Thursday, December 15, 2016

Couple's Flash Report! StuntSlut Simone and Mr. S Celebrate Their Anniversary at Adult World in Las Vegas in 12/2016

Doc here, a man who some say once arm wrestled Miss Venezuela to a hard fought draw in the mid-2000's, with a special Couple's Flash Report - Anniversary Edition from my good friends StuntSlut Simone, and her hubby Mr. S.

That StuntSlut Simone...She is a VERY bad girl. Some women on a big wedding anniversary day like to go out for a fancy dinner at a 5-Star restaurant.  StuntSlut Simone wanted anonymous sex from 5 strangers at an adult theater. This is another reason why StuntSlut Simone is the coolest chick ever. But I digress...

StuntSlut Simone has just sent in a GREAT Flash Report on her anniversary exploits, along with a brand new exclusive pic of SSS at Adult World in Las Vegas that night.

Let's get to it, Sparky...Please welcome back my good friend StuntSlut Simone!



I’m really sorry and sad I missed your last 15th Avenue party in Chicago due to illness; apparently, I was a little run down after 11(!) days in Vegas. (ed. note: No shit! I have a three day limit of my Vegas trips).

Now that I’m well again, I want to make it up to you by sharing a twisted Vegas story with you and the (other) pervs (ed. note: That's Dr. Perv to you, young lady) who enjoy my exploits :)

Last week, after Mr. S joined me in Vegas to celebrate a big-deal anniversary, we found ourselves downtown, which isn’t our usual M.O. It turned out to be a lot of fun, however, as soon as we found The Griffin, which is just the sort of dive bar we love, especially when we have nowhere to be.

Drinks flowed, and the friendly bartender pointed us to the next not-to-be-missed dive bar, where drinks flowed again.

We had no schedule or plan, but plenty of drinks, so at about 3am an Uber dropped us in an industrial no-man’s-land west of of I-15, outside Adult World (ed. note: Address is 
3781 Meade Ave, Las Vegas), which Mr. S had apparently starred on Google Maps at some point in the previous weeks or years.

StuntSlut Simone Outside Adult World
Las Vegas, NV
Tits were immediately revealed, the above photo was taken, and then we wandered in, imagining we were doing a good job of pretending to be somewhat sober. Mr. S pulled his billfold out and declared “two for the theater,” but the friendly clerk told us couples were free.

We thanked him and headed in through a far door, finding ourselves in a small, sparse, clean “theater” room with benches, chairs, and three unimpressed guys watching gay porn. We kept moving, and passed through into a second space about the same, but with four guys watching straight porn. This audience seemed more interested in me, and I was certainly interested in the big, tall, friendly, early-30s black gentleman who was bold enough to stand up and greet us.

Alcohol had made me bold, too, so I stood in the middle of the space and again freed my tits. As Mr. S and the other three guys watched silently, he was on them immediately, and soon I held a heavy BBC so thick that my fingers and thumb just barely touched.

At this point, we’d only been in the building for three minutes, and the frenzied vibe was working for me. I dropped to my knees and showed off by making that lovely black cock disappear a few dozen times, while enjoying my new friend’s commentary; I heard a lot of “oh my God”, “damn, baby”, “amazing” and “so good”, along with one “do you have a sister?” which got a laugh from the guys.

After a couple minutes, he’d figured out that a hand on the back of my head was a good thing for everyone, and asked if I swallowed. I do, of course, but I took that as my cue to stop sucking, stand up, turn around and drop my black leggings and panties in one drunken, fluid motion.

Turning around left me again facing Mr. S, who was aggressively rifling through my purse, no doubt searching for a condom.

Adult World
Las Vegas, NV
Powerful hands grabbed my hips as I flashed Mr. S a wicked smile, managing only to say “I don’t nee…” before that thick black cock disappeared into my pussy on the first thrust, leaving me unable to speak for a moment.

For the next couple minutes, I stood bent over, leggings around my ankles, tits bouncing wildly and eyes closed as he pounded away; I’d love to be able tell some exciting story about what I was thinking or planning as this stranger enjoyed me au naturel, but I was honestly too wracked by non-stop orgasms to engage in meaningful thought ;)

Eventually, his strokes slowed a bit, and with that familiar strained voice that told me he was about to cum, he asked if I wanted to swallow.

I looked up at Mr. S, and breathlessly said no.

He slowed a bit more, and asked if he should shoot it on my ass.

I gave Mr. S a grin, and again said no.

From behind me, I heard a pleased “Ohhhh, I get you, girl.”

The pounding briefly turned downright violent, giving me two more quick orgasms, and then I heard “here you go, baby” and felt the heat of his load deep in my pussy.

My knees were weak, so as soon as he pulled out, I gave him one last brief lick before I sat back in a chair, wrestled one foot out of my leggings and panties, and pulled my knees up to show off to Mr. S what had happened to me.

All cocks in the room were out, and the guys took this is an invitation to approach; I waited until I had a cock in each hand before wishing Mr. S a happy anniversary, which gave both Mr. S and the rest of the guys another good laugh.

I laughed a little, too, and then felt the big load oozing out of my pussy and down between my ass cheeks as various hands found my tits, the cock to my left found its way into my mouth, and Mr. S moved in for his turn.


Doc here again... Many thanks to the awesome, gorgeous, and very naughty StuntSlut Simone for another great report from her knees the front lines of this thing of ours. Imagine you walk into Adult World, and the first thing you see is an awesome brunette smoke-show tearing up the joint. I am, and my eyes are welling up.  

Keep up the great work StuntSlut Simone (and Mr. S!), and I look forward to see you at the next 15th Ave. Adult Theater Party I host in Chicago. You'll be due for your annual check-up with me.