Sunday, May 29, 2011

Flash Report: Bob from Kansas City (wait, Kansas City?) on Bazooka's

Doc here with a curve ball that just nips the outside corner... Bob in Biloxi has traveled out of the beautiful Gulf Coast and has landed in Kansas City, MO.  What will he find?

Here's Bob!


Bazooka's, Kansas City, MO

Hey Doc,

Reporting from the Heartland, Kansas City, on the Missouri side. I have to say, Bazooka’s located at 1717 Main St. is a clean place. That was the good news. The bad news is nothing much was happening on a cool night in light drizzle.

Bazooka’s is a two part establishment, the bottom part is a bar/strip with the top part having two theaters and an arcade. The theaters are about 24 seats each, well kept but warm (temp wise) last night.  It was the usual lookers and up and down patrons going between the two theaters. Aggravating at best, one theater had an old black couple that appeared to be sleeping. But during my hour there I saw no other couples.

Oh, and no camera's allowed.

Looked like a Sheriff's deputy manning the front door to the place. The arcade has no doors, just an enclosure with a mini open hallway leading to an ancient showing screen and to the usual hall lurkers.

In closing I wouldn’t recommend this place for playing. I just didn’t feel the vibe that I think couples would need to get comfortable in there. I did get a report from one of the locals in Biloxi, that couples abounded Saturday night, but no details yet. That will teach me to go out of town on Memorial Day!


Bob in Biloxi


Doc here again...You might be able to take the Bob out of Biloxi, but you cannot take the Biloxi out of Bob.  I have heard random reports about Bazooka's over the past year, and none of them showed a pulse.  Looks like Bob has verified the diagnosis.

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