Thursday, May 26, 2011

Brent's Theater Tails Flash Report! "Tuesday. One Couple. 30 Minutes"

Doc here with the latest from the poet laureate of this thing of ours, Brent from Portland. When it comes to adult theaters, there is Portland, OR, and then there is the rest of the world as we know it.  And we are truly blessed that we have Brent to capture the moments that make our niche so exciting.

Even a Tuesday night can be exciting in Portland. Here is Brent's breakdown...


Tuesday. One Couple. 30 Minutes.

The couple that came to The Paris Theater in Portland last night made the most of their half hour visit. When I got there , they were on the first couch to your left after you walk into the theater through the left entrance to the auditorium past The Couples Oasis and down the stairs.

She was a cute Peppermint Patty, goth, tattooed suicide girl and he was a fit, compact tattooed Trainspotting guy. Her tits were out and he was finger fucking her wet pussy.Then he went down on her causing her to yell out in agonizing pleasure. She was telling him how horny she was and how wet she was. She said words to the effect " I'm a dirty girl!"

The Tuesday regulars gathered around them and soon hands were caressing her exposed tits and nipples and reaching for her pussy. Her vagina was wet and warm and tingling. She gently pushed our hands away then reached for a cock and started caressing it. Men leaned into her and sucked on her sensitive nipples.

She saw a cock she liked and asked her old man " Can I have a taste" Her old man nodded and she leaned forward and started sucking on it. Soon he was coming. She offered her body and face up if anyone else wanted to come on her. " Just don't get it in my eyes," she smiled. Only one guy took advantage of her offer. There were just 8 men in the theater at the time.

They decided to go for a beer and said they would be back in a while. Someone told them that the theater closed at midnight. "Our perv palaces stay open 24 hours a day, where I come from," she laughed.

I told her that if they came back before midnight , the clerk would keep the theater open long enough for them (and everybody else) to get off. I had no right to say that because it's actually up to the  discretion of Ray or the clerk. But I said it because I wanted them to come back and play some more.

Funny thing is I didn't even wait around for them. I left the theater around 11:30 and headed for home. If they did return to the theater for round two, I hope they had a good time and I hope there was a few new cocks for her to play with. She was, or was in the process of becoming that kind of girl.


Doc here again... Brent is the gold standard of adult theater reporters, and this report is a great example of his work. This thing of ours benefits from his reporting, and has opened the doors for many other adult theater scribes by the examples he has set over the years. 

Sometimes we don't say this enough, but thank you, Brent.

Do you have an adult theater report you'd like to see on the pages of The Journal?  Just e-mail Jet Li The Good Doctor at The staff here at The Journal (OK, me) needs more reports as readership grows. 

So pretty please, with sugar on top -  Send in your reports.