Thursday, February 9, 2017

Field Report! Denver Adult Theater Overview by Max Geo!

Doc here, a man who some say was once one of the original voices used on the early Garmin GPS devices.  The phrase "Turn right here, douchebag" was a crowd favorite.

Regular contributor Max Geo is back with an overview of the Denver adult theater scene, which has had it's ups and downs over the years.  In this report, we get updates on Circus Cinema as well as Pleasures (the former Act 1&2). 

Take it away, Max Geo!


The Circus Cinema
Three theaters, two straight one gay. $10 single $15 couple. Each has about 40 seats. Recently cleaned up and painted inside. A "go to" 24/7 place, it gets busy in prime time. Quieter from 11pm-2am. Word is they see LE now and then but in the 20 years I've been going there I've never seen it. Each theater has screens from security cameras showing the parking lot and interior hallways. 

Pleasures (formerly Act 1&2)
Remodeled and IMHO they really fucked it up. Must give signature when buying $12 ticket. Six small, too bright theaters, gay, straight, trans, shemale. Lots of preview rooms w glory holes. People walk around and don't sit. I don't hear about LE there yet. Act 1&2 had been at the same address since the 70's. The owners announced the closing weeks in advance. It was quite a month long sendoff before transitioning to Pleasures from Act 1&2. 


Doc here again... Many thanks to Max Geo for the update on the Mile High City's adult theater scene.   Keep the cards and letters coming, sir.