but just before I walked into the lounge I found yet a third path that took me in a new direction to half dozen or more additional play areas. Now I understood why the club was called a labyrinth. It was a maze with over a dozen play areas of different sizes. While many of them had doors for privacy most had viewing windows and gloryholes to let the action be shared.

I returned to the lounge and ordered my complimentary drink. There was not a lot of action at the moment so it was a good time to relax and plan my strategy for the evening. From my seat in the lounge I had a perfect view of anyone entering the club. I decided to stay seated and watch the newcomers until I saw someone of interest.

I had finished my drink and was thinking of ordering another when a couple walked in. Leading the way was a very attractive younger blond. She was tall with large high breast that were being held tightly by a latex dress that revealed ample cleavage and long shapely legs. Her erect posture accentuated the dresses effect on her body. 

Kino Labyrinth
Behind her followed an older gentleman dressed in an impeccable suit and tie with well-groomed silver hair. He gave the impression of being a banker or a lawyer. This unusual couple didn’t stop in the lounge, it seemed as if they had been to this club before and knew where they were going.

I continued to sit in the lounge area for another ten minutes but my curiosity got the better of me and I had to see what this unusual couple was up to. I made my way down the path they had taken and found them in the room with bars for walls. The older gentleman was now naked and fastened to the Saint Andrews cross facing the wall. His white buttocks were a stark contrast to the dark wood of the wall behind him. The blond had removed the latex skirt she was wearing and her exquisite firm buttocks were exposed in a latex thong she was wearing.

She moved slowly, first using her hand to slap his body at random. Each blow seemed to be a little harder than the last. After a few minutes she pulled some type of paddle from her bag and proceeded to repeat the methodical punishment she had delivered with her hand. A pattern was developing, she moved from paddle to crop and then to whip slightly increasing the pain level as she continued. By now the white buttocks were a deep red and I had seen enough. I took a quick walk through the labyrinth and returned my seat in the lounge to relax.

From my seat I had a great view of the entrance door so I could see everyone who was coming into the club. The traffic of newcomers was steady but mostly men so I had to be patient. I had passed on several couples and finally my patience was rewarded when an attractive couple in their 40’s walked in. They greeted the woman behind the bar by name and after placing their order took seats at the bar. Several men in the lounge quickly joined the couple and they exchanged what appeared to be warm hellos but I didn’t know the language so I couldn’t be sure.

This small group engaged in hearty conversation and laughter for about 30 minutes. During that time I was able to get a good look at the attractive female. She appeared to be athletic in build with smallish breasts and firm shapely legs that looked strong and muscled. Her hips were narrow and her skirt was pulled tight around her small firm buttocks. She had an athletes body but with curves.

I’m not sure what was said, but in unison the small group stood up. The couple left first followed by the two men they had been talking to. I decided to discreetly follow with hopes that I could be part of whatever they had in mind. The small group walked directly to one of the larger play areas in the club, once all four people had entered the room, the door was shut.

Fortunately this play area had several small square holes cut in the walls at a height that allowed someone standing on the outside to have a great view of what was going on inside. I choose one of the viewing ports and started to watch this foursome. The other ports were quickly taken and by soon a small group of men had gathered.

It didn’t take long for the action to begin. Cloths came off very quickly and I was able to confirm the lovely athletic body that I had suspected beneath the cloths on the attractive female. She was a passionate lover and quickly built a sexual intensity in the room. She engaged each man in deep French kissing while having her body explored and probed. A round of oral sex followed. She took each man’s cock in turn forcing one after another down her throat all the time having her shaved pussy licked and probed by multiple tongues and fingers.

I was outside the room but I could feel the intensity and began to get that full feeling in my cock. I wanted to join in the fun but for now I could only watch. The scene changed once again and each man found a hole and pushed his cock inside her. This woman was definitely a three hole lover. What followed was a round robin of cocks moving from one hole to another sharing and enjoying her body. She was athletic and limber enough to be able to adjust to the sexual positions the three men demanded from her.

She was very vocal when she reached orgasm so it was easy to tell when the men’s cocks brought her to a peak. She had several while they fucked her. Finally in rather quick succession each of the men began to moan and groan while trusting hard into one of her holes they too had reached their orgasm.

The group slowly separated and the husband moved between his wife’s legs and began to gently lick and finger fuck her pussy. She was sensitive at first and reacted to his touch as if in pain but as he continued her hips began to push upward to meet his tongue and fingers. After several minutes she reach a screaming orgasm that left her limp and exhausted. This sexual encounter had ended and casual conversation and laughter quickly resumed among the group in the play room with each person sorting out their clothing so they could dress.

