Saturday, February 11, 2017

UPDATED! Box Score and Report! Snow Bunnies Gone Wild at 15th Ave. Adult Theater on 1/14/17 by Doc!

Doc here, a man who some say used to vacation on LV-426, until that little issue with the eggs came to light and shot that plan to Hell. Game over, man!

It was a warmer than usual night in Chicago's western burbs on Saturday January 14th, 2017 for 15th Avenue Adult Theater's first huge party of 2017: Snow Bunnies Gone Wild.  In years past, the January event took place in as cold a night as -10F. But this night was not one of them.  So much so that some ladies who arrived wore their special sexy outfits in without even a coat (Hi Elizabeth!). 

It was warmer than usual outside, and real heat was inside the Party Room & theater at 15th Ave. As the humble sea bass host of the huge Saturday night parties at 15th Ave., I had a bird's eye view on most of the evenings festivities, and would to share a few of them with you.

But first, The Box Score for the evening...

M/F Couples: 75 (Up 31% from last year!)
Single Females: 5
Trans Girls: 7
Single Guys: Dozens & Dozens

It was a very busy night, and our guests steadily arrived throughout the evening. Since the theme was "Snow Bunnies Gone Wild", we saw many ladies with their own ears and fluffy white tails along with their sexy (and mostly) white outfits. Did I mention I love bunnies? 

One of the early arrivals is no stranger to fans of The Journal: My good friend StuntSlut Simone, along with her hubby Mr. S. Looking awesome as always, StuntSlut Simone typically undergoes a couple of outfit changes as the evening progresses. The progression goes from evening wear to slut wear, with the latter outfit treated to be very good at stain removal. 

Another early arrival was another good friend of The Good Doctor, the tall redhead we will simply call "M".  M was accompanied by a cute couple, and together this threesome had big plans for the evening.  M had been looking forward to this evening for awhile, and seeing her in her awesome new blue dress, well kids she rocked it. Hard!  More on M later in this broadcast.

Another early arrival was Precious, a cute little spinner with a rocking body, sexy lacy lingerie, and playful attitude!  This was her third party in a row, and is blending right into the scene like a veteran.

The Party Room was filling up, and that meant one thing: The Sexy Outfit Contest was coming up!

Our contestants for the evening were:
  1. Crystal: A sexy bombshell who worked the stage. There was boobage.
  2. Elizabeth: The high priestess of this contest. Her outfits usually consist of about 6 pieces of thread, and that's it. What a body on this girl! Boobage barely covered.
  3. Precious: As previously mentioned, her sheer white lingerie barely concealed her perfect little body. There was Boobage. 
  4. Kitty: What a hot body on this girl!
  5. Alexis: December's winner of the Sexy Outfit Contest. She was back, in another terrific outfit!  So innocent...So naughty!
  6. The Beanie Babe:  This mid-20's first timer was a rock star! Her outfit was a long eared bunny with a TY beanie baby tag, tiny bikini top, tiny short shorts, and a LED lighted belt wrapped around her hips. What a show!
  7. Nikki: Great outfit, great moves. There might have been boobage, but I was getting woozy at this point.
  8. Stacey: I have known Stacey for a long time, and she is always the life of any party! And yes, there was plenty of boobage.
  9. Becca: Really sexy outfit...Really sexy moves!
  10. Erin: This girl rocked it with some great moves on the stripper pole! 90% sure there was boobage. 
  11. Denise: This flirtatious contestant oozed naughtiness... 
And the winners of the contest were:
  1. The Beanie Babe
  2. Alexis
  3. A Tie: Erin and Nikki
After the contest, The Good Doctor needed a little R&R.  I checked in with StuntSlut Simone, and she had changed into her "21 penis gun salute" outfit, which meant the room behind the screen were in her cross hairs. 

I ventured over to M, who looked a little flush.  It seems that M, along with the couple she came with, decided some behind the screen time was needed. I found out afterwards that she *may* have had a close encounter with my good friend Michael and his magic fingers. That dude...

After some shop talk and a few sips from her cup, M and The Good Doctor got handsy.  While she groped your old friend in the white suit and aviators (and after she disclosed she was a squirter), The Good Doctor decided it was time to pull out "The Annexation of Puerto Rico". 

TAOPR is a finger-banging technique learned many years ago by The Good Doctor (from either a member of the Church of Scotland, or a cabbie back in my old stomping grounds of New York, I can't remember) that makes a girl who squirts fast and hard. Sure enough, after a very short period of time, M arched her hips and squirted all the way up my arm. Not content with one, a second "annexation" followed this up. 

A second technique, know in some circles as "Ford's Theater", was kept in The Good Doctor's back pocket for the next event. 

The evening was winding down, and one thing was very clear: I needed to get M to private room, STAT.  Holding her hand, I led her to my office (Room #2). After getting her insurance information (I'm a Doctor, dammit, and offer low co-pays), a thorough examination took place. Details of this very naughty encounter are doctor/patient privileged , however I can say the marks from her shoes on the tops of my shoulders healed up within a couple of weeks. 

Afterwards I bid M goodbye, along with the cute couple with whom she arrived, the taste of her still on my lips.  

I caught up with StuntSlut Simone at the end of the evening, and as always she (and a bunch of guys) had a blast. She needed some Visine, a sign of good times and bad aim. Mission accomplished.

Now kids, there was a ton of other things going on during the evening I did not see first hand. The theater was hopping after the contest wrapped up, and I would have loved to seen what happened in there.  But I had a great excuse:  I was busy seducing a hot red head.

It's now onto the huge Valentine's Party at 15th Ave Adult Theater: My Naughty Valentine on Saturday February 11th, 2017. I'll be there...Will you?

Many thanks to everyone who came out for Snow Bunnies Gone Wild!