Sunday, January 22, 2017

International Flash Report! The Traveler Raises The Bar at 2x2 on Grand Canary Island

Doc here, a man who some say attempted to kayak across the Atlantic, only making it 14 nautical miles before remembering that he left the stove on, and had to return home. 

2017 reports here at The Journal are off to a great start!  Earlier this week, a dynamite report from Hugh Mungus writing about Mon Chalet in Aurora, CO, and now The Traveler raises the bar on his International Flash Reports!  

The Traveler visited a lifestyle club on Grand Canary Island named 2x2, and it is all sorts of awesome (the report and seemingly, the club).  I have also dropped in a few pics from 2x2's Facebook page to add some eye candy to the report.

I suggest dedicating some time to this report, perhaps re-reading it after an initial review. I did, and discovered things I missed on the first pass. A lot to digest (in a very good way).

Fire up a Fresca (Hi Gemini!) and maybe even a spicy taco (Hi K!), and enjoy this great report from The Traveler!  Take it away, sir...

2x2 Lifestyle Club, Gran Canaria, Canary Islands

Doc, my travel for the summer of 2016 was coming to a close but I had one last stop planned and it turned out to better than I could imagine. I was in the Canary Islands during the month of September. They’re located in the Atlantic Ocean several hundred kilometers from the coast of Morocco but they are a Spanish territory so it feels a lot like you’re vacationing in Spain. 

Canary Islands
I was in a resort area called Maspalomas, on Gran Canaria, the largest of the Canary Islands. The beaches stretched for miles and were as wide as a city block. Massive sand dunes separating them from the bungalows and hotels in the area.

This location is a favorite destination for the lifestyle community in Europe. A section of the beach is dedicated to the naturalist (nude) sunbathers and the sand dunes are a favorite place for sexual activates of all kinds. You can spend your days watching the nude sunbathers and participating in the sexual activities in the sand dunes, but for me it was the night time activities that made this place special. This is a review of a lifestyle club called 2x2, which is located in the Sandia Plaza in Playa del Ingles.

2x2 is one of about a dozen or so lifestyle clubs in Maspalomas but it was my favorite. Every night a good crowd of attractive couples and single ladies would come to the club looking to play. The owner is a very friendly guy from Amsterdam who always made everyone feel comfortable.

I arrived on a Friday night promptly at 10:00 when the club opened its doors. There were very few people in the club at that early time so I joined some friends and we all sat at the bar enjoying a drink and some good conversation. The club has a very nice lounge area with a large bar and seating for about 40 people. There is also a dance floor with a pole for the impromptu stripper performance. 

Every night the crowd at 2x2 begins the evening in the lounge for a drink and social hour where the atmosphere is very much like any other friendly neighborhood bar where people talk and laugh. The crowds at 2x2 are a wide range of ages and most people are from France, Germany, Spain or Great Britain. That meant I couldn’t speak the language of most of the people in the club but that never stopped me. 

By 11:00 the lounge was filled and I had spotted some very attractive women, I was beginning to think this was going to be a very good night. At shortly after 11:00 the crowd began to make its way into the locker room. It is normal each person either get naked or change into a skimpy sexy outfit. By 11:30 everyone was beginning to make their way into the large play area. 2x2 is basically two fairly large but separate areas. The first is the bar/ lounge where people begin the evening. The second is a large play area that contains a variety of rooms and open areas.

I found a spot in the play area where I could see the couples as they were coming to play. I was waiting, hoping to see one of the attractive woman I had seen earlier. As luck would have it, one came in with her husband only a few minutes later. They were followed by another attractive couple. She selected a room with a door that locked and the four of them went in. It was not the outcome I had hoped for but at least I would be able to watch. Every room with a door also had a good size window in the door so anyone on the outside could watch the party inside.

I stepped up to the window just in time to watch the two women lie down on the wide bed. It only took seconds before they began to caress each other body’s and begin to kiss. The woman I had seen earlier was a brunette with long hair and fantastic breasts. Her friend also a brunette was enjoying those pink nipples and full breasts using her mouth to suck and lick every inch. The women began exploring each other others bodies with their fingers and mouths as I watched the show. It seemed like they had no boundaries and were in a 69 position in no time. The men watched at first satisfied to touch and kiss various parts of the female bodies but as the action heated up they joined in. They were careful not to separate the women but each found a free hole and pushed a cock into it. As much as I was enjoying the voyeur experience I had to find something I could join so I went back to my spot and watched as more couples came in.

While I was standing there a heavy set couple came into the play area and were checking out the examine table. After a few words the husband helped his wife onto the table and placed her legs in the stirrups. She was now open wide which made easy access for her husband to inset his fingers into her pussy and to lick her clit. The wife seemed to really enjoy what he was doing and became very vocal. This attracted some of the single men who now were gathering around the plump woman and running their hands over the woman’s body. As they massaged her breasts and sucked her nipples she became even more vocal. At some point she had taken a strangers’ cock in each hand and was jerking slowly. 

