Saturday, February 4, 2017

Flash Report! A Cheerleader & a Blonde Walk into The Oregon Theater in Portland by Brent

Doc here, a man who some say puts the "O" in taco, with a terrific Flash Report from my good friend and colleague, Brent in Portland.
Things have been picking up at The Oregon Theater in Rip City, and this report from Brent paints a great picture of what may happen on any given night at an adult theater.
Take it away, Brent!
I saw the first couple come in and then disappear. I tweeted and posted to this group and started messaging people. I knew she was a player from The Paris. A cute, nicely built, cheerleader type. Beach Blanket Gidget.  
The Oregon Theatre
Portland, OR
As they were walking into the theater another couple came in. She was thin and very well built, long platinum hair, high heels, stockings, a choker, black arm length gloves . She looked like (here's an obscure pull) Carol Lynley with long, straight Jean Harlow hair. Oh, and perfect, natural breasts, long silky legs, an epic ass and a pussy that was more sensitive to touch than a Bally's Pin Ball Machine. He had a bag full of whips and toys.
I finished my notifications and wandered into the auditorium.
The cheerleader was on one side and guys were hovering around her. One guy was fingering her and I could hear her pussy sloshing like a bucket of water on a boat.
On the other side of the theater, the other blond was making out with her boy friend, She had her black stocking-ed legs spread wide and he was playing with her pussy through her panties.
I went out to text and send out some more notifications.

When I walked back in, some one was fucking the cheerleader on one side of the theater and the blond was surrounded by 4 or 5 guys. Her man was playing with her clit while she sucked a guys dick and had another guy in her hand.
Thanks to social media,more guys were showing up and soon the cheerleader had men lined up by her couch for a blow job , eat her pussy or to fuck her in the pussy or ass.
Yada Yada Yada, so Gidget was fucking and sucking guys on one table, including taking a few in her tight ass,  and Carol was getting her pussy eaten and sucking guys on the other table. A couple of guys did such a good job going down on her, she told her man. "I NEED a dick in me ! NOW!
For the next 40 minutes both ladies were on The Oregon Theater orgy tables sucking and fucking and getting their pussies eaten, until, no one was able to get it up anymore and the party was over. Afterwards, the ladies exchanged hellos and touched each other playfully, but this was in the process of them getting dressed so this was not a Sappho moment. Maybe next time.
It was an exciting, unexpected  scene. The crowd never got to be more than 20 guys, and the women easily handled  them all.
Not bad for a cold, windy, Bi Wednesday at The OT.
Doc here again... Many thanks goes out to the poet laureate of this thing of ours, Brent in Portland.  Another great report, sir!
Portland's adult theater scene is on the rise... Do your part and join in on what is the new normal in PDX.