Thursday, February 23, 2017

Flash Report! Friday Night 2/17/17 at The Oregon Theater in Portland by ORichard

Doc here, a man who some say puts the "hu" in "hula", with a terrific Flash report from senior Journal scribe ORichard in Portland, OR.

ORichard ventured to Poatland's premier adult emporium, The Oregon Theater, and has filed this report with my typist in the home office of The Journal.   Things are picking up very nicely at The OT, and this report is indicative of the current state of affairs.

Take it away, ORichard!


Hi Doc,

TJ showed up early with a negligee-clad young beauty who he shared with the boys on the table after thoroughly giving her his own OT banging. Just as they were leaving around 9, the size queen arrived and started seeking hard cock, and as usual, asked the boys to fill her quim with loads of cum. 

Later a fellow showed up with a slim friend who had a cute stripper outfit on. They stayed and performed and played in the couples' area. Meanwhile three CDs circulated through the crowd seeking their own assortment of ready cocks. 

Two older women arrived about 9:30-ish, and it appeared to be their first time at the OT. One fellow informed them that anything goes. When I left after splashing my load, they were sitting on either side of a male friend watching the fun from a sofa on the left side of the theater. One said she was glad not to be in the spotlight (the couples section in the middle of the theater). Both appeared to be up for some fun, but appeared to be a bit intimidated by the crowd. 

I'm curious whether they started playing at all later in the evening and whether things got any wilder after 10?