Sunday, October 16, 2016

Special Report! Vickie the Vixen's Long, Hard, and Wet Ride to 3.5K

Doc here, a man whose meatball IQ is in the high 160's, with an incredible retrospective from one of the naughtiest women I have met in the adult theater scene: Vickie the Vixen.

This recap of her five years in this thing of ours is nothing short of amazing, and from this editor's eyes, note perfect. Set the set bar at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago very high. So high I don't set it coming down anytime soon.

I don't think everyone truly understands why I do what I do. Its high time I tell you. You could say I'm a slut, a whore, a nasty little girl, a vicious dominatrix or an obedient slave. I am all of that and more. Any woman who allows so many men to grace her nethers surely must have some voracious appetite or be completely insane. Don't worry, I play safe! That life thing kinda entices me. Those who truly know me understand what I am about to tell you. The reason I do what I do may shock you or it may intrigue you. I hope it does both!

Throughout all of my adventures I am accompanied by my best friend and life partner, Victor. From these posts you can tell he's quite a character. The party truly does begin once he arrives. We didn't always have the picture perfect relationship. We didn't always talk about sex. In fact, not that long ago I still shushed him when discussing anything beyond PG-13 in public. 

Vickie the Vixen
My open lifestyle began almost five years ago when I caught Victor cleaning someone else's pipes. He had always drifted a bit but no one ever really pulled him away from me until this one. It was hard to accept; I felt I wasn't doing my job. I wasn't sexy enough or he had just grown tired of me ran through my mind as I mentally beat myself up. I was pissed at him don't get me wrong. I was contemplating doing hard time for the many responses racing through my head. Then rationality kicked in and we talked.

He told me he needed kinky to get off. Really kinky. I was a virgin when we met so anything beyond missionary was kinky. It wasn't like he needed ball bleeding or ass ripping masked cum escapades to get off, he just liked screwing sluts. After much contemplating I agreed to take on the task. We planned to go to 15th Ave. and made the trip during a Marti Gras party. We did the usual tour, spent two minutes watching a gang bang behind the screen and I wanted out. It took a few more visits until I was brave enough to give it a try. 

First I showed up in sweatpants and frumpy clothes, then my wardrobe slowly grew to incorporate a theme for every day of the year. My favorite look though is thigh high tights, garter belt, knee high boots, a short black anything and my signature "Fuck Off" belt. This is my sanctuary. If I was going to do this, I was going to be bad ass at it!
I had fantasies before. A mystery man, a muscular man doing my every whim, and of course every closet slut's dream, doing the whole football team. I didn't start gang bangs until my 5th or 6th visit. Five men used me with respect to my newness to the lifestyle and Victor was thrilled. After being rammed five times I was pretty sore. Victor was so excited that he made sure I wouldn't recover so easily. Four more times in fact he railed me after my ordeal.
Vickie the Vixen
Our adventures continued, patterned and sporadic until almost a year had passed. In less than twelve months I had pleased over one thousand individual men and earned the title of "Gang Bang Queen". Each different man is another notch on my belt. If we actually counted each time I had sex, we'd be in the hundreds of thousands by now, not including Victor.

I've dressed as a slave, I've had my own slave, I've worn a strap on, I've fucked a guy in the ass(several), I've fucked women(many) I've been dirty, I've been nice and I've done it all while keeping composure and grace befitting a lady even when the situation tries my patience. The most men I have ever done in one night was 137, but only 58 counted because they were new guys. Before I knew it there was a countdown clock on Doc's blog! Now, almost five years later 3,500 different men have had a turn on the vixen. 

My how time flies!!

Please don't think I am trying to convince you that this is a good idea. If you feel any bad vibes going into it, stop! Maybe the timing is bad or it's just the wrong crowd. Even if you feel your partner is too demanding, talk it out. Sex is a thing you both should enjoy. Yes there are things us women do to please our men that we do not enjoy. If it's attention you want, you can get just as much of it showing off your body and not letting anyone touch you. Know your boundaries and expectations before you begin and make others around you aware of them no matter how often you have to remind them.

Here's a few tips to keep your experience enjoyable:
  • Always be aware of your limits and make those around you aware as well.
  • Know that saying "yes" and then "no" is okay.
  • Keep yourself in a safe, friendly environment. Know where and how to get help when needed.
  • Don't give out too much information. Devise a stage name and create a fantasy life, it's alright to live a double life in this situation.
  • Always have your own transportation.
  • Having a 'partner in crime' is a good idea, safety in numbers!
  • Always practise safe sex no matter how clean someone says they are or what paper they show you. Documents can be faked.
  • Being under the influence is okay, but in moderation.
  • Always perform acts of lust with consenting adults.
  • Respect others and you will be respected: Ask before touching, stop when asked to stop, never hit or restrain anyone without knowing their true feelings on bondage and submission.
  • Never involve a minor in any sexual activity, even if they consent, they do not understand what they are really doing. And for you perverted of mind, there are plenty of young looking men and women out there to feed your desires. Some like to be tortured. 
  • Hang out at sex clubs more often, sometimes you have to wait, like hunting your prey. But its worth it.
Following these rules you will enjoy your sexual experience. Talk, be aware, respect each other and above all have fun!!!

So long, Its been fun! You'll still see me about from time to time but I'm not going for any records anytime soon. I leave you with love and gratitude for the awesome ride! As I hang up my belt, I can only imagine what wild amazing adventures will grace this blog from here on.

Thanks for the memories Doc!



Doc here again... Wow, where to start after this tour de force of a retrospective by the lovely Vickie the Vixen?
  • Point 1: Vickie tells it like it is! There is no embellishing. What you have just read is exactly 100% Vickie. 
  • Point 2: The Good Doctor has been lucky enough to witness her journey into this thing of ours. She puts in maximum effort, and was as she said - a bad ass!  Great outfits, great attitude, and a huge sexual appetite! 
I hope this isn't the last of Vickie the Vixen. I somehow think there are a few more ticks in the countdown clock for gang bang queen!

You'll be missed, naughty girl!