Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Field Report! Phantasyman4u2001 Reviews Portland's Taboo Adult Theater and The Oregon Theater on 10/15/16

Doc here, a man who some say once developed a shampoo that was called "Capelli Pericoloso". It's been banned throughout the Western hemisphere for using "un-natural ingredients including sea horses."  However, to this day, The Good Doctor still uses it successfully and often.

The e-mail machine here at The Journal's home office (near the small women's liberal arts college) cranked out the following  Field Report from first time contributor Phantasyman4u2001 on the two remaining Portland, OR adult theaters: The Oregon Theater and Taboo Video.

While we know a ton about The Oregon Theater (I have been there countless times), not much is known about Taboo Video's new mini theaters (I have been to Taboo pre-mini theaters).  

That is until now.

Please welcome to The Journal Phantasyman4u2001.  Take it away, sir.



I was in Portland this past weekend and went to the Oregon Theater both Friday and Saturday nights with some really fun times with couples. Brents Theater Tales explains all the action. I also stopped by another ABS I had heard about. Not the OT but could have potential. Following is the info on it and hopefully locals in Portland can expand.

Name: Taboo Adult Video
Address: 2330 SE 82nd Portland 97216
Phone: 503-777-6033
Type: Arcade and Theater
  • Most booths had Out of Order signs on the doors. The theater is divided into 2 rooms with a divider that does not go all the way to the ceiling. One side is Male/Male and the other is Hetero. I didn't look in the Male side but the Hetero side has 3 leather couches and a variety of folding chairs. 
  • Really bright room that you could probably read a book in. Pretty sterile and needs some tweaking.
  • Couple friendly: Yes
  • Couple Section: No
  • Hours: 24 hours
  • Notes: $10.00 admission that is good till 6AM the next morning. Come and go all you want. Leave and head down to the OT and come back 3-4 hours later, no problem
I guess this place needs some time to get on board with couples and they need to lower the lights and make it more "sexy".

Hope you can use this information. The Oregon Theater is still the best in the West. I love that place.



Doc here again... Many thanks to Phantasyman4u2001 for the ground intel on Taboo Video in Portlandia. Keep the reports coming, sir!