Kino Labyrinth
I returned to the lounge and tried to decide if I was disappointed or happy with this experience. I had witnessed some unbelievable live porn but was disappointed I had not been able to join in the fun. The problem was that the fullness in my cock was starting to hurt and I needed to find some relief but the club was open for several more hours so I sat back and waited for the next couple to arrive.

There is a saying I remember from my childhood that says “good things come to those who wait”. Well tonight that is exactly what happened. I had sat for an hour watching as most of the club’s patrons left but I still had some time before closing so I sat and slowly sipped a glass of wine. I heard the buzzer on the entrance door and looked up to see a beautiful 20 something brunette walk thru the door followed by a handsome man that I assumed was her husband. They appeared nervous and when the woman behind the bar offered them their complimentary drink they declined. They spoke in whispers to each other and then walked into the labyrinth. I caught a view of the brunette’s body as they passed and she was amazing. Large breasts, slim hips, and a beautiful face.

I followed at a discrete distance. They stopped and looked into several of the play areas but didn’t find whatever they were looking for. This continued until we had made almost the entire circuit of the labyrinth. As they walked down the somewhat remote third path they stopped at the last play area and after a quick look they again spoke in whispers and then walked in and shut the door.

The play area they choose was on the smaller side. It had a place where you could stand when you entered but the remainder of the area was covered by a queen size mattress. I like this play are because it had both viewing ports and gloryholes. I quietly took a position at one of the gloryholes that had a viewing port directly above it.

They wasted no time in removing their clothes and her body was even better than I had first thought. I was close enough to get a good view of her hard brown nipples and her neatly trimmed pussy. I saw her look at the gloryhole, she knew I was standing there.

They got on the bed and began to kiss passionately hands touching and stoking each other. He spread her legs and I could see the pink lips of her pussy for a moment before his head blocked my view. She like to have her cunt licked by the sounds of the moans coming from her. They moved again and she took his cock in her mouth and eagerly sucked him deep into her throat. They were making sure I had a good view of the action.

By now I was rock hard and decided to push my cock through the gloryhole. He looked up and saw it come into their play area. He whispered to his wife and she looked up as well but then return to sucking his cock while I could only watch, again.

He lifted himself off the bed and position his cock to enter that beautiful pussy missionary style again making sure I had a good view. I could see his cock slide in and I could watch her face as he began to slowly fuck her pussy. They were in the middle of the bed only a few feet away from the gloryhole. She turned her head slightly and looked at my cock while he was fucking her.

They switched to doggy position but stayed in the middle of the mattress so I was no closer to joining the action. My cock was throbbing by now. After a few minutes he leaned down and placed his head close to hers. They were whispering again to each other. He raised up to continue fucking her but in one small movement her turned her body so her head was now facing my gloryhole.

It only took a moment before I could feel her hot wet mouth close over the head of my cock. She moved slowly using her tongue and lips on the head making my cock even harder. He began to fuck her and that made her head move back and forth on my cock. He was pushing her towards the gloryhole and I could feel more of my cock go down her throat.

Minutes went by and I could only focus on the amazing blow job I was receiving. I knew I would have to cum soon. I could feel my cock grow and begin to jerk as cum was beginning to flow. She must have been able to feel the same thing because she started to suck harder using her hand to make my shoot. She took my cock deeper in her mouth as I exploded with an eruption of cum. She sucked until there was nothing left.

Now the surprise came. I was enjoying the afterglow of an amazing orgasm but still watching the beautiful couple on the other side of the wall. She raised herself onto her knees and turned to her husband. They embraced and her mouth closed on his. With open mouth he received her cum coated tongue as they kissed. My cum was now filling both their mouths as their tongues passed my load back and forth. This unbelievable scene lasted for about a minute or so and then the couple literally jumped off the bed and dressed.

It was almost closing time so I also headed to the lounge and exit. I had a great night.

Note: Kino Labyrinth does not have a theater but it does have some small screens playing old not very interesting porn. I suggest that you check the website before selecting the day you plan on going. This club has a varied program and you will find some nights are reserved for gay men or LBGT crowds. You can find the information you need at their website .

~The Traveler~


Doc here again... Many thanks to The Traveler, who once again has taken us into the Vienna underground scene to experience Kino Labyrinth.  Outstanding work, sir!  What The Good Doctor would give to bring an experience like this stateside.