Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Flash Report! Harper Cox's Visit to The Art Cinema by Incognito in December 2016

Doc here, a man who some say once held the record for the longest pizza dough throw in New London County history with a heave of 48 feet, 3 inches. 

In late December, there was a bukkake event at the Art Cinema in Hartford, CT featuring the beautiful Harper Cox, and her partner in crime Dark One Kali. And lucky for us, Journal senior reporter Incognito was there with gland in hand for the afternoon.

Take it away, Incognito!


Incognito here,

Earlier in the week (in late December) I saw a posting that there was going to be a fun bukakke party to attend on the weekend. So saving myself for a week, I decided to venture out on a frigid December Sunday evening to visit my favorite funhouse, the Art Cinema, to see the great Harper_Cox and dark_one_kali.

When I arrived a few minutes late, there was a huge crowd of more than guys lined up on both side of the aisles while they were both in the middle already glistening with goo. I quickly maneuvered to the front of the action. There was another brave female on the sidelines working as a fluffer riding someone while blowing another. I think at the time there was +20 guys already finished.

The fluffer decided to go down on Kali and eat her box while she was taking on loads, so I quickly lined up and Kali and Harper both tilted their heads back to receive my XXXmas present. By the time I was finished I covered Kali and Harper with more baby batter than Aunt Jemima's flapjack titties at a pancake porn party. I misfired and overshot Harpers face and almost took out some contestants on the sidelines and cameraman. Some landed on various parts of Harper's body which she quickly scooped up and feasted on as if my name was Sweet Dick Willy. Being a good girl she shared some of it with Kali by spitting some into her mouth. 

I quickly got adjusted and went to the back of the line to make room for the next ones. I wasn't able to stick around to get a total tally , but iI'm sure you'll be getting another email from someone else that was there to watch this legend in action. 

I left and walked out outside into the cold night air enjoying my holiday cheer. 

Ho Ho Ho.


Doc here again... Many thanks to Incognito for a great report from the front lines at The Art Cinema. Keep them coming, sir!

And a special thanks to Harper Cox and Dark One Kali for spreading the holiday cheer everywhere...apparently.