Wednesday, September 6, 2017

A Secret Room 2125: Pimps n' Hoes Party Report at 15th Ave. in 3 Parts - Chapter 1 - Anaconda

Doc here with Part 1 of a 3 Part series from last Saturday's big Secret Room 2125: Pimps n Hoes Party at 15th Ave. Adult Theater's Party Room. Parts 2 and 3 will be authored in order by the lovely Ginger Squirts and Master Thom

First up, senior Journal scribe Anaconda.

Hey Doc! 

What can I say (a lot, you’ll see) about Pimps ‘n Hoes tonight? It was amazing. I had been corresponding with Ginger Squirts for several weeks leading up to the party and was very anxious to meet her and Master Thom. At the conclusion of our playtime, we had agreed it would be interesting to file a joint report, so here we go. 

I’ll be writing first, and Ginger and Thom will subsequently interject their perspectives, and your readers will get the result, a single conglomeration of a report from 3 perspectives all in one…this is gonna be fun!! Part 2 of this report will be my experience alone in the theater after Ginger and Thom had to depart.

Part 1 – The Secret Room Party

I flew in from PA on Saturday afternoon and after an agonizingly long trip from O’Hare to my hotel, I contacted Ginger with my ETA and she replied with hers. I was glad to hear that I wasn’t going to be keeping her and Master Thom waiting. A short while later, I set off from my hotel to 15th Ave and arrived later than I had wanted to, around 9:15, but it was a slow and steadily arriving crowd and I hadn’t missed much at all. 

After exchanging our hellos and catching up a little, I wanted to see Twistingly, and check in at her FetLife (find me @Msexualhealer) table and chat with her. Twistingly is a complete sweetheart and a treasure in “this thing of ours,” we had a very nice conversation. Then it was onto the bar to check in my drinks and meet another superstar, FitLilSlut (aka JP's Slut Toy) and her master JP. 
I had briefly introduced myself to JP on FetLife to let them know who I was and I was looking forward to meeting them. JP had said they were hoping to arrive early before their bartending duties commenced and get some theater play in. That didn’t happen for them (but they made up for it, more on that in Part 2) as it seems like the weather and traffic made many people later than they wanted to be. 

After 1 drink and settling in a bit, in walks Ginger with a huge smile on her face! She came right over to me and gave me a big warm hug and said she had to give me something right away. Honestly, now I can’t remember what she gave me first, the bottle of rum as my belated birthday gift, or the deep, long, sensual kiss, but I appreciated BOTH very much. The 3 of us found an empty table and sat and chatted about many things. I was at ease immediately with both of them, great people and Ginger is a total sexpot!! 

As, seems customary, the end of the sexiest outfit contest signals the beginning of the debauchery. After the winners had been announced and Ginger returned to the table, Master Thom had me help put on Ginger’s wrist restraints (she was already collared) and set the stage (literally). He said he was going to put her on stage and eat her pussy and that I should find a way to use the rest of her in a fitting manner. 
Ginger Squirts
Up on stage we went, Thom dove in and I knelt over Ginger’s eagerly awaiting mouth. Ginger is a VERY talented and enthusiastic cock sucker. While Thom was giving her a tongue lashing and working her pussy with his fingers, she took all of me into her mouth and down her throat. All the while I was paying very much attention to her nipples, sucking, rubbing, flicking, pinching, alternating sensations for her. At one point I definitely had to back out a bit, lest I finish too soon. 

As Thom took a bit of a break, I seized the opportunity to enjoy her pussy and exhibit my digital skills. As I played with her pussy and she sucked on my cock, I could feel and hear an intense orgasm building deep inside her. Quick aside – to the loud-mouth guy mentioned in Ginger’s report from last Friday, if you’re reading this, you’re right, she doesn’t squirt…she flows like a fucking river if you can keep your mouth shut and remember it’s about the women, not you!!! 

Ok, anyway, as I manipulated her G spot, it came slowly at first, then it was splashing a bit, then it was splashing my elbow, then there was a pool of squirt in my hand and all over the stage!! Now, each woman is beautiful and unique in her own way, and I have never seen a woman cum like Ginger. As long as I rubbed, she came, not in gushes, but a steady torrent that seemed to go on forever. After that, I told Thom how badly I wanted to fuck Ginger and they happily obliged. Ginger spun around, I wrapped up and…. yellow flag. The combination of the awkward position, the pain in my knees from kneeling for so long, and entirely too clothed nature of the scene as it unfolded put a pause to the action. We all agreed we should find a room to play in. 