My attention was drawn away as three couples came into the play room flowed by two single men. The group checked out the play area and then walked into the largest room, a room meant for gangbangs and orgies. The room they chose was in the shape of a half circle and the floor was totally covered with a mattress. There was no door to shut off the room and the walls of this room had about a dozen gloryholes at strategic positions. The couples spread out on the mattress and partners were exchanged with the two single men pairing up with the three woman at random. It didn’t take long for the orgy to begin.

I decided I wanted a closer look so I choose a gloryhole to stand in front of. This particular gloryhole had a viewing port at eye level so I could watch the action as my now hard cock hung thru the hole. In front of me on the mattress a 40’s something blond woman with a good body was laying on her back with her legs spread so one of the men could lick her pussy. By the sounds of it she was very much enjoying her partner’s efforts. As I had hoped she reach up with her hand and began to caress my balls and stoke my cock. She had a great touch and I enjoyed her hand for a few minutes until I saw the most attractive woman in the club wall into the play area with her husband. I said good bye to the hand and moved closer to this lovely lady.

She looked to be in her late twenties with a husband quite a bite older. Her body to me was perfect. The breasts were not huge but sat high on her chest with magnificent pink nipples. A slender waist gave way to a perfectly hairless pussy. Her hips were narrow and the swell of her ass lead to long beautiful legs. Her light brown hair was fell to her shoulders and framed a face that was to die for. This was a prize that I wanted to have.

The pair walked around the play area quietly talking to each other. Finally they selected a room that I thought was one of the most unusual in the club. It contained a three level mattress, each section formed a platform mattress about three feet higher than the preceding. It took some climbing to get to the highest mattress which was about four or five feet from the ceiling. The mattresses took up most of the room and allowed only for a small open floor space where people could stand and watch the action.

The woman sat on the first mattress with her husband standing in front of her. I moved closed not wanting to miss this opportunity. The two talked for a few moments then the woman took her husband’s cock into her hand and began to stroke it. I moved closer now standing just to the side of the husband. As his cock grew she leaned forward and took it into her mouth. This beautiful woman was drawing a crowd fast so I moved to her side with my cock only inches from that beautiful face. She continued to suck her husband’s cock.

In what I thought was an unusual move, the husband began to talk to some of the men now crowded around his wife. He was asking where we were from and some casual comments about our respective countries. I found this a little distracting, little did I know he was selecting the men he would give his wife to that night. He took a step back from his wife and introduced four men by the country we had come from. We were the selected ones. She said hello to the four of us and with a big smile on her face she reached out and took a cock in each hand and one in her mouth.

I was in heaven, she moved from cock to cock and we all got to enjoy that wet soft feeling of her beautiful mouth. When she took my cock deep in her mouth and I thought about letting my load go deep in her throat. It would have been easy to cum in that mouth but I was hoping for more. By now the four strange cocks were all rock hard. Husband asked us to join him and his wife on a higher mattress and as a group we climbed to the highest of the platforms.

Husband laid down on the mattress and spread his legs so his wife could kneel between them. She again took his cock in her mouth and began to suck him. This beautiful woman was now on all fours with her pussy on display for all of us to play with. The first man positioned himself behind her and she guided his cock into her ass. He pumped her for what seemed like a long time before slamming his cock home as he exploded in her ass.

I was next. I took the position behind her and she guided my cock into her tight wet pussy. I was so excited by this beautiful woman in front of me that I had to take it slow to begin with. I didn’t want to cum too soon. She was very tight, I started to work my cock in slowly as her canal opened for me. She pushed back wanting more inside her and I accommodated her by pushing the rest of my cock deep in her pussy with one move.

I could feel her walls grabbing my cock and squeeze it as I began to push it into her again and again. My movement began to increase in speed and I could feel her respond by pushing back to meet me. I grabbed her hips to hold on, this was becoming one wild ride. I’m not sure how long this went on, we had found a rhythm and were pounding each other hard. Then I heard her gasp and she drove her pussy hard onto my cock and held me tight no longer moving. I could feel her pussy walls contract as her orgasm peaked. I wanted to cum with her so I started to pound her again hard as she finished cumming. It didn’t take long for me to explode in the condom deep inside that amazing pussy. 

I looked down on her perfect ass and wanted to stay inside her for a while but the next guy was preparing to take my place so I pulled out and moved away. I watched as she was fucked by the next two guys. She really loved to fuck, what an amazing woman.

Her husband thanked the four of us and led her back to the lounge where he took a seat and she disappeared to the locker to refresh herself. I hoped they would come back to the play area later but they never did. 

That had been a great fuck and I know needed to refresh and recover over a cold drink. As I headed towards the lounge, I stopped at the orgy room to see the action. Another couple and several single men had joined the fun. The mattress was now filled with naked bodies all having some form of sex. Time for that drink.

