Sunday, October 25, 2015

Flash Report! DryCleanOnly Hits Berlin News Agency in NJ on a Recent Rainy Night

Doc here, a man who some say uses water ice to cool down after a tough day at the office. And by office, I mean a top tier adult theater in the Philadelphia area.

The teletype machine here at the Lizardo Labs fired off a communique from senior Journal scribe DryCleanOnly, and his most recent visit to the always awesome Berlin News Agency (Hi Paul, Bill, Frank, & Brenda!) in Berlin NJ. 

In usual DCO form, it is an outstanding report, filled with the stuff that keeps you coming back for more. And it also contains a rare mention of the Lizardo Lantern, a little known East Coast phenomenon.

Ladies and gentlemen, from parts unknown, weight unknown, please welcome back DryCleanOnly.


Dear Doc,

I had been *pumped* for a week to make the trip to Philly for somerather monotonous business meetings... why? you might ask... because, as any regular of the Journal would know, Philly puts me in striking distance to the one-of-a-kind Berlin News Agency. I've had a few visits to BNA over the years, and they've never let me down, even though trips on Wednesdays (as I often have to make) can be more miss than hit at many venues in this thing of ours.

A Rare 1866 Tintype of
The Lizardo Lantern
Sure it was hard to keep focused during the business part of the day, then I had to crank out some work in the office. Argh... how did it get to be past "go time"??!! What was I thinking? At that moment, and through the first part of the drive, I started to find myself doubting the value of making a two hour round trip to Berlin, for just a couple hours' window of time at BNA for Lady Luck to possibly arrive. 

 I was already beat and just didn't need an extra two hours in the car that evening, but I noticed a strange green light blinking in my periphery... it was getting brighter. And I could make out a silhouette of a moustasched man in the green beam of light. It was the green Lizardo Lantern, and its flashing, I have confirmed, is a sure sign of good things to come. If there was ever a time to believe in the power of BNA on a Wednesday night, this was it I thought, and down went the hammer!

A cool, late September rain fell on the lot as I pulled up. Several cars in the lot, not bad. I fed my admission price into the machine and walked into the abyss. Oddly, no signs of life as I peeked around. I made it straight back to the bathroom to, well, long drive let's just say, and wash my hands (thanks for the warm water, soap, and towels, Paul). On the way, I caught a 50 year old fellow watching TV on his feet in the corner. As I come out and walked through the maze back to the main theater, I struck up conversation with this guy.  He told me I had missed --- by five minutes --- a good looking 40 year old couple who played with the crowd. We both lamented my timing, and I headed to the theater to get comfy, the Lizardo Lantern fading away. 

Berlin News Agency
Patience, I thought, as I put my feet up on the row in front of me, and stretched out a bit. I was sitting about two thirds of the way back on the left. Just far enough to maintain a view of the incoming patrons through the hallway, but also far enough back so that everyone walking out isn't spying me. Minutes passed, I zoned out. 

Buzzzzz. My heart picks up a bit. Shuffle Shuffle. Glance at the hallway. Ugh, another guy. Back to the movie, but it wasn't easy: Cheap-studio guy-girl porn. Oooh, yeaaahhh, uuuuhuuuuuhhhh, fuck me, fuck my pussy, yeeaaaahhh, yeaaahhh. CNN at 2am can be more invigorating. Buzzzzz. Shuffle Shuffle. Another guy. Oooh, uuuhhuuuuhhh, do it harder. You guys know the drill. About 30 mins have passed, now, and nothin' but a bunch of guys walking around like bees in a hive. 

Buzzzz. "Click" "Click". Now we're talking!!!! Hmm, that door didn't slam shut quite so quickly, could two people have walked in? Ahh, that click click sound of high heels on concrete could be a good sign something wonderful is coming. Glance to the hallway: all senses on alert!!! Wow: 5'10" in heels, long blond hair, HWP, short black dress and black heels, about 40 --- with big handbag hopefully full of naughty-time supplies --- and 6'2" guy with athletic build in tow. Needless to say, the Lantern was right!!!

