Tuesday, January 11, 2011

House Call: CTs Adult Theater in Gary 1/6/11

Doc here with a quick House Call report from CTs Adult Theater & Bookstore in Gary, IN.  Regular readers of The Journal will know that CTs is one of the most hardcore adult theaters in the country.  Couples that attend CTs are not there for an evening of a little teasing and showing off.  They are there for hardcore action from the best behaved bunch of guys I have ever witnessed inside and adult theater.

What also helps CTs is that the owner, Pete, goes above and beyond the call of duty making couples comfortable in the adult theater environment.  While the theater is short in size, it's large in intensity when couples go there to burn off some energy. 

Case in point...

A couple posted the following on CTs Yahoo Group in advance of their visit on Thursday 1/6:

"She is Very attractive and relatively new so she asked me to add her likes and dislikes and she does not want to offend anyone only trying to have exactly what she likes. She LIKES white men under 45 years old, clean cut, nicely dressed, non-pushy , cut cocks over 8 inches showered. She DOES NOT like older men, beer bellys, dirty men, large groups hovering over her or pushing around her. If she is in the theater she would prefer to be able to see what you have while your seated or standing , not hovering around her while she is first there. If she is in the movie rooms she does not like voyeurs taking up the hole next to her and prefers that it be left for those with what shes into ( white under 45 shaved cut and over inches) as well she does not really like groping though the holes, if you have what she wants slide it through and she'll decide but if after a few minutes (LIKE 3 MINUTES) she does not play there might be a reason step out and let someone else in . And have condoms . She does not know how long she will stay but if there are guys shes into with these things yes all of them she might stay a while . However she said if your far away from the store it might not be worth your drive just for her. She will not be setting a limit but will not be doing more than 10 guys so a long line with people without what she likes would be a waste for others. Also she will let a sexy woman play with her if she makes the attempt including going down on her but she will probably not go down on the woman. shes into younger slimmer women shes 38 and fit. The more shes into it the longer she will stay or if shes not into it she will want to leave quickly. Sorry for such a long post hope you read it all and she has a great time thanks"

Sounds reasonable enough. One cannot argue with the wishes of the lady, and there should be no confusion as to their likes and dislikes. 

The Good Doctor was heading back in the direction of CTs at the tail end of making rounds on Thursday, so the timing was spot on.  If I stepped on the gas pedal of The Lizardo 3000, I should be able to get there in that time frame.

I got to CTs, and was informed by the nice gentleman at the front desk that the couple was in the gloryhole section of CTs.  Peeling back the curtain of CTs video booth area, I found myself to be one of four guys waiting their turn. 

The MO for this hot couple was that she would tease, stroke, and suck the cocks of those stepping up to the plate at the gloryhole, and then invite them into their own booth.  One by one, guys would exit the far booth, knock on the door holding our guests of honor, and disappear inside.  This process repeated itself several times.

At a certain point, the couple decided it was time to give the theater and exam table a visit and exited the booths.  This was this reporters first good view of this hot girl.  As stated in their post, they stated she was 38 and fit.  She actually looked liked she was in her early 30's, 5'9", long sexy legs, longish blonde hair, C-cups, and very attractive.  Celebrity look-a-like? Jennie Garth.  Yes, that Jennie Garth.

"Jennie" took off her jeans and stripped naked in front of the CTs exam table, and hopped on.  Within no time, the well-mannered guys of CTs stepped up to the table.  The first guy stepped up to the table, pulled out the ledge at the bottom, and began to fuck this hot girl.  She reached over to her guy "Mickey" and was sucking his cock while the middle aged guy cranked up his pace. Guys on either side of the table were hold her long sexy legs while her pussy was being taken, and a second set of guys were sucking on her swollen pink nipples at the same time.  "Jennie" was moaning loudly as guy #1 came inside her (with condom of course).
Guy # 2 stepped up and repeated #1's performance.  Jennie was the centerpiece of this holiday table, and she had all the cock she wanted on this cold night in Gary. After about 20 minutes of this main course, the table had been run.

The next day, the couple ("Mickey" and "Jennie") posted the following on CTs Yahoo Group: "She said she had fun last night and the guys were nice and if she does it again sometime she wants really large cock to stretch her out and myself I hope a bi woman shows up lol".

Ladies and gentlemen, this girl was hot...Not adult theater hot, but anytime, anyplace hot.  And there she was, with her long legs in the air and a smile on her face at Northest Indiana's adult theater of choice, CTs.  Let's hope she returns again, and that the huge cock she is craving is there to meet her there.

(Editor's Note: They returned last night 1/11. If you were there, and have a report, drop The Good Doctor an e-mail at emiliolizardo1@gmail.com.)