I must have sat in the lounge for almost an hour. Couples were leaving the play area and returning to the lounge to relax after a round of sex. I spotted an attractive woman I had seen earlier in the play area. She and her husband had been sitting together and watching the action but not joining. At one point I remember she was sucking her husband’s cock but they refused offers of several men to join them. I hadn’t paid much attention to them after that since it seemed they didn’t want to play with any single males.

The couple now sat on a sofa a short distance from me. I was able to get a very close look at the woman. She had an average body, not thin not fat but her curves were very appealing. What caught my attention was her face and particularly her eyes. I can’t think of any other way to describe them but to call them sultry. They were filled with sexuality and I found myself staring at her. I think she caught my glaze and smiled at me. I smiled back but she turned and began to talk to her husband.

After another ten minutes of staring at those eyes, I decided to go back into the play area and prepare for a second round of action. I expected that many of the couples in the lounge would return soon after they relaxed for a while. I took up a spot where I could watch as couples walked in and waited for something interesting. The crowd in the play area had cleared out a lot. Several couples were in rooms with doors locked and a few die hards were still going at it in the orgy room. I would have to be patient.

Much to my surprise the woman with the sultry eyes walked into the play area and this time without her husband. She looked around and when she saw me I got a smile but she walked past me. I watched her as she looked into some of the rooms before stepping into the dark room. I had been in this room earlier and when you enter the darkness is so complete you can barely see anything. Your eyes will adjust and after a few minutes so you can make out shapes but nothing in detail.

I was intrigued by this turn of events and decided to follow. I looked in and could just make out the shape of a person sitting on the elevated mattress. It had to be her, no one else had gone into this room while I had been watching. I could feel my cock getting hard thinking that I now might have an opportunity with this woman. I stepped inside.

The dark room is not large. The elevated mattress takes up most of the space. When you step in you have about three feet of space before you reach the mattress I found myself standing in front of the woman with my cock now fully hard. I stood still for a moment to see what she would do, fully expecting her to stand and leave. I saw movement and then felt her fingers wrap around my cock. She pulled me gently for several strokes then I could feel the warm wetness of her mouth.

She started to suck me slowly and used her tongue to lick the sensitive head. Her tongue worked its way down my shaft and found my balls. She licked and sucked them, first slowly then with a heated passion until I could feel them drenched in her saliva. She took my hand and pulled me down onto the mattress forcing my legs apart so she could kneel between them. Now she had full access to my cock and balls as well as the region that lies below them. Her tongue never stopped, she moved down to my balls and then to the space just below. I was in heaven and she was in total control, my senses were on overload and I was ready to open myself to whatever she wanted to do with that talented tongue.

She stopped, I cried out softly in disappointment. She pressed my legs together and moved on top of me straddling my body with her legs. She covered me then I felt her weight shift as she raised her hips to position her pussy to accept my cock. This was her time, she rode my cock with a fierce determination. Her pelvis ground into my groin and her hands pushed against my chest supporting her body weight. I was there for her pleasure and she was using my cock. It didn’t take her long, her body tensed and she stopped her hips. I could feel her spasm and knew she was having an orgasm. She ground her pussy on my cock a couple more times then collapsed on my chest.

I let her recover not sure what would happen next. The thought came to me that she could get up and leave me there with a rock hard cock. Thankfully that did not happen. When she had recovered a little she asked in her best broken English if I had cum and I told her no. In the dark I couldn’t be sure but I think she smiled.

Without saying a word, she moved off me and spread my legs so she could again kneel between them. After removing my cover her mouth and tongue went back to work on my cock and balls. My end came when she took the full length of my cock in her mouth. The feeling of her throat caressing my cock was too much and I exploded deep down in her throat. She took my entire load in her throat. When my spasms finally stopped she let my cock fall from her mouth. Wowwwww.

In an instant she was gone. I took a moment to recover then walked into the lounge in time to see this amazing woman and her husband heading to the locker room. In a few minutes I watched them leave.

This had been a great night. I was in a taxi headed back to my bungalow wondering if I would ever be so lucky again.

Travelers Note: 2x2 is on the lower level of the Sandia Plaza in Playa del Ingles. Easiest way to find it is to use the back entrance to Sandia on Avenita Estados Unitos de Norteamerica. I recommend going to the club around 10:00 pm. The owner will at times restrict the number of single males in the club. Maspalomas is a resort area so the number of people in the club may vary by the time of year. I was there in September and the crowds were good, but they may be better in the traditional summer months.


Doc here again... With every one of The Travelers reports, I have to fight the impulse to call a travel agent and book a flight to X (his last travel destination). Maybe we can get him a gig on HGTV's "International Sex Club Hunters"?  Just a thought.

Many, many thanks to The Traveler for another GREAT report from the international side of this thing of ours. And guess what kids?  He's on the road as we speak...