Saturday, February 7, 2015

Updated 2/7/15 at 7:30am: TONIGHT!!! The Valentines Event at The Art Cinema in Hartford on Saturday 2/7/15 at 7pm

UPDATED 2/7/15 AT 10am: Well kids, the big day is here!

Doc here, stationed in my underground lair in the Hartford area, hunkered down with my good friends The Sexual Athletes. The stage is set, the swag bags completed, and the finishing touches on the decorations taking place as we speak. 

If last night at The Art Cinema was any indication, we are in for a tremendous evening tonight for the Cupid is Calling Valentines Party starting at 7pm.  By the time The Art Cinema closed at midnight last night, 24 couples had come in through the doors at The Art. And this is the night BEFORE an event, which is typically a quieter evening.
Swag Bags for tonight's party.

And...The action was hot.  Just ask The Sexual Athletes.

Before heading up to the couples only balcony, Mrs. Sexual Athlete had taken 10 loads of baby batter across her incredible boobs. Major drippage I tell you...

So if last night was the appetizer, we are in for a treat of a main course tonight.

The Good Doctor will ready to meet, greet, press the flesh and squeeze an ass or three, as he once again hosts his third Valentines Event at The Art. 

Get to The Art early, so you do not miss out on the very cool swag bags we put together for you. 

As always, look for your old friend in the mustache, aviators, and meatball cologne. Do not miss out on a legendary evening tonight at The Art Cinema in Hartford! 

Cupid is calling you... See you tonight!



Updated 2/6/15 at 7:30am:  Doc here with a quick update as I head out the door of the Chez Lizardo and up to Midway Aerodrome for my flight to Hartford for the Valentines Event at The Art Cinema.

I am hearing from many couples that they will be heading into Hartford for the party, and that after a Winter like this one, they cannot wait to let off a little (OK, a lot of) steam Saturday night starting at 7pm.

I have a question directed at couples and single females: There may be an opportunity to be part of the upcoming Penthouse article (April 2015 issue) about adult theaters and The Good Doctor's role in it's insurgence. Penthouse has asked me for a few additional (discreet) photos from this weekend's event to illustrate the article, which I will be shooting Saturday night. 

This is your chance to me memorialized (discreetly of course) in a legendary men's magazine. The photos that will be shot will be considered R-Rated. The photos will not show faces, and I will be Photoshopping out all identifying marks (tattoos, etc) from the images. 

If you are interested in being part of this article, and are willing to sign a model release authorizing it's use in the article, please e-mail me directly at with the words Penthouse Shoot in the subject line. I can give you more details then or at the meet and greet Saturday night starting at 7pm.

Be part of the coolest thing to hit this thing of ours in a long time. 

Off to Hartford!


 Updated 2/5/15 at 8am: Doc here with a quick update on the big Valentines Party, "Cupid is Calling" Saturday night at the mighty Art Cinema in Hartford starting at 7pm.  

By this time tomorrow morning, The Good Doctor will be loading up his gear and heading to Hartford for their third annual Valentine's Party. The team will be putting finishing touches on the very cool Valentines Swag Bags Friday night, as well as decorating The Art for Saturday's festivities.  It promises to be a very special evening!

As always, The Good Doctor will be meeting and greeting guests from 7 to 7:45pm in the lobby of The Art, and handing out those cool swag bags. My hands will be full since I am hosting solo this year, but don't let that stop you from introducing yourself and asking any questions you may have on the adult theater scene. 

We will also be doing something special during this meet & greet time for the upcoming Penthouse article hitting stands in the April 2015 issue, as well as the brand new Art Cinema website. Details at the event.

And, if you have not already checked it out, please out SpicyWife's awesome article on this event HERE.  Written from a couples perspective, it is both insightful and a must read for you, the good readers of The Journal.

I am looking forward to meeting all of you Saturday night at the mighty Art Cinema in Hartford. For the latest updates, follow me on Twitter for exclusive content and insights. I am @LizardoJournal . Trust me, you will want to.




Doc here, a man who some say was once "An Osmond Brother", with an update on the big Valentines Party this Saturday at 7pm at Hartford's mighty Art Cinema

The excitement is building, and it looks like mother nature will be cooperating for Saturday's event.  The Good Doctor will be hopping aboard his flight from Midway Aerodrome Friday afternoon and will hitting the ground running as he hosts his fifth adult theater event at The Art Cinema, Cupid is Calling

Each event at the Art Cinema gets bigger and better, and the Valentines Party this Saturday at 7pm will be no exception. We now have 50 Art Cinema swag bags for the first 50 male/female couples in the door with their paid admission (starting at 7pm), with cool things for all your senses. 

The Good Doctor will be handing out the Valentines swag bags in the lobby when you come in, and I am looking forward to meeting all of you during the meet and greet session at the onset of the party. I will be happy to answer any and all questions about the adult theater scene, and mustache rides will be on the table this year. 

Please stop by New England's best value in a lifestyle event for an evening you won't forget anytime soon.

Cupid is Calling at The Mighty Art Cinema this Saturday night at 7pm!  BE THERE!  

I will...