Saturday, February 18, 2017

Flash Report! Anaconda Hits DC Video (AKA Horse Cave) in KY on 2/15/17 (w/PICS)

Doc here, a man who some say once para-sailed into a local wedding, grabbed the maid of honor on the fly, and lifted back off with her.  5 Minutes later, after the confusion died down, he swooped in again, and dropped her back off in the same exact place. Aside from her disheveled hair and a stain on her dress, all was as it had been. 

Senior reporter Anaconda has returned, and has filed a nice update on what was once one of the legendary adult theaters in the eastern US: DCs Video, AKA Horse Cave in Kentucky.  He also provided two nice new pics of this location (thank you sir!). 

Here we go...


Hey Doc,

I wanted to check in quickly and pass along a brief report on DC'S Video, more commonly refereed to as Horse Cave bookstore/theater. I was in the general area this week and decided I wanted to do some work for you (and your readers) since you do so much for us.

It was about a 90 minute drive up into central KY from Nashville, but the drive is very easy since it's a straight shot up I-65 and the theater is directly off the highway. I arrived around 5PM on Wednesday hoping that maybe there would be a chance of an after work treat. 
DCs Video, AKA Horse Cave
The bookstore/theater is the ONLY business still operating in a large abandoned strip mall. You see a very big/bright sign out front, but plenty of signage points you to the back entrance. 
DCs Video
Rear Entrance
As I arrived, there were about 6-7 cars back there, more than I expected frankly. Going in the back entrance, you walk first through a short hallway and then into a very large, bright, clean adult bookstore with all the typical fare (movies, magazines, toys and lingerie). Immediately to the right is the entrance to the theater. You do not have to see the clerk for admission, just feed your $20 entrance fee into the machine that controls the door. To be honest, $20 is a pretty steep fare for this place. 

I walked in and immediately to the right is the main theater playing straight porn, it is DARK!! The room is pretty large containing about 12 full size couches, and the screen is a bit undersized for the space. Also, the couches that were once faux leather have lost the vast majority of that material leaving the supporting fabric underneath, and you could tell from the lack of "spring" that these couches were old and well used. 

I continued to check out the rest of the space. There is a secondary, smaller theater room playing gay porn as well as a bunch of booths (20-25). I certainly did not inspect each one, and they were also VERY dark, but I estimate that about 1/2 have glory holes, others have smaller peeping holes, only big enough for viewing. I sat in the theater for about an hour to see if something interesting might happen, but predictably, it was all dudes.
I hope the readers find this info useful. In general, doesn't seem like a bad spot, definitely doesn't fall in the "scary" category, but also not top of the line either. As always, a trip on the weekend would be best, I'm sure.



Doc here again... Many thanks to Anaconda for another terrific update for this once top-tier theater. Times change, and adult theaters change a lot. This is one of them... I hope weekends are busier and help keep this adult theater/ABS relevant.