Friday, May 20, 2016

Breaking News: The Colony II/Kisses CLOSED by the city of East St. Louis

Doc here with some bad news from the St. Louis area.  The former Colony II, now known as Kisses, was closed down by the city of East St. Louis, IL last weekend.

Contributor CM has filed a Field Report on the closure, and also expresses his opinion on what happened. 

Also included is a link to the mainstream media report on this matter.


Here we go...



No raid that we know of, just bad news:

As a semi-regular for the last 12 years or so, two thoughts:

1) The original owner was flaunting the law, too - for at least two
decades - but I have a pretty good hunch he was paying off the two
local agencies to look the other way. The nondescript building off the
beaten path and straddling city boundaries was intentional.

2) I also suspect but cannot prove the "tip from a resident" was one
of the officers on the take having attempted to collect from the new
operator and being rebuffed.

This is a tremendous loss to the "adult playtime" community in St.
Louis. Given the new, unwanted civic attention, I strongly suspect it
will not be back.



Doc here again... I do not like the sound of things at all here.  This is a huge mountain to climb for the new owner of Kisses.  Fingers crossed, but I'm not very hopeful this will have a happy ending.