Luckily, just as we were investigating the private play rooms, all were closed, but one was just opening up as we were deciding what to do. We quickly claimed the room and shut the door behind us. Stripping commenced and it was back on. Ginger brought me back to full mast with that talented tongue and I suited up again. I got up on the table with her and entered her from behind and, oh how wonderfully her wet little pussy accepted my cock all the way to the base. 

We enjoyed the doggy style while she sucked Thom’s cock and let her know what an excellent job she was doing. Boy do those tables get slippery!! After a bit, we had to change positions. I dismounted and Ginger took me in her mouth again. Did I mention how good her oral talents are? I decided that this is what I really wanted, and I just encouraged her to keep going at me orally. She took me to the moon with that BJ and the orgasm I had as she took my load in her mouth lasted longer and stronger than any in recent memory. She must have liked it too since she let loose another huge squirt all over the floor just as I was cumming in her mouth. 

I got some paper towels to clean up for the next people and we played a little bit more, and chatted, but I definitely needed time to re-charge. We left the room and chatted a bit more. I told them that I’d like to go over to the theater and see what might transpire and that it would be fun if we all went, but they had to take their leave at that time. I bid them farewell and I will definitely be making plans to get together with them next time I just happen to “miss a flight” on my way through Chicago.

Part 2 – After-Party in the Theater

I dropped my gift from Ginger off in my car and went into the theater and paid my $30 for the full run of the theater and spa. Immediately I noticed a very large crowd in the booth area near the vending machines. And immediately after that, I saw the reason for said crowd was a sexy Latina wearing black glasses and a black dress (ed. note: This is the legendary "Zeta", who has graced the pages of this blog many times). This woman is very sexy and I had noticed her in the middle of a crowd of men in the secret room before I had left. 

Well, she was still drawing a crowd and the men followed close behind as she made her way to the theater. I didn’t follow immediately, but poked around a bit back in the booths and spa to see what was happening…not much. So I made my way to the theater as well. When I entered, I saw that there were several couples in the couples section, not doing much, but the Latina and her man had settled into a spot in the front row. A bunch of guys were standing around, but not crowding her, but then as soon as she spread her legs a little, put one over the guy’s leg sitting next to her and her man started rubbing her thigh, it was on. Guys closed in rapidly and she was happy to have the cocks to pay attention to. She sucked and got fucked by multiple cocks in multiple positions. It was a very hot scene. 

I was positioned to step up next after the guy who was fucking her was done and I wanted to sample her mouth. When I stepped in, she simply asked if I was ready to cum. Who am I to deny a gorgeous woman what she wants. I replied that I could be ready soon and asked her where she wanted it. “On my face,” came her reply…and I obliged, dropping my load on her waiting lips and chin. She thanked me and I thanked her back. I excused myself to go clean up. It was now about 1:30 AM and I had given what I knew was my last shot of the night. 

At that moment the plan was to wash my hands and out the door, back to the hotel. The restroom in the booth area was occupied, so I went back to the spa area to use that one. When I came back out, I saw Fit Lil Slut and JP leaving the party room and JP was carrying 2 large cases. This seemed very interesting to me, and I wondered if those cases might contain some interesting theater play supplies, so I decided to follow and see where they might go, and what they might do instead of leaving right away. One thing I’ve learned…I’ve got pretty good intuition about theater play and I should always listen!!! 

They walked into the theater and went right to the room behind the screen. JP requested someone to grab a couple towels and yours truly was Anaconda on the spot! I jumped at the opportunity to be of service and went quickly to the desk to procure the towels. I returned and laid the towels out on the table for them. JP very clearly explained the rules for the crowd and everyone agreed to abide by them. JP decided he would have FLS play “the round game.” I won’t go through all the rules in detail, but I’ll tell you that JP is a smart man!! This game is designed to get as many guys into the action in a short period of time as possible and it includes massive amounts of lube, a Hitachi wand, a flogger and a while lotta handjobs!! 

I knew I was not going to be able to give FLS my 3rd shot of the night, but there’s no way I was gonna leave that room without getting a nice cock massage from this hottie, even if it did only last 45 seconds. The capper to the evening was JP asking if any men in the room at the moment were fans of getting squirted on. One guy answered in the affirmative and he was instructed to lie down on the table. He did and FLS straddled his face standing above him on the table. JP gave her the wand and she applied it to her clit while he fingered her pussy. After a few minutes, she hit her peak and with a very sexy squeal, released a large squirting orgasm directly on this guys face and chest. Then it was closing time. I left, fully satisfied, and with many hot new memories for the archives.



Doc here again... Many thanks to Anaconda for the multi-faceted report, and for leading off this 3-parter.  keep the cards and letters coming in, sir. 

Part 2 later today.