Friends, if you're new to this situation, don't follow the crowd. While these two had all the signs of being well prepared for what was about to unfold, you've got to give any couple some time and space. I sat cooly in my seat in the theater while our guests wandered back through the hallway into the maze. Of course, the crowd all shuffled back. Mark time on the watch, 8:15. Now, that damn cheap studio porn was even more difficult to watch. It's like being a kid waiting for Santa on the 24th.


Boom, 15 minutes. That was my goal. I got up and walked back through the maze and noticed that our friends had set up shop in the "booth seating" (like a bar or restaurant) of the second nook. Of course, the wolf pack was gathered on the sidelines just waiting for the couple to get down to biz. Some were closer than others. Some already had dicks in hand, slowly stroking.

She was between his knees giving what sounded like the best blowjob ever. Lots of sucking and slurping and heavy breathing. He sat there with his hands folded across the back of her head as she bobbed up and down. He had a very distant resemblance to Sly Stallone, but that's the best reference I could make for you. Eventually, she stood up, and layed her back down on the fucktable in front of Sly. Legs spread. Clean shaven pussy. No stockings. Then she pulled down her dress to reveal a beautiful full bust; had to have been real D's, maybe DD. He stood up, too, and I swear every guy in that room --- gay, bi, or straight --- gasped and paid their silent respects to this stud. Sly's dick and balls were the stuff of Hollywood. Suddenly every wanking dick in that room looked like a cheap bachelorette party favor.

He went on to rub her clit, I even think this is when he pulled out a black, "diamond" studded vibe and placed it in her wet pussy. She seemed to enjoy that, but said, in a breathy wispering voice, "Daddy, I need some help". We all wondered silently what that could mean. She said it again, and Sly then said, in a low, rough, and solid deep voice, "Somebody put a dick in her mouth". Oh, and the fans went (siliently) wild, unzipping and closing in. 

The first one knelt on the fuck table and got a wonderfully sloppy blowjob from this beauty, and she took his load in her mouth after a few minutes. A few more batters stepped up to the plate. During most of this, Sly was administering a good black-vibe fuck, but also went down to give her a good ol' fashioned tongue lashing. One fellow and I each took a leg and held them up for her so he had better access, and she was more comfortable. After a couple of batters took their swings, she was asking for them to cum on her lips. They obliged, and she spread the cum on her face and fingers and even breasts. 

The recollection goes a little fuzzy here, but Sly eventually fucked her on her back while she took on a few guys orally, and, also, without the crew. At one point, she sat on top of Sly's lap, his monster cock burried deep inside her --- cowgirl style but with him sitting in the booth --- and rode him hard while they kissed. Great views from behind her and also over the short wall behind the booth. It was clear they were in their comfort zone --- and so was I! At another point, she was prone again on the table, when she wanted the closest dick to unload all over her lips, and this rather rotund guy unloaded, but right in her eye. We fetched some toilet paper and paper towels, as this was less than a desirable situation for her, but the show continued nearly without stop. 

She beckoned the next guy over, and he wasn't close enough on the table to her, so she told him to get closer because she didn't want to hurt him --- we all shared a laugh when I said it wasn't he whom we were worried about! Sly continued to pound away, cuming once on her pussy, and, about 30 minutes later, deep inside it. Congratulations to a few guys who managed to offer two and even three loads to this woman, too. As things go, the incoming men could not keep up with demand for more cum, so this couple called it quits at about 10pm. On her way out, face still glistening with a fresh coating of cum, she walked right past me, and asked me quite cheerfully if I had had fun, and with a wink she and he were off into the autumn night. Click Click.

Doc, BNA never fails to disappoint, and thank God for the innovations in the Lizardo Labs: Had it not been for the Lantern, I likely would have had a very lonely evening in my hotel room.

Your humble scribe,


Doc here again... I love DCO's reports! Who wouldn't appreciate a mention of that ancient beacon of  hope, the Lizardo Lantern , as well as a hot scene from the very cool BNA!

Many thanks to DryCleanOnly for another quality report... Keep them coming, sir!