Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Couple's Flash Report! The Secret Room 2125 Party in The Party Room of 15th Ave. Adult Theater on 2/24/17 by Mr. & Mrs. Slaneesh!

Doc here, a man who some say is called by Native Americans Niichaad , which roughly translates to "The Swollen One". The legend is that Niichaad once sat on his own balls during a tribal gathering, horrifying many.  The name stuck, unfortunately.

Well kids, the first Secret Room 2125 Party was a huge success!  We had a great turnout, had an incredible bartender in JP's Slut Toy (and JP!), and a fun, playful vibe all night long! The Secret Room was hopping, and among the most playful of the attendees were my good friends Mr. & Mrs. Slaneesh!

The last time I saw The Slaneesh's, The Mrs. was dressed as a loofah, and The Mr. as a bar of soap at our huge Halloween Party at 15th Ave. back in October. Mrs. Slaneesh was looking fantastic Friday night, and the Mr. dapper as always. 

Of concern was the fact that Mrs. Slaneesh was overdue for her regular exam, and through questioning The Good Doctor discovered something missing from her evening that needed treatment and corrective action. 

With that set-up, please welcome back to The Journal the awesome Mr. & Mrs. Slaneesh!


I wanted to get a Flash Report done for the Secret Room 2125 party. It’s been too long since we have submitted one and too long since you were involved with Mrs. Slaneesh’s ongoing medical treatments! (ed. note: Her condition was acute, her situation dire.)

We planned to get there early and spend some time in the sauna pre-party, but a few wardrobe malfunctions at home combined with a longer than normal travel time, saw us arriving around 8:30pm. We were met in the parking lot by none other than Vicky the Vixen and Victor (happy birthday buddy!).   As Mrs. Slaneesh brought her body as a gift for Victor this night, there were sure to be shenanigans in the works.

With the Party Room separated from the rest of the building for this event, we used our Doc’s frequent patient cards (15th ave couple’s free admission coupon) to get ourselves into the theater and spa to grab a locker and stash our belongings. Mrs. Slaneesh also took the occasion to change into something more appropriate for her evening; tonight’s choices included tight yoga pants, a black sheen shirt (see through in the light) and her favorite corset. I forbade undergarments of any kind (actually I forbade all clothes, but win some, lose some) so these were stored for later use!

Mrs. Slaneesh
With the details out of the way, we headed direct to the party room where we were greeted by the Host of the evening himself. Naturally Doc was concerned about the status of Mrs. Slaneesh and was devastated to learn she was still needed his attentions. With so many patients to care for though, she would have to wait her turn.

The mood early on was relaxed, though we could definitely feel a certain “hunger” in the room as more couples and single guys filled the place up. We chatted up Victor and Vicky and after a bit of drinking and warming up, both figuratively and literally, we decided to head over to the theater and hang out in the sauna. 

In the sauna it was myself, Victor, Vicky, Mrs. Slaneesh, and about a ½ dozen guys. The single guys were the shy variety and were content to just gaze longingly at Vicky and the Mrs. while we continued to chat. It wasn’t long however before the action started as Mrs. took to sucking Victor while Vicky blessed me with her oral skills. 
Vickie the Vixen and Mrs. Slaneesh
Our foursome took a twist when Vicky decide she wanted a turn going down on Mrs. Slaneesh! Naturally Victor and I were ok with this change and it being Victor’s birthday, he invited one of the men in the sauna to suit up and pound Vicky while she was working! Unfortunately, the sauna can get hot so we left the door cracked for air which apparently was a sign for several fully clothed guys to come open the door and see what was going on (seriously, stop that, either get naked and go in or plaster yourself to the “window” in the hallway). (ed. note: What the fuck, guys?). 

Getting annoyed at the guys opening the door with their clothes on, and also starting to get hot/dizzy from the action, we all decided it’s time to head back to the party. Getting dressed at the locker, I won the battle of clothes and Mrs. Slaneesh walked back to the party with just a towel and her bra/underwear.

Our timing was perfect as it turns out since we arrive just in time for the dance contest. Still reeling from the sweat lodge we just left, Mrs. Slaneesh was reluctant to go on stage. Luckily, Doc employed the Jedi Mind Trick by signing up Mrs. Slaneesh and Vicky as a dancing pair. (ed. note: These are not the vibrators you are looking for.) To be honest, I don’t know how interested the ladies were with dancing as they seemed preoccupied on stage with licking whipped cream off each other…..not that anyone complained.

After the dance contest, came a moment that many had been waiting for. Victor’s birthday spanking! On stage was Victor, Vicky and Mrs. Slaneesh, while I was sitting in the back. Let me tell you, I could hear the smacks from where I was! I didn’t think Victor could jump any higher until I saw a good Samaritan bring forth a belt for Mrs. Slaneesh to use! For Victor, getting the belt from Mrs. was the starting gun as we immediately moved to the orgy table that was set up in the secret room. There was plenty of action going on before we got there and guys and couples were cramming in to get a look at what was happening. 

Our foursome started up again pretty quick and it was obvious Victor was on a mission to get between Mrs. Slaneesh’s legs. With Vicky entertaining the crowd, various guys got to feel Mrs. Slaneesh’s body while Victor suited up and gave her a good pounding. I tried to keep the moans and cries of pleasure from her as muffled as I could (using the only tool I had) when finally Victor exploded inside her. Almost at the same time, a gentleman that Mrs. Slaneesh had been jerking exploded all over her tits. With that much action happening at once, we all needed a break and Mrs. Slaneesh needed a cleanup.

After a short break, V&V decided to head over to the theater to see what trouble they could get into and we decided to have a look at what was happening back at the table and maybe start some trouble ourselves. Eventually we found a spot in a corner and Mrs. Slaneesh played with a few guys while watching one of the other ladies on the table play with the crowd. 

On our way back to our table, Doc alerted us to someone mentioning that they wanted to meet us. Turns out it was “Lucky”, one of the members of the 15th Ave. kik group that we help admin. Lucky came back to our table to chat with me while Doc made himself available to Mrs. Slaneesh to discuss treatment options. 

All conversation stopped however when Doc heard the terrible news “Mrs. Slaneesh has not had an orgasm yet!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!” Taking immediate medical action, Doc led her to the “operating table” which because it was getting late was completely available. Staying worriedly by her side in case I was needed, Doc laid her down and proceeded to get to work. Turns out my worries were groundless as the moans and screams coming from Mrs. Slaneesh indicated that whatever Doc was doing with his fingers and tongue were having the desired effect. (ed. note: Treatment included "The Annexation of Puerto Rico", with a measured amount of "Ford's Theater").

With the crisis passed, Doc then took some time to “prescribe” some of his medicine which could be taken orally...or apparently rubbed on the chest as he pulled his cock out of Mrs. Slaneesh’s mouth and administered the medicine directly onto her tits. (ed. note: This was a topical treatment). Special thanks to Doc for his lifesaving skills and also to Lucky who was on hand to help.

It was a great night and we closed the party down being the last ones in the party room at the end of the night. Looking forward to the next party Doc!

Mr. & Mrs. Slaneesh


Doc here again... Many thanks to the awesome Mr. & Mrs. Slaneesh for another great report, this time from the front lines of The Secret Room 2125 Party this past Friday. Thank you guys for helping make the evening such a suck-cess! Mrs. Slaneesh is a patient that I would like to have make regular visit to my pants office for check-ups. And she is such a great patient!  And thanks goes out to Mr. Slaneesh for helping The Good Doctor diagnose her situation and consult on finger banging treatment options. 

Were you at The Secret Room 2125 Party?  If so, I would love to hear from you and publish your report!  Please e-mail your reports to me directly at emiliolizardo1@gmail.com