Saturday, August 1, 2015

Flash Report! The Oral Reporter is Back in Dallas with More from Xposed and Lido Adult Theaters on 7/25/15

Doc here, a man who some say can bake a cannoli like nobody's business, with a Flash report from senior Journal scribe, The Oral Reporter.

TOR is back in Dallas, and back to monkey business.  Here is his tale...


Hi Doc,

Well I was expecting a better night on Saturday the 25th of July, but too many things did not happen for that too happen. It was not an uneventful night but not as originally planned.

I flew into Dallas on Saturday afternoon, I thought it was going to be the best night ever at the Xposed Theater and at the Lido Theater. Well let me tell you what ended up happening.

I called my standby lady friend Jennifer, but she was not answering her phone, but then I remembered she was going to Oklahoma to a casino for a couple of days. So she was out of the mix. Then I was still hoping that my friend Tina would be able too meet me in Dallas, as she is now living in Paris Texas. Tina could not get off of work, so she was out of the mix. This left me as a single male trying to go to one or both of the theaters on a Couples Only night. 

Xposed Theater
Dallas, Texas
The next thing that went only partially right was I had met a couple a week earlier at the Xposed Theater, you might remember from my last report there. I was fortunate to have met Cricket and Carla along with their guys. I gave Carla my phone number and we have been texting since then about the next time I was going to be in Dallas. I told Carla that I would be back on Saturday the 25th. I asked her to contact Cricket so we could do everthing again. I got my rental car and went to my hotel which was the Doubletree at the Dallas Love Airport. 

When I called Carla and gave her my room number she said she had not been able to find Crickets phone number, but her and her guy wanted to come to the room for some sexy fun prior to going to either of the theaters. He wanted to video Carla and I having fun with each other. I said I'm not shy so they came over and we started first with me licking her juicy pussy, until she came, then she gave me a blow job all of it on video. We then took off to the Xposed Theater on Mockingbird Lane. The three of us went in no charge since we just wanted to check it out. It was 9:30 PM but there were no couples in the theater.

So we left and went to the Lido just around the corner. The clerk would not allow the 3 of us to go up as a threesome, I would have to pay the very high ticket price of $175.00. I said no way, so I told them to go up to the couples theater and give me a call later to see if it was going to be a worth the price for me to pay and go up stairs.

I got a call from Carla and she said there were almost no couples in the theater, they said they would call back if things picked up. In the mean time I went to the Xposed Theater again and there was only one couple there. 
So I called Carla back and asked her to come down stairs and I would follow her up stairs and make my way upstairs @ The Lido.
The Lido Adult Theater
Dallas, TX

Carla and her guy had just met up with a couple and her guy was still in the private room with them, so they let us in and that turned out pretty good; she was a nice average build lady in her early 40s, and her guy of about the same age. At first there was no contact with the other couple by me, but Carla gave me another blow job to a nice creamy finish. 

After that the other lady allowed me to lick her pussy. When we were done, Carla exchanged phone numbers with the other couple for future use, we then went out side of the room and sat in the area just out side of the theater. 

I was very surprised to see the number of couples going into the theater, I would give it a conservative estimate of at least 30 couples during the night. We went in the theater and found so many couples having sex in the seats and against the back wall. Our night was about to come to an end, it was already about 1:30 AM.

Carla and I decided to try again on my next trip into town and have a party at my hotel and maybe we can get more of the original crowd of missing ladies and some additional couples to join us at the hotel. Not sure when that is going to be, but it should be in a couple of weeks.

Doc, it was not a total wash out, I got two blow jobs and ate two pussies. That is better than just sitting at the hotel by myself.

So Doc, I will be sending in another report on my next trip to Dallas. This thing of ours is a crazy thing, sometimes we are lucky to just watch, and sometimes we get to play.

Till next time, Oral Reporter signing out.


Doc here again... Many thanks once again to The Oral Reporter and his insight on Couple's Night at The Lido Adult Theater